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Published on Dec 5, 2012 NOTE: This video has apparently been removed from all web sources. Sorry.

Documentary on the secretive existence inside North Korea. This video has been uploaded to YouTube for research and educational purposes.

I haven’t done a North Korea post in a while. Regulars will be aware of my deep loathing of the place. It is freakish, bizarre and unbelievably cruel. Hundreds of thousands of it’s citizens live in concentration camps.

Yes, real live concentration camps that’d make the SS blush, and if they looked real close, throw up. There they produce much of the country’s goods, food and mining wealth. None of which the population at large gets to enjoy.

This is a good documentary. It features lots of raw footage smuggled out of the country by some seriously brave people. Some of whom smuggle material from the outside world back in, which is arguably even more brave.

But it is a most noble gesture, as the populace is gradually becoming aware that there is a world outside their border. And that that world is the good one. North Koreans as a rule are not allowed access to the outside. If caught… you’re in one of those concentration camps along with three generations of your family. Usually for life.

Of course only the lucky ones get to see the DVDs and tapes smuggled in, as electricity is an exceptionally rare thing in North Korea. But they see it… and they will whisper it to their friends. And that is good.

Now while it is true that Kim Jong Il is dead and there is a new leader, the Western-educated Kim Jong-un, in command, there has been no evidence whatsoever that there has been any improvement at all in any of of the conditions that you will view in this film. I would dare venture that things have actually gotten worse for the people since this film was made.

That is so sad.

Pray for the people.


Part 1

Part 2

Uploaded by on Apr 8, 2011

This video is not intended as a complaint against the communist regimes and other boring things but instead it wants to show what a totalitarian regime can do: while a small proportion of the population live in luxury the rest of the population lives in extreme poverty.

This video shows some of the luxury residences of Kim Jong Il.
While he can afford to choose where to stay home, NGO workers report that in some villages, the food situation is so serious that the population is forced to feed on wild grasses

Program used: Google Earth 2011(All Right Reserved)

Part 1 Coordinates:
1° 39°02’27.47”N 125°42’53.53”E 2° 39°12’00.26”N 126°01’13.83”E 3° 39°06’22.11”N 125°59’05.73”E

Part 2 Coordinates:
4° 39°37’20.32”N 125°49’53.12”E 5° 39°48’16.33”N 125°46’23.01”E 6° 39°02’41.00”N 125°51’13.25”E

p.s. Sorry for my bad english. I apologize in advance for any misspellings in the video.

A slap to the face of the people.

Ah, the decadence of the psychopathic mind…

While the citizenry at large suffer through a famine-level food supply, brainwashing from birth and, as evidenced by the previous post, a severe lack of even electricity, their maniacal “God” builds obscenely grandiose palaces all over the place. Mostly for himself, but as you will see there are a number of smaller places where those in the ruling class have their own little “kingdoms.”

I would doubt, though, that any normal North Korean knows anything whatsoever of the existence of these places.

Don’t know if it’s a good thing, the people not knowing, it would just add to the horror of their lot, but, back in reality, there’s just no way to tell them. So it is, sadly moot.

This is somewhat little-boy fantasizing on my part, but, you know, I would really like, very much, to fly one of our nice fighter planes around there and take them all out… as spectacularly as possible… if only to drive a little reality into the puny, selfish little minds of the slave-driving owners, don’tcha know. WAAAH!

All that can be done is to make the rest of the world aware, so that perhaps someday this prison masquerading as a country can be corrected. Sadly, as Ive said many times, theres no oil involved, so they are seemingly free to carry on.

It’s not that this sort of mansion-building thing doesn’t go on elsewhere, I mean there are a whole bunch of ‘em in the town I live in, but we the people here don’t live under the thumb of a self-proclaimed “God.”

Thank God.


Decided to continue my infrequent series and have another peek inside the insidious hell hole known as North Korea, or, DPRK. Yeah, I’m a bit obsessed with the place. Why? I don’t know. The unprecedented cruelty is a part of it. The fact that no other power does anything about it except feed their army at our expense is a part of it.

