Luna. 1972. Trash Dump. Site Inspection.

Posted: June 4th, 2009 in alternative history, ancient civilizations, Moon, NASA
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AS16-116-18603HR 'group crop'

Sticking with the lunar theme, here we have a crop from a moon photo, AS16-116-18603, taken by the crew of Apollo 16. The original, as released, can be found at a couple of places, though the Apollo Archive has the cleanest one. There are a couple of other pictures of this spot as well. Inspiration to do some personal exploration into these photos was provided by Keith Laney via his page on this image entitled Apollo Digs #2.

Above we see a crop of the main grouping of strange objects in this apparent junkpile on the surface. The astronauts, Commander John W. Young and Lunar Module Pilot Charles M. Duke Jr., made it a point to get a few shots of this scene and they took one of an intrepid explorer posing nicely alongside it, digging into the ground for samples. Apparent is what seems to be a pile of half-buried and lightly encrusted hardware; a slab sticking upright at a jaunty angle, a flared cylinder just beyond it, to its right a solid cylindrical shaft and a few smaller suspicious objects closer to the camera to boot… hmmm.

This image puts a serious stretch to the believability band regarding the remote possibility that these objects could have come to be eroded into these shapes… and all together like this… via a natural course of events.

The one right below is shaped very, very much like a support base, or perhaps a shelf extension to a desk, complete with a reinforcing bar and stand on its underside. Note the nicely radiused corner. Note that although sturdy it’s not that thick and said thickness is uniform. The support bar/stand assembly is pretty heavy duty, good for holding up something reasonably weighty. I wonder if they took this thing back with them. I certainly would have.

AS16-116-18603HR 'flat tray piece'

Below is item two in the series, just to the right of our slab above, a cylindrical shape of robust thickness and uniformity with a well defined lip and what looks like a circular depression at the center of the interior surface. What appear as gear-like teeth can be seen along the rim. A couple of small “rocks” in front of it are mighty gear-looking as well. Could this really be erosion, or pareidolia? How? Tell me!

The Astronauts were obviously most intrigued by these objects – and they were right there – up close and personal. And being deadly serious military men I imagine they truly didn’t have either the time or the inclination to mess about.

So, here they be. Make of them what you will…

AS16-116-18603HR 'round shaft'

  1. Thanks for the major hat tip there Iggy, or should I say hat tip and bow. lol

    Anyway, this I found interesting. It’s not every day that we find a piece of U.S. disclosure material in a Brazilian disclosure packet.

    Malmstrom AFB 1975

    As well, here are a few more pix I’ve uploaded to a new page in there.

    7 pictures from PDF 10-1978

    Fun Stuff! Something new, something different. I like new, I like different because I’m sure sick and tired of the same ole thing.

    • iggymak says:

      Hey, my pleasure… most of my readers do actually arrive here at WATT via your sites, so, you know…

      Cool find with that Malmstrom piece, will read it soon, and those pics, too. Gotta go shopping for my old aunty as I’m off to SGRA’s ParaCon during the day tomorrow and Sunday, which should be pretty cool. They’ve actually started now, but I’ve not the resources to go tonight… sigh.

      And yes, the same old thing can sure get old, unless it’s, er, fun!

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