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Se il “Programma Marte” dell’Agenzia Spaziale Sovietica fu, a ben vedere – ed a nostro parere – un grande successo, il Programma Luna fu anche qualcosa di più: un grande successo senza dubbio (e come vedrete) ma anche una grande “incompiuta.”

Il “Fratello Sovietico” del vettore USA Saturno V, proprio al momento del lancio (che avrebbe portato due Cosmonauti Sovietici sulla Luna con un leggero anticipo rispetto all’Apollo 11), si incendiò ed esplose sulla rampa (una colossale catastrofe che provocò decine di morti e della quale sappiamo ancora davvero poco). Fu da quel momento, probabilmente, che l’URSS alzò bandiera bianca e lasciò campo libero agli USA ed alla NASA.
Tuttavia, sebbene nessun Cosmonauta Sovietico riuscì a camminare sulla Luna, il Programma Lunare vide il completamento (con successo) di ben 20 Missioni.

Con questa serie di immagini andremo a vedere da vicino alcuni momenti delle Missioni URSS coronate dal successo e ci accorgeremo (ancora una volta) di come la nostra tecnologia fosse già molto avanzata, sin dalla metà degli Anni ‘60…
Questo video vuole essere un semplice e sentito omaggio alla Memoria di quei Grandi Scienziati e Ricercatori che lavorarono al Programma Spaziale Urss e che, per esso (e per tutti Noi), morirono.

Translation (by Google):

If the “Mars program” was the Soviet Space Agency, in hindsight – and in our opinion – a great success, the Luna Program was also something more: a great success without a doubt (and as you’ll see) but also a great “unfinished.”

The “Soviet Brother” of the Saturn V U.S. carrier, right at launch (which would have brought two Soviet cosmonauts on the Moon with a slight advance of the Apollo 11), caught fire and exploded on the ramp (a colossal catastrophe that caused tens of dead and of which we still know very little). It was from that moment, probably, that the USSR raised the white flag and left the field free to the USA and NASA.
However, although no Soviet Cosmonaut was able to walk on the moon, the lunar program saw the completion (with success) to some 20 missions.

With this series of images we will look closely at certain times of the USSR Mission to successful and we realize (once again) of how our technology is already well advanced, since the mid-60s …
This video is intended as a simple and heartfelt tribute to the memory of those Great Scientists and researchers who worked on the Space Program and the USSR, for it (and for all of us), died.

A little history for ya…

The Russian Army Choir provides some Russki inspiration for this nicely edited overview of the first of my kind of never-been-there, never-done-that missions. Included are the visual results of the Luna13, 17 and 21, Lunik, Zond and Lunakhod probes.

Although the majority of Soviet moon photos are quite banal, to say the least, there is one shot that is most exciting. It’s contained within this video, (don’t worry, you’ll spot it, I’m sure) and I have written about it here at WATT long ago. Three years ago! And I am to this day convinced that the piece in question did not fall off of any part the Luna probe on landing.

I like the guys and gals over at Lunar Explorer Italia. They like science, you see, as do I, are involved in same and hence they are radically different from most other entities proclaiming themselves on a quest for truth. Sad, but true, that. They got very bummed out due to folks stealin’ their stuff for a while and went incognito… and then I lost my login. Sigh. I am glad to see their YT channel’s still up (or back up) and they have a new blog, too, at Universe Alive Images. Firefox or Chrome should offer translation. Mine do, anyway.

On to Mars…

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L’idea di offrire ai nostri Amici Lettori una carrellata di immagini che mostrassero, in maniera adeguata, gli incredibili – anche se passati, in larghissima misura, sotto silenzio – successi del Programma Spaziale Sovietico, era già nelle nostre intenzioni da parecchio tempo.

Con oggi iniziamo a vedere qualcosa che, sebbene faccia ormai parte della Storia e non più dell’attualità, non potrà non stupire, sorprendere e meravigliare: l’Agenzia Spaziale Sovietica, sin dai primi Anni ’60, era già estremamente evoluta (ben più della NASA), ma una impressionante serie di rovesci (alcuni dei quali così assurdi da far pensare al sabotaggio più che alla sfortuna…), unita ad una propaganda rivolta al “silenzio” e non alla “pubblicizzazione,” la portarono a recitare, negli anni a venire, un mero ruolo di comprimaria nell’Avventura Spaziale.

Translation (by Google):

The idea to offer our readers a roundup Friends of images that showed, in an appropriate manner, incredible – even if passed, very largely, in silence – the successes of the Soviet Space Program, was our intention for some time.

By now we begin to see something that, while now part of history and not of actuality, can not fail to impress, amaze and surprise us: the Soviet Space Agency, since the early 60s, was already highly evolved (much more NASA), but an impressive series of setbacks (some of which are so absurd as to suggest to sabotage rather than to bad luck …), combined with a propaganda directed to the “silence” and not “advertising,” led her to acting in the years to come, a mere second lead role in The Adventure Space.