Looked in my forlornly full drafts folder and dug this out from last October, when I tried to shut it out of my mind for a while.

Readers need to understand that this sort of thing goes on all the time there. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination a rare event that would spur big time coverage in the news, as it would anywhere else. The fact that they don’t actually have news is neither here nor there. Just understand that this is very much just another day in the life of a North Korean. And the people have to watch… or else.

Just like they had to cry over the death of the head bastard, oops, excuse me, Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il. Out in public? You cry.

The unfortunate thing is, the situation is not going to get any better. It’s just not. That can be assured as the Great Successor, the fat little 27 year old psychotic twerp Kim Jong-un, son of the Dearly Departed, said it would not. Directly.

Uploaded by on Mar 10, 2009

The blurry film – apparently from a hidden camera – appeared to show one man being shot in Yuson town near the border with China on March 2, 2005. The condemned faced the firing squad shortly after a brief trial in which a judge found him guilty of trying to cross into China and smuggle others there.
Three gunmen each fired one shot at the prisoner who was tied to a pole.

Another female defendant was sentenced to10 years of labor camp.

The video was carried out of North Korea by several defectors. It was filmed by unnamed residents of the Stalinist state.

It decided to publicize the tape after determining witness accounts of the executions matched the images captured on film, the statement said.

A Seoul-based group called the Commission to Help North Korean Refugees said last month that North Korea had executed 70 defectors who were captured in China and sent home to discourage its citizens from fleeing the country.

The number of people fleeing North Korea decreased drastically following the executions, the group said.

A trickle of defectors from the communist North has swelled into a steady flow in recent years as more attempt to flee hunger and political repression in their homeland. Nearly 1,900 North Koreans defected to the South last year, an increase of almost 50 percent from the year before.

More than 100,000 North Koreans are living or hiding in China, the Commission to Help North Korean Refugees has estimated.

I can hardly imagine the balls whoever managed to film this had. Because if caught, they’d have hauled his or her ass right up there to that little spot – right then and there – and the show would have gone on.


Sorry I missed posting on the day of the death of Kim Jong-il. Just couldn’t come up with much to say. And… I still can’t.

We are not supposed to celebrate the death of a man, but this man has created horror beyond imagining, the ongoing deaths of millions of his own people and the most bizarre country on earth… the entirety of it is, quite literally, a prison. The “Hermit Kingdom,” they call it… for good reason.

To lighten the load a bit, the following is a little bit of humor. The first two images are from the Kim Jong-il Looking At Things website, which is where the title is derived from, obviously. I like it not only for the not-so-subtle humor regarding this unimaginably despicable man’s mental makeup, but also because, to me, it makes as a result a nice mockery of the ridiculous claims made throughout his rule by the propaganda department that he was responsible for every good thing that’s ever happened. A few of those claims can be found compiled in this post at al-Jazeera.

– lunacy –

looking at the kitchen cabinet
looking at the kitchen cabinet

– transition –

looking at kim jong-un
looking at kim jong-un

The next two are from the brand new website (made within hours of the announcement of the Dear Leader’s death), Kim Jong-un Looking At Things.

Seems a good representation of the future,
a future  that I feel does not bode well for the people of North Korea.

looking at his new general
looking at his new general
(Kim Jong-un, youngest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il,
listens to an official speaking during a parade in Pyongyang)

– creepy –

looking at YOU
looking at YOU

I don’t like the look in this kid’s eyes. Like father, like son, as they say. Not a lot is known of him, but he is usually portrayed as a nutcase. Quite likely. Some quietly hope that his Swiss boarding school education will soften any ruthlessness. I doubt that. Some say that since he was catapulted overnight from civilian to 4 star general, the military will not play nicely with him. I doubt that, too.

Because in the North Korean culture, just like his father and grandfather, this kid is now God.

All we can do is…

Pray for the people of North Korea.


Soldiering on with the sporadic series on the crimes against humanity committed in that most vile of places, ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong Il’s North Korea. For this one, please note that “Number 15” is just a small part of this astonishing ~100 square mile ‘complex’ at Yodok. Keep in mind that there are known to be at least two dozen similar ‘facilities’ scattered amongst the mountain ranges. So far, no one has done anything to stop them as the sole concern is nuclear politics.

