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You… are in for a treat! Tony is awesome… a true star of blues guitar and a Master of the Telecaster. I am proud to say that a childhood friend, Tony is.

He’s real good.

Tony Sarno “I Ain’t Superstitious” (Official Audio)

Icehouse Records  Icehouse Record Published on Jun 7, 2014

Copyright: 1995 Icehouse Records. Tony Sarno (and the Screamin Blue Demons). From the album “It’s a Blues Thing” available on iTunes here: – also available at Amazon MP3, Google Play and other digital sites.

“It’s a Blues Thing” is Tony’s debut album, recorded in seven days in May 1995 in Memphis, TN. Featuring the rock-solid rhythm section of Keith Christopher on bass and Gregg Morrow on drums with Paul Provost and Greg Reding on Hammond B3. Produced by Mark Maynard and Tony Sarno and engineered and mixed by Rusty McFarland. Hard-Rocking Blues and molten guitar directly from the home of the Blues.

Tony Sarno is an American singer and guitarist who has recorded numerous critically-acclaimed Rock and Blues albums. Tony has toured the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Argentina, and Mexico with his band or as guitarist with David Clayton Thomas’ Blood Sweat and Tears, Dee Archer and Peter Tork. He has dozens of published songs and pieces written for TV and other broadcasts. Tony produced international releases Thunderhawks, Tony Sarno, Silent night, and co-produced Dee Archer’s Sooner or later and Tony Sarno & the screamin’ blue demons “It’s a blues thing”. He produces background music for CBS Sports and music for Big Fish Audio. He has shared numerous concert bills with B.B. King, as well as bills with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hall & Oates, Johnny Winter, and Little Feat. Tony has recorded for CBS/Holland, Icehouse/Priority, Marconi, and Bandwidth Records. His music appeared in the Craig Brewer film Poor & Hungry, and on the Masters of Blues CD compilation with Albert King, Buddy Guy, and the Allman Brothers Band.



Be careful out there.

Colorectal Surgeon — Bowser & Blue

qualityshows Uploaded on Jan 14, 2009

From my hit CBC series COMICS! Montreal comedy legends Bowser & Blue provided us with this look at the ins and outs of the medical profession.

A major hat tip to my dear friend William Glenn Ackley…!

Thanks mucho for a great Sunday morning laugh!

Not much more to say about it… enjoy!



Uploaded on Sep 15, 2007

HQ & Stereo:…

Spiritus Sanctus, die zweite Antiphon und Psalm 110/111 aus der Vesper von Hildegard von Bingen.

Voller Bewunderung für die Grösse der Schöpfung Gottes, sie bewundernd und preisend.

Zusammen mit den Photos von Markus Coy Dog Werner. Photos, die Gottes Grösse durch Bienen, Schmetterlinge, Vögel und Blüten veranschaulichen.

Spiritus Sanctus, the second Antiphone and Psalm 110/111 from the vesper of Hildegard von Bingen.

Admiring the height of God´s Creation, praising him, thanking him.

Together with the photos of Marcus “Coy Dog” Werner. Photos, visualizing God´s splendor in bees, butterflys, birds and flowers.


This pleasurably relaxing piece was referred to me by a friend at a time where such a “breather” was sorely needed. That was back at the end of March… sigh.

There are drafts aplenty waiting for things to gain a semblance of something that could be construed as normal, including a much more modern piece of music sent by another dear friend that’s accompanied by a rant of Fortean proportions. Or something like that :)



Uploaded on Sep 21, 2006

Gopala Krishna (Short Edited Mix). An unreleased song from the ATMP sessions.

Clip made with images from the web; many of which are copyrighted © The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc.

Well, now… This is really rather nice to listen to! Really.

Thanks, George!

Should be longer, though, dude. Ha!

Finding it most strange that this song was not released back in the day. It would have done very well.

Finding it strange as well that I’ve never heard of it, but then again it was unreleased… so, yeah.

