There’s No Light In Hell.

Posted: April 18th, 2012 in criminals, disclosure, government, North Korea
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Really, there isn’t.

And here, folks, is the undeniable photographic proof.

The DPRK, at night, from space. Click to enlarge.A photograph, from space, of the Korean peninsula at night.

Someone, it seems, has kindly added borders.

The lights at the bottom are that evening’s electrically generated photonic output of the South Korean populace.
The big, central green and pinkish-white blob is Incheon and Seoul and other cities in the vicinity.

Note the rather large dark chunk just above all that.

That’s the DPRK, or, North Korea.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Satan.

There is no electricity there.

Just one more thing the people must deal with.

(Screen capture from the film Kimjongilia.)


  1. justin rosenthal says:

    Hey man i just wanted to tell you never to lose faith in what you believe man you right about all the stuff you say but dont try to take on this old world by yourself man people can decieve you and make you think that its all a lie i have been around the world i know everyone will be saved

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