Uploaded by on Dec 26, 2009

Yodŏk is a concentration camp in North Korea. It is located in Yodŏk-gun (county) in South Hamgyong Province. The official name is Kwan-li-so (reeducation center) No. 15.

In the 1990s, an estimated 30,000 prisoners were in the lifetime area, and around 16,500 prisoners in the revolutionizing zone (many of them family members of prisoners and people repatriated from Japan).

Yodŏk camp has a lifetime-imprisonment “total-control zone,” but also “revolutionizing zones,” from which prisoners are sometimes released. That is why there are testimonies by refugees about Yodŏk.

The whole encampment is surrounded by a barbed-wire fence measuring 3 to 4 meters and walls 2 to 3 meters tall topped with electrical wire. Along the fence there are watchtowers, and patrolled by 1,000 guards armed with automatic rifles, hand grenades and guard dogs.

Labor operations at the Kuŭp-ri section of Yodŏk include a gypsum quarry and a re-opened gold mine, where some 800 men worked and accidents happen frequently. There were also textile plants, distilleries and a coppersmith workshop.

Kang Chol-Hwan, prisoner from 1977 to 1987, estimates around 4% of prisoners in the Kuŭp-ri revolutionizing zone died per year, mostly because of malnutrition and disease. Although complete families (including children) were imprisoned based on the claimed guilt of one member, any sexual contact between prisoners is not allowed and pregnancies are forcibly aborted. Guards, however, sexually abuse female prisoners, who are then punished if they fall pregnant. Kang described life in Yodŏk camp in the book The Aquariums of Pyongyang.

Lee Young-kuk prisoner from 1995 to 1999, estimates that around 20% of prisoners in the Taesuk-ri revolutionizing zone died per year, while new prisoners arrived each month. As cells were not heated, most prisoners suffered from frostbitten ears and swollen legs during the winter months.

Both revolutionizing areas have public executions by hanging and shootings for prisoners who had tried to escape or who had been caught stealing food. In at least one case an attempted escapee was tied and dragged behind a car in front of the assembled prisoners until dead.

In 2004, a Japanese television station aired what it said was footage showing scenes from the camp.

Sorry to interrupt, but just to be clear, the video shown above is the footage shown in Japan. How FujiTV got this… I can only imagine… and can well imagine the fear the crew, or whoever it was, almost certainly felt while shooting, not to mention before and after. One should be aware that North Korean footage of any kind is highly valued and in big demand in Japan, with any footage whatsoever of the camps themselves naturally representing the Holy Grail.

The Japanese pay high prices. This I think may actually be a good thing, as there has been an increase in footage escaping the country, shot by some very brave individuals. They are driven to use whatever money they get to smuggle themselves or family out of there. Let the veil drop… however slowly. Maybe someday, someone, somewhere, will actually do something.

In a note of a rather gross nature, sorry, it has been claimed that the people carrying the buckets near the end are transporting their fellow inmate’s excrement for use as fertilizer in the fields. I can certainly believe it.

Edit to add: Regarding the above paragraph, this is to be found on Wikipedia’s page on Yodok: […] Primary school children have to carry heavy logs 12 times a day over 4 km (2.5 mi)[38] or a dung buckets of 30 kg (66 lb) 30 times a day.[39] […]. (Emphasis added)

And, while I’m adding… here is a strangely titled page with a handy embedded Google map for your perusal. I do not know where in here No. 15 is. The extent of the place boggles the imagination and I have a very good imagination. Yes, Virginia, it is the entire valley. And then note that Yodok is not the largest camp in the DPRK’s system.

In 2008, a new documentary, Yodok Stories, by Andrzej Fidyk came out, telling a story of a small group of people that have managed to escape from Yodŏk camp. Here is the film’s website.

Okay, thats enough emotional exhaustion, surely.