Hat tip and many thanks to my excellent friend and soul sister Mu San for the heads up.

Listening to it is making me smile and that is always a Good Thing.

Especially today.

Because today is, so far, sort of uncomfortable and strange.


Uploaded on Mar 24, 2009

Song starts at 0:14

Artist: Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen (Johnny Bennet, trombone, Dave Jones, clarinet, Ron Weatherburn, piano, Vic Pitts, bass, Ron Bowden, drums, and Paddy Lightfoot, banjo)
Title: “Midnight in Moscow” (Soloviev-Sedoi, Matusovosky, Ball)

Album: “Midnight in Moscow”
Label: Kapp
Cat No: KTL 41039
Release Year: 1962
Country: USA
Format: 1/4” quarter track 7½ IPS reel to reel tape

Many props and kudos to my awesome friend Glenn for this tune…he knows…

So great to see it played on reel-to-reel! Reels… meters… magnetics!

Wa hey!

Published on Sep 25, 2012

Quantum Jump: The Lone Ranger

Sigh. Distractions do affect the timeline…

Meant to get this post in yesterday on January 30th, as yesterday marked the 80th Anniversary of the first public airing of The Lone Ranger.

When I posted that little tidbit to my Facebook page, my good friend Stein, to my delight, responded with this video and this comment:

Happy 80, Lone Ranger!

“He first appeared in 1933 in a radio show conceived either by WXYZ radio station owner George W. Trendl or by Fran Striker, the show’s writer. The show proved to be a huge hit, and spawned an equally popular television show that ran from 1949 to 1957, as well as comic books and movies. The title character was played on radio by George Seaton, Earle Graser, and most memorably Brace Beemer. To television viewers, Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger. Tonto was played by, among others, John Todd, Roland Parker, and in the television series, Jay Silverheels.” (Wikipedia)

I have an extra affinity for the Ranger… the television show was never missed during my youth, ‘tis true… but then, you see,  much later on in life, my aunt went and married her good friend Clayton Moore!

And he had thus become… Uncle Clay.

Such a sweet, kind man he was, too.


Uploaded on May 7, 2009

Watch full Lone Ranger Episodes here


A strange post follows… from out of the blue… an attempt at inner peace through writing it out…

I can’t sleep. I usually can, but not tonight. It’s 6 in the morning… been up since 2:30. My mind’s racing. It always does. Always. Can’t stop it, or even slow it down. So many thoughts. Like cars on the highway, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them, all going fast, so fast. And I look at them all.

My friend Nelson’s getting help with the same thing and says it’s working. I need that same help. Need it so bad, so damn bad. And I have, for the first time, decided that I will get it.  Applying for SAGA state aid, even though they’ll hold me as a financial hostage. Awaiting the start of the second, much larger in scope therapy program. Reapplying at the hospital’s clinic.

Took some cig breaks outside as it’s warm… and cried at the end of the driveway. Short walks down the hill. Need to stop smoking tobacco, really. Thankfully, that thought at least is sinking in pretty well.

This new determination to make 2013 radically different and good is the direct result of the aftermath of what I have gone through over the past three months… something which went horribly wrong and left my heart and soul ripped right in half. That ripping overwhelmed me as it was the very manifestation of my inexperience and fears in living life.

My wonderful loving friends, who in my long-standing despair had not been called or visited in so very long, showed their true colors and helped me see clearly what had been happening in those months… and long before… and I have thus been able to cope and return to a place of relative calm. I thank God for them and love them dearly. One has suggested that I write up this experience and told of the healing and mental organization that will come of doing that. This post is somewhat of a preamble to that task… I think I should do it.

I am so alone; have been since the year dot. If only there was someone to love, someone to hold, to share life with, someone to help ease the pain. Someone who… in her heart… truly wants to be that person.

I don’t know how to find such a person. Not a clue.

