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I guess I will just update this page as new things get stumbled upon…

Update on 5/01/2012:

My God, what a creepy thing this  is!

Uploaded by on Feb 2, 2011

Referring to Nixon`s escalation of the bombing campaign in the Vietnam War. Relates anecdote of George E Christian LBJ`s Press Secretary remark about LBJ`s involvement in the JFK assassination. Taken from the famous David Frost interview.

Update on 4/30/2012:

Here is one called Bullet holes in the limousine and extra bullets in Dealey Plaza (Extended English Version) .

Uploaded by on Oct 12, 2008

The FBI investigation of the Limousine and the bullet holes in the front window.

FBI Investigation? ROFL Mao! More like obfuscation.

This is interesting… it’s testimony from a John Elrod, LHO’s cellmate on the day.

Uploaded by on Jul 10, 2010

John Elrod, Does He Know Anything? http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/elrod.htm

http://www.trueworldhistory.info/ I give the credit to The Assassination Forum Channel. Patriot of the Republic, maf1989a – JFK Assassination Oswald Talked??? http://www.trueworldhistory.info/

Standard YouTube License

JFK, on the plot to enslave us all.Update on 4/23/2012:

A nice thread from 3/14/2012 by Rising Against – Addressing the JFK “Secret Society” Speech…

Here’s a list of his threads… good reading!

Update on 4/09/2012:

There is a new website dealing with the assassination called TheJFKConspiracy. It is a n ambitious project run by a real authority amd I recommend it highly. If you want even more, check out the ATS history of the fabulous threads started by the site owner, Rising Against.

Update on 2/1/2012.

New at ATS – New Air Force One tapes give insight on Kennedy death.

Post JFK Assassination Air Force One Flight Deck Recording Download 2 mp3s of the tapes at this link!

This audio recording was donated by the Raab Collection to the National Archives and Records Administration. It is a recording of the Air Force One in-flight radio traffic following the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. For more information, please visit the National Archives web site at http://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/air-force-one-tape.html.

Update on 1/31/2012.

Dr. Robert McClelland in a Recent Interview Recalls JFK’s final Moments Alive.

CNN – New Kennedy Assasination Tapes Found & Released!

Discussion at ATS of the CNN link above.

Update on 12/2/2011.

JFK Facts
Source: Steamshovel Press, via The Konformist.

JFK fact: Oswald was no ordinary Marine. He studied Russian at the Corp’s elite spy school and had a high security clearance.

JFK fact: While Oswald was in the USSR, someone in the U.S. used the name “Lee Oswald” to buy a fleet of vehicles for anti-Castro rebels.

JFK fact: When Oswald returned from his USSR “defection,” he was not prosecuted and did not lose his top-secret clearance.

JFK fact: Oswald’s tax returns are still classified. Speculation: He was a paid informant for the FBI, handled by agent James Hosty.

JFK fact: Oswald had no known left-wing pals in Dallas or New Orleans. His closest friend was a right-wing oilman, an associate of G. Bush Sr.

JFK fact: There are three, not two, backyard photos of “Oswald,” each with identical shadows and expressions, despite different poses.

JFK fact: Days before Oswald’s arrest, ex-Marine Thomas Vallee was arrested with a rifle on a high-rise parade route in Chicago.

JFK fact: At least seven Secret Service agents were out drinking until 5 a.m. on the morning of the assasination. None were reprimanded.

JFK fact: Future presidents Nixon and G. Bush Sr. were both in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza on the morning of the assassination but left beforehand.

JFK fact: Oswald’s prints were not found on the rifle until days later, after feds visited his corpse with a long bag and an ink pad.

JFK fact: Oswald had no traces of gunpowder residue on his cheek to indicate he had fired a rifle.

JFK fact: The top US Marksman, decorated Marine Carlos Hathcock, declared that Oswald’s supposed shooting feat was impossible.

JFK fact: The army’s top ballistics-and-wounds expert, Dr. Joseph Dolce, said no bullet could cause seven wounds and emerge so pristine

JFK fact: More than a dozen doctors and nurses from Parkland testified that JFK’s throat wound was caused by a shot from the front.

JFK fact: Oswald was interrogated by Dallas police for 12 hours, yet nothing he said was recorded or transcribed.

JFK fact: Jack Ruby was an anti-Castro gun runner and a longtime mobster who was involved in a murder for Al Capone in 1939.

JFK fact: Jack Ruby talked to reporter/acquaintance Seth Kantor at Parkland Hosptial on Nov. 22, the day the bullet was found on a stretcher.

JFK fact: The bullet mysteriously found on a hospital stretcher had no trace of anyone’s blood or clothing fibers on it.