Sigh. Peace.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il. Image: Daily Mail UK. Click for article entitled North Korea puts handicapped in camps, U.N. report says. There are two dozen concentration camps in North Korea called “Total Control Zones.” Two dozen. They’re not kidding about the designation. They started up in the 1950s and hold, all estimates say, at least 200,000 and probably more like 300,000 prisoners. Hidden in remote valleys between mountains, each one covers around 70 to 100 square kilometers. They are farms. They are mining operations. They are factories. Out of those well-maintained population levels, only two people have successfully escaped. In sixty years. Think about that.

If you are in one, you are there for life. Your family are there with you, or will be shortly. Five of your neighbor’s families will be there, too. Three generations worth. You will work 18 hours a day. Every day. You will get 200 grams of corn gruel to eat for the day. If you completed your task, that is. You will be beaten and tortured, frequently, on someone’s random whim. You might be taken away on a specific and official order for you – and your family – to be transferred to and used  at one of the places designated as a “Ward” for biochemical and biomedical experimentation. While the scientists watch you all die through the glass walls and roof of your test chamber.

The governments of the world, especially the United States and South Korea, are complicit in these operations.

They do not participate directly (as far as we know, but more on that in an upcoming thread) but offer the regime tremendous amounts of aid to carry on. They have done so for decades. They know exactly what happens there. They know exactly what happens to the aid. [Seventy five percent of the food goes the the army. Twenty five percent is sold on the black market.] They do not care. They care only about the regime’s nuclear weapons. Although the fear of the possible devastation that could be wreaked by the psychopathic Kim Jong Il is understandable on a level or two, the humanity in me still asks… Why? Well, folks, as it is so often said…

North Korea has no oil and it’s far away.

WAAAH!This just in… As I’m writing this thread a bit of positive news has come in… according to LiNK: Liberty in North Korea, South Korean officials are pressuring China to not forcefully send 35 refugees back to North Korea. Two of them reportedly already hold South Korean nationality. More here: [China is a long-time supporter of the regime. But what about the tens of thousands of other refugees? – Ed.]

Back to the matter at hand… here is an excellent and powerful documentary that discusses the concerns noted above the update. While a government guided tour will not tell us much besides a good indication of the level of mental conditioning that the North Koreans exist under, the filmmakers go well beyond that… and even piss off a general! So fearful the North Koreans are of foreigners – and of what those foreigners might inadvertently see.

“Access Of Evil,” A Film by BBC This World.

Access of Evil
59:15 – 5 years ago

BBC This World documentary, follows crew across North Korea on a gov’t guided tour. With Korean 한굴 subtitles.

I have, since January, been both outraged and fascinated by the decades of horror going on unabated in Kim Il Sung’s Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea. Yes, I know he’s dead. He’s still the president, though, even so. Strange? Very.

There is simply no comparing this place with any other on this Earth. There are no personal rights, no human rights. None. You would be amazed at what innocent actions would (will!) result in your death (if caught)… either immediately, or, more likely, years after you are sent to spend the rest of your life toiling in a concentration camp, the likes of which would make an SS officer hurl.

I plan on doing quite a few threads on the situation in North Korea. Even George Bush, Jr. got it right for once when he called the place a rogue state and part of the “Axis of Evil.” Believe me, it simply does not get any more evil than “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il’s freakish aberration of human existence inflicted upon generations of forgotten people.

I did a thread a while ago called North Korean Reality: Repulsive! Children of the Secret State, but the need seems even more palpable now, as all the world’s governments know full well what’s happening, but do absolutely nothing about it… with the exception of aiding and abetting the madness.

I’ll restart this project off mildly with a showing of this excellent documentary based mostly on what foreigners are allowed to see in a week’s stay in the eerily creepy capital of Pyongyang… with some extra insight mixed in.

Uploaded by on May 27, 2007

The winner of the 2001 International Emmy award for Best Documentary, Welcome to North Korea is a grotesquely surreal look at the all-too-real conditions in modern-day North Korea. Dutch filmmaker Peter Tetteroo and his associate Raymond Feddema spent a week in and around the North Korean capital of Pyongyang — ample time to produce this outstanding film.

Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs; from