When that last sentence got typed, I finally felt tired, very tired and fell asleep in the chair. Awoke at 8 and laid down. Up at 10:30, checked on my aunt and walked down the hill to Mario’s to get some egg, cheese and bacon sandwiches. Someone had taken a tear-off from my web design poster there. No one has contacted me, even from the last one. Saddens me. I think this one’s slightly better after editing. We’ll see, eh?

I’d been pacing and pacing and pacing, trying with no success to keep the angst down, puttering with no real aim and going outside as mentioned to feel the cool air. Nothing was working, not even music so I typed the blurb above. It did help. I hope you can forgive this deviation from WATT’s norm.

Taking comfort… knowing that this will be the start of inner peace and healing, a mere 50 years late.

I take comfort in you readers, too. You make the world seem that much less lonely. Thank you.

Peace to you.

Youthful discoveries along life’s winding path…

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A group gathers in a little pawn shop before a Mumford & Sons shop to sing, demonstrating a really powerful thing about music. Please share this video!

Sam Gleason is an up and coming young singer/songwriter and a friend of mine, along with his mom and dad. He is quite the player and gigs both solo and with his band, Olsen Court. About to go off to college, he is.

Due to my situation I have, so far, only seen him play once, by himself at a farmer’s market, which was pretty sporty, actually. His talent and more importantly his emerging philosophy give me hope for the future of both music and the world in general.

It was nice to see this video from him on Facebook today, where he said rather briefly, “Little video I made ‘bout an experience I had in Bristol seeing Mumford & Sons.” It was rather good to know that he has come to realize first hand just what music is and what it can do.

Anyway, as I very much like helping out friends out, I thought I’d just post it here on WATT so that more folks can see what happened at this quiet little pawn shop and also to share a wee bit of Sam’s journey through the world at large.

Check him out on Facebook:

  • Sam Gleason, Singer Songwriter
  • Olsen Court, Alternative rock band formed in November 2010. Located in Montgomery NY.


Part 1

Part 2

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December 18, 2007: Gibby Haynes was the headliner for this edition of “Tom Swirly’s Psychedelic Circus” and graciously let me play along…. it was very dark but the sound is good.

Ah, still reeling for having initially fallen for the previous post’s subject matter, but not feeling too bad as other good people did, too. There is supremely good news to celebrate as well, wheee… for you see, my love is HAPPY!

Thought it time for music as I regroup, so, here is a video portraying a bit of one of my friend Tom’s old productions of “Tom Swirly’s Psychedelic Circus,” a fine musical extravaganza that used to occur somewhat regularly deep inside dark venues hidden in the nooks and crannies of lower Manhattan, some of which I went to.

Tom is a dear friend who for some unknown reason has dedicated himself not only to performing his music but to keeping me not only alive but somewhat sane as well.

I thank him for his quest and present this here, the culmination of the Circus, in which he persuaded Mr. Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers to do the show, in appreciation and as a bon voyage… as he and his fine lady fly off to Berlin tomorrow for a bit of Big Fun and to treat all them German volk to some nice tones.

Catch Tom’s internet radio show at Swirly Radio International.


Uploaded by  on Jan 16, 2007



This lovely musical message was first brought to my attention on my ATS profile a couple of years ago by my good friend John, aka SLAYER69 when he sent it as a ‘Christmas card.’

Someone said it is a song of the Mohicans, but I do not know that for sure.

I am agonizing over the immediate fate of someone very, very dear to my heart… and playing this again gave me a bit of peace.

And since it is  in fact a lovely message… I am sharing it with you. Maybe it will have the same effect.


Necklace of Natural Fossil Stone with Jasper Pendant

Necklace of Natural Fossil Stone with Jasper Pendant

The natural stones used in this 24 inch long necklace are called Fossil Stone. If you were to break one open you could see small fossil shells within them. The 8mm stones are separated by a 2mm Moss Agate stone. There is a 35x25x5mm natural Brecciated Jasper pendant as the focal point. The clasp is easy to use, silver plated. You pinch one end to release the “bullet” end.