Looking at this old footage from the Pioneer Days of space exploration it’s quite interesting to see just how far our cameras have come along in terms of resolution, accompanied and assisted by nicely engineered precision close-up orbital distances, of course.

Sweeping orbital vistas of the alien Martian landscape, nicely compiled and ‘flown’ around on — all set once again to the fine utterances of the Russian Army Choir. This second part contains imagery from the Mars4  and 5; and Phobos1 and 2 missions.



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Strange. Very strange.

And disconcerting.

Disappointing, too.

Then again it is NASA. A rather bizarre organization, NASA.

You see, this post was initially inspired by my running across an interesting page at Lunar Explorer Italia last night titled  AS 15-83-11218 and the Stephenville UFO: a VERY SMART image-comparison (by Carlo Contu). As you no doubt have gathered from said title, Mr. Contu noticed that the Apollo image in question and the sportiest image of the infamous Stephenville, Texas UFO are remarkably similar. You know the one, the pretty rainbow colored squiggly line in the night sky…

So I Googled up the image number, all set to do a session in Photoshop. But it wasn’t available nice and large at  NASA History’s Apollo Image Library… in fact they don’t even list the magazine as existing at all! What’s up with that? Note that they do list magazines for which they have no pictures to show yet… so, why not 83?

All was not lost, as they are all shown on the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Apollo Image Atlas… but the images at LPI are all small, all at low resolution and none are really suitable for delving into in hopes of doing any sort of confident analysis. Some clues came out, though…

Here’s the text at the LPI page for this magazine:

Apollo Image Atlas

70mm Hasselblad Image Catalog

Apollo 15, Magazine ??

Images AS15-83-11218 to AS15-83-11234

Why does it say “Magazine ??”? Huh? What was that? Note, of course, that right below that line, in the picture range it clearly states  AS15-83-xxx to AS15-83-xxx. 83, again, is the magazine number.

Ah, I see, when you go to the individual photos it lists right below them their confusion’s source, they don’t know the Letter sub-designation of magazine 83. Well, why not? And even so does not knowing the letter therefore qualify it’s contents for near oblivion, displayed small and low-res on a sub-site for the Apollo program?

Note: For those not familiar with magazines, they are a removable part of the Hasselblad camera, a film holding ‘magazine,’  pre-loaded with film that eliminates the need to string the film through the camera as in a standard 35mm camera. They just snap on and off the back.

Note, too, that 83 was not the first magazine used by the Apollo 15 crew, so although there seems to be some sort of labeling error, I don’t imagine that there were any other issues with it. The Image Atlas starts at 82… which naturally makes me wonder about the existence of 1 through 81, but that’s not completely relevant here. The ones they do show are otherwise sequential in content.

As you can see below, the images captured are intriguing… to say the least… especially the last one, the swoopy, streaky and oh so freaky AS15-83-11234.

What do they show? I can’t say as I know. I can speculate as well as you can, but unless the impossible happens and the crew of 15 give us a play-by-play description, speculation is all we’ve got. Another thing to speculate about is why are there only 17 pictures? Why did they stop snapping? Must see if I can find anything in the transcripts, but, I rather doubt that if there was anything exciting going on it’d still be within them.

I really do like that last one… what the hell is all that? It’s absolutely fascinating. Was there an encounter with something, something we can barely comprehend, way out there in the cold, vast darkness of space?


A sporty new video’s arrived from the boffins over at Lunar Explorer Italia − this one dealing with an interesting look at what is perhaps yet another fossil, a flat little round guy of a nice size this time, unfortunately broken. But, it’s “reconstructed” nicely… and shown to compare favorably with an Earthly organism called a Nummulite.

Nice little stream, too, or rather the remnant thereof… that looks, shall we say… recent!

Un flusso? Che cosa?

Sì, l’uomo!

Indeed, that got me going a bit more than the fossil did, as, well, there are tons of fossils. But rarely have I seen such close up, on the ground, positive indication of surface water. This is really great stuff.

Can’t you just see the water bubbling up from a spot under the Rover’s wheel… heading off down the slope… only to quickly get absorbed into the soil, all the while evaporating at the same time? Way cool, I say!

You know, having said that, the Rovers should really be giving us videos… maybe next time, as they’re so fond of saying. Yeah, right, that’ll happen.

Fantastico … godetevi lo spettacolo!

Following is the always interesting “description” that LEI attached to the video. Heady, these guys… :)

Channel Icon

What are we looking at? Will be the usual – wonderful! – Photomosaic in natural colors that shows us a piece of Mars?

No, this is more.


Go and look at the EDM below …

We already know what they say and write in many :”… but what is it? E ‘a detail that you do not understand … is too small … … is undefined does not explain anything and does not prove anything. .. “.

Yes, certainly.
And you know why? Why the “people” (like the Anomaly Hunters Sunday …) wants to be surprised and, to believe, wants to see – or rather: MUST SEE! – Something big: a pyramid – or perhaps a group of Pyramids! -, An amphitheater, a Cosmodrome, a “face” that looks toward the sky or maybe a “parable” that points to nowhere …

Yes, it’