JFK fact: The presidential autopsy was performed at gunpoint by a first-time pathologist who burned all his notes afterward.

JFK fact: The president’s brain, which would show the entry and exit points of the bullet(s), is missing from the National Archives.

JFK fact: CIA agent E. Howard Hunt confessed in a deathbed recording that there was a conspiracy to murder JFK.

JFK fact: It is the official position of the US gov’t that JFK was killed by a conspiracy, as per the House investigation of 1979.


This page was updated on 7/18/11, see below. At this time, due to time restraints, this page will just present a small collection of significant videos relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. They are pretty self-explanatory, and can be quite a shock to those who still have their faith misplaced.

This event marked a turning point in the changeover, in relation to the public at least, of our Federal government into what is essentially the world’s most powerful criminal agency.

It would appear not many were involved, but those that were held key positions and had close relationships amongst themselves… they achieved the most heinous of results, results that infect our society to this day.

You may also be interested in my post on the notorious and very fake Zapruder film: The Zapruder Film: 100% Pure Fabrication.

The text in blockquotes are the posted video descriptions.

There is a great discussion of the historic 25th of May, 2011 interview with Mary Moorman at AboveTopSecret.com called The Silent Witness, Mary Moorman, Finally Shares Her Story Almost 50 years After The Murder Of JFK. Just below this text was a YouTube video playlist of that interview, but it has now been pulled for copyright reasons. Hey, how magnanimous of iantiques, eh? I guess they want to profit off of Mary and JFK. In the interview she discussed what she saw, what she did on that day, what she thinks of Jean Hill and more.

And now a very important clip. I will try to find the whole thing.

Watch as the two secret service men assigned to protect President Kennedy’s motorcade are ordered to stand down just minutes before entering Dealey Plaza. They are obviously not happy about being given these orders.

[The man giving the order is Emory Roberts.]

Confession of conspiracy or ramblings of a mad man.

And on and on it goes… Just creepy. Ever so creepy. I’d encourage everyone to examine the evidence and investigate if curious about this world-changing event.

Update: (7/18/2011)

There have been some great threads on JFK at Above Top Secret of late. One is called New video of JFK’s shooter? (Grassy Knoll footage) by MentalPriapism and another – which I like in particular – that you should read is called The Forgotten JFK Assassination tapes by Rising Against, which presents a lot of excellent analysis on each of the following films, links to even more films, a variety of important photographs both from some of them and relating directly to some of these films and a heck of a lot of good ideas. Please click through. I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.

I will add the videos from Rising Against’s original post here below for those with just a casual interest, but, as I said just seconds ago, if you have a deeper interest in this subject, you really should read the discussion(s) therein.

I had listed many videos here in this page’s first iteration, which as I hadn’t checked in a while, came to an abrupt end as the notorious YouTube took all but those two immediately above this update right down, a dozen of them, prompting the comment from the concerned and frustrated fellow below. We hope that will not happen again.

Starting with the notorious Zapruder film. Make sure you read my thread on this movie, linked above.

Many of you may not have seen or even been aware of these…

The Orville Nix film:

The Mark Bell film:

The Robert Hughes film:

The Charles Bronson film:

The Mary Muchmore film:

The Tina Towner film:

The Patsy Paschall film:

The James Darnell film:

The George Jefferies film:

The Dave Wiegman Jr. film:

The Jack Daniels film:

The Ernest Charles Mentesana film:

The Elsie Dorman film:

The Jack Martin film:

The Malcolm Couch film:

It is hoped that at some point I will be able to devote some time for commentary here… time will tell.


  1. Cage says:

    I salute you on the content I have seen thus far..However, I am disappointed that such major areas as the murder of JFK and its coverup rate such low priority..Out of the 14 videos listed, 12 are blank, a percentage of about 86%..Surely, most of these videos can be accessed from sources other than YouTube and/or replaced with equally-compelling video still available there..If avenues of Truth become as barren as the government’s treatment of same, it will continue to remain buried.

    (This comment is meant as constructive input only for internal
    review and not for public listing.)

  2. iggymak says:

    Thank you Cage.

    Thought it should be posted as you have good points. I’ve not visited this page in a long time and was unaware it had been YouTubed so viciously. I will work on getting it refreshed with new material.

    Yes, I agree fully, it really is most disturbing to see this issue in the state it is in with the PTB still actively suppressing and covering their backsides at our expense.

    The same is true of 9/11, the USS Liberty, 7/7, Franklin, VietNam, Pearl Harbor and nearly anything else one can think of.

    It is revolting… and as such… I think we should revolt and take every one of them out!

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