My long time and very good friend jerri Wiley (a geologist!) made this thing for her j-rock designs store over at that Etsy place, as is her wont. I think it looks pretty slick and am intrigued by some of it’s makeup, described above.

You can guess which part, right?

Thought I’d post it here as a sort of gesture of thanks for good deeds done in days of yore.

Don’t know much about jewelry besides whether  a particular piece is nice to look at or not…

But – I can say that if I owned this unique piece, well, you just know that I’d be ever so sorely tempted to bust open at least one of these little stones to scope out those itty bitty fossils encased within ‘em.

Which would then, of course, ruin it.

Good thing I’m not a girl, eh… hahahaha!

Oh dear.


This trailer looks pretty damn fine, I must say! It’ll be out pretty soon and I hope I get to see it someday. That this film will be good is a given as it is directed by Dennis Peters, a rather successful old film school classmate of mine along with his Heavybag Media company. How cool is that?

Man… a feature film… that sort of thing is just a dream (pipe?) for this guy. Damn! Kudos to ya, sir!

Interesting times they were… those oftentimes strange days at the University of Bridgeport’s film department. Ahh, yes, twirling Nagra knobs and Angenieux focus rings… there were some great moments back then. Anyway, on to the greatness at hand…

Uploaded by  on May 23, 2010

The film I’m Not Adam is a psychological thriller about discovering who you really are. The Talking Heads song, Once in a Lifetime, was a big influence in creating the story for this film. This ode to existentialism written by David Byrne and Brian Eno is a brilliant work depicting the self-examination of life. David Byrne sings, “Who are you? And How did you get here?” The song explores being a conscious person.

Film Synopsis
I’m Not Adam is a feature length story about an everyday ordinary guy who is mistaken for a celebrity that someone is out to kill. He is pursued through the streets and back alleys of a nightmarish downtown, encountering strangers who have a mysterious connection to him. His only chance for surviving the night is to find his famous look-alike.

The film is directed by Dennis Peters.

Many great works such as the films of David Lynch influenced I’m Not Adam. Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway and Inland Empire explore the existential nature of life. The themes deal with the blurring of perception, reality and illusion. Being conscious and questioning who you are is often a central theme in Lynch’s films.

I think David Lynch is at the forefront of existentialist directors but many have explored the themes of personal identity, self-examination, and self-actualization. Other directors that were influential in helping shape the film include Stanley Kubrick, 2001 (my interpretation of the film is that Kubrick was saying no matter what we think we may achieve in life all we ever really do is eat, shit, fuck and die) Woody Allen’s film Love and Death, David Fincher Fight Club, and Terry Gilliam, The Life of Brian which is one of my favorites from the Monty Python guys.

There were a few philosophers that I referenced in crafting the story including the existentialist writings of John Paul Sartre and his thoughts on life and death and how existence comes before the meaning.
Carl Jung philosophy and writings about consciousness and the anima helped shape the characters in the film, especially the female ones.

In addition to Nietzsche, of course and Kierkegaard there is Albert Camus, most famous for his Myth of Sisyphus book. He was also instrumental in shaping the themes of the film. Camus’ absurdist philosophy states that the difference between the way life is and the way it should be defines the absurd.

Well… I must say that personally, I am more than well pleased that my main man and YouTube friend Mauro has suddenly become ensconced in an electric Eric Johnson binge… I do approve!

If you’ve been paying attention at all you know that I really do love his bluegrass work, which is what led to our meeting. His later collaborations with an excellent fiddler by the name of Gary Sizemore have appeared at least once on each of my blogs as have many of his solo efforts.

You probably know that I dig Eric Johnson as well. The kid’s a genius. No doubtin’ that. So it should then come as no surprise that I was thrilled to find out that not only does el guitarrista Señor Mauro Henrique P. de Samuel Marques Pavanelli think so too, but, more importantly, that he can actually play Johnson’s songs… and play them really well!

Dig it, you fine lads and bonnie lasses… Rock on, Mauro…

Uploaded by  on Aug 27, 2011

This is the HD version of my recording of this beautiful Eric Johnson’s tune.
I used:
A 70’s Fender Stratocaster
Fender Custom Shop 69 pickups
Amplitube Fender from Ik Multimedia
Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face
0.11 elixir strings set.

The Bible Illuminated: ...from Crumb's book, The Book of Genesis. Click to read a Crumb article @ Dirt Floor.

As readers might deduce from perusing these pages, I have long been a fan of the legendary artist R. Crumb. His visions have had a lasting influence upon what makes me who and what I am.

Crumb has tackled innumerable issues and fortunately Fortean concepts sneak in there every once in a while, with a nice chunk of cryptozoology.

Bigfoot, aliens and even our pals the Reptilians have been featured.

Here’s a pic of a Reptilian combined with religion from his book The Book of Genesis, which took him four years to do…

The inspiration for this quick post is a fine piece I’ve just read on exactly this subject by WATT’s friend Micah Hanks over at his most excellent blog, called The Gralien Report

Read it all >>> at Crumbs of Cryptozoology: The Fortean Art of R. Crumb!

This effort is a fantabulous and an altogether proper thing to do. Being as readers are aware a full on Mars nut and an adherent to Mac’s theory, I can’t think of a better guy for an honor like this. Through Mac so many people were exposed to and enlightened by what IMHO is quite likely the way things really went down here in this quadrant so very, very long ago. And that is a wonderful gift to the world.

What follows is lifted from WATT friend Greg Bishop’s excellent and popular UFO Mystic blog…

Explore UFO Mystic with the following link.

Mac Tonnies Crater On Mars?

A man named Shepherd Johnson has started a motion to name a crater on Mars (preferably in the Cydonia region) after late author Mac Tonnies. As most of the readers of this site are aware, Mac died last year on October 18th, and was a friend of UFOmystic as well as a good personal friend of Nick and myself.

Mac’s second published book was entitled After The Martian Apocalypse, and examined the evidence for and against the idea that an ancient civilization existed on Mars in the distant past and may have been wiped out by some sort of global ecological disaster.

The USGS criteria for naming a geographical feature on the red planet includes the subset of “writers and others who have contributed to the lore of Mars” which certainly includes Tonnies’ work.

Johnson says, “I went ahead and submitted Mac’s name to the USGS contact person. Her name is Jennifer S. Blue, and she is very helpful. As I thought, we will have to wait a little over two years as honorees have to have been deceased for 3 years before their names can be considered.”

If you have a Facebook account, you can show your support in a sort of virtual petition by joining the group.

More info at the the Mac Tonnies memorial site, Macbot.

Hey UFOlks,

American Freedom RadioI’m trying to get word out to friends and fans of Jim Moseley that Mack White and I will be having the Supreme Commander on as our guest Sunday, May 23rd from 7-9pm CST.

We’re going to open up the phone lines in the second hour and would really love for you and other friends of his to call in to ask him questions or at least just to say hello and wish him well.

The number to call is (512) 879 – 3805.

Spread the word!

– SMiles Lewis

Listen via the ANOMALY RADIO and AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO Networks Stream Live

ReCasts Daily 7pm CST

Winamp windows Media Player Real  Player QuickTime

The world has lost a true visionary and a real gentleman.

There are two wonderful and beautiful threads that remember and eulogize Justin… at Above Top Secret, his home on the web, ATS Member and Friend jkrog08, page 1, and at SHTF411 as well,  Jkrog08 RIP Brother, where many of his friends also post.

He would have had his 24th birthday in a couple of months. Far too young.

His contributions to UFO research were many and exceptionally well executed; I personally learned a whole lot from reading his work. He was the 7th person I marked as a friend at ATS, and I very much regret never replying to a thread or getting to know him. I am worse off for that.

Like Mac Tonnies before him, he was way too brilliant and way too young to go; perhaps he was needed for some uncertain mission of discovery in that other dimension.

My heart goes out to his family, his soulmate and his many, many friends.

What a damn shame.

From the original post:


Following is a short list of some of his many threads, documented in his meticulous fashion. We will miss his very in-depth presentation and his presence. Let’s not let his passion and hard work go.

Rest in Peace, Our Friend.

Challenge Match: jkrog08 vs TheMythLives: “Is There Intelligent Life Somewhere In The Universe?”

Challenge Match: TheMythLives vs. jkrog08: There Is No Free Will

The ATS UFO/Alien Chronological Thread Directory

A Letter To President Obama

The 1952 Tremonton, Utah UFO Fleet

Yukon UFO “Mothership” Incident: December 11th, 1996

Abduction In Yukon: North Canol Road and The Insectoids, September 3rd, 1987

The Mantell UFO Incident

The Three Different Types of Greys

jkrog08’s Thread List

His podcasts:
ATS.X: Join FSME JKROG08 teaching zazzafrazz UFOlogy 101: UFOlogy today and abducitons

ATS.X: Join FSME JKROG08 teaching zazzafrazz UFOlogy 102. ETs

ATS.X: Join FSME JKROG08 teaching zazzafrazz UFOlogy 103 Roswell

ATS.X: Join FSME JKROG08 teaching zazzafrazz UFOlogy 104 Dulce base and Governments coverup.

From Jess_Undefined

Light a Virtual Candle in jkrog08’s Memory

There is also a collection of Justin’s work at the Pegasus Research Consortium, where Justin was the newest member of the team.

Oh dear…

John KeelI am sad to say that  Mr. John Keel passed on July 3, 2009.

I met John Keel at a FortFest way back when. He had long been a major influence on me through his wonderful books, books that caused controversy in Forteana due to the fact that Keel was a thinker, a true visionary, a man who had a strong grasp on the world and used that common sense in concert with his remarkable intellect to posit solutions that only other thinkers could wrap their minds around.

I was a bit starstruck during dinner, but still managed a good time. He told me he’d not be doing our kind of stuff anymore in favor of going back to making money (writing comedy), which devastated me at the time but I now fully grasp it. We didn’t speak to any Fortean concerns.

John KeelIf you’ve not read this man’s works, and are into Forteana to any extent, you really should become familiar with Mr. Keel’s thoughts. The world will benefit from the produce of his mind for many years to come, and I do believe that you should avail yourself of that bountiful yield. It will sharpen your senses and protect you by providing a foil against some of the rather tinny thoughts that slither through Forteana’s nooks and crannies, trying to infest young minds and old with their varied ludicrosities. Yes, do join with many of today’s great thinkers and read up. Seriously.

I am sad that my friends and I shall not share good times with him again, but I rest easier knowing that perhaps now he knows the truth.

Here are some videos by Dave Singer that will give you a glimpse as to what John Alva Keel was all about.

John Keel discussing “Mothman” from the 1994 and 1999 FortFests. Keel has been a frequent speaker at the International Fortean Organization (INFO) conferences.

From the 1992 FortFest, Keel discusses important years with respect to world events and UFO sightings.

From the 2002 FortFest, Skinner discusses the background of John Keel and his involvement in the “Mothman” incident.

In 2003, Andy Colvin, Mothman expert and Washington Bureau Chief for L.O.W.F.I, the League of Western Fortean Intermediatists, interviewed John Keel on all things Mothy, from conspiracies to interdimensional theories. Do watch the interview… here, and then this one.

UPDATE: There are so many wonderful tributes appearing on the web. It’s very heartening. There is a very beautiful one at Tangible Materiality entitled A Winter’s Tale. Please read it. Long-time friend Loren Coleman also has much to relate on John at Cryptomundo. My best friend is devastated, as Keel was like a grandfather to her… and I feel awful. It’ll be all right.

BMW 2002Did you ever wish that a friend who hadn’t opened up their mind enough to accept Fortean leanings and thoughts as serious… would just go ahead and have their own encounter with the unexplained, merely as a friendly kick start to allow them the freedom to ponder the unusual?

Sure you have.

Well, I’m happy to say that it happened to a bunch of my friends just last weekend. Ha!

They went on a car club tour up north with some other groups of car crazies. We just lost a dear friend and fellow car nut in February to ALS… he was so into it… he organized these types of events for years and years… participating till so near the end. A very brave and inspiring man, he was.

It certainly looks to me, from the last few lines below… a lot like Marsh was indeed there at this one, too… the evidence is just too… Marsh! Somewhat subtle for him, in a way, but a great choice to ease into it. I bet there would’ve been some lively EVPs had anyone tried…

I’ve been grinning all day.

[…] After the show, we had a barbecue at the Inn at Willow Pond and then everyone retired to their motels. On Sunday morning, Innkeeper Bauer led the group on a spirited drive over some of Vermont’s more fun, and less traveled, windy roads that ended at the base of the Skyline Drive toll road. During this drive, Sheila and I recalled a CVC tour from many years ago when Jack Jones led us to Kingston, NY on a Fall Tour and the “Wurst Place in Town” for some great German food. Keeping in mind that the Vermont Tour benefited ALS research and the fact that our Chapter has chosen this charity because this disease claimed the life of longtime member Marsh Wilson last February, I reminisced with Sheila about sitting with Marsh at the dinner table on that tour years ago and Marsh, having been slowed down by a member (who shall remain nameless to avoid embarrassing them) that was not driving as quickly during the day as Marsh would have liked, asked if the member had ever driven in a BMW CCA Driver’s School. When the member replied in the negative, Marsh said, “Maybe you should!” With that in mind and also recognizing that Marsh was the one who had organized the Chapter’s Vermont Tours in the past, this is where it got really spooky, because in a matter of seconds after mentioning this story to Sheila, we passed Wilson Lane. Then, later on the same drive, we passed Marsh’s Tavern. Apparently, Marsh was trying to tell us that he approved of the current tour and wanted to thank us for raising some money for ALS. […] You can read the rest, but that’s it for the Forteana… nice car pics.

Now… if only Jeffrey could see a nice, shiny, close up UFO

My great pal Ben Merkel sends along this wonderful Volkswagen ad from 1974 for the Blast from the Past Department. We had many an adventure driving around the country in my rock-solid little Beetle, you see.

Ah, yes… times were different then. Very different. Hell, everything was different. The NWO was just getting started and things seemed okay… cars didn’t have computers and you could change your own oil…

Ads were creative and humorous and reflected the happenings in the world. They’d never even attempt one like this today, would they? Wish they would, though. It’d be fun. Maybe get people thinking, too.

If Ted Kennedy drove a Volkswagen, he’d be President today.

Ted Kennedy 1974 VW AdIt floats.

The way our body is built, we’d be surprised if it didn’t.

The sheet of flat steel that goes underneath every Volkswagen keeps out water, as well as dirt and salt and other nasty things that can eat away at the underside of a car. So it’s watertight at the bottom.

And everybody knows it’s easier to shut the door on a Volkswagen after you’ve rolled down the window a little. That proves it’s practically airtight on top.

If it was a boat, we could call it the Water Bug.

But it’s not a boat, it’s a car.

And, like Mary Jo Kopechne, it’s only 99 and 44/100 percent pure.

So it won’t stay afloat forever. Just long enough.

Poor Teddy.

If he’d been smart enough to buy a Volkswagen, he never would have gotten into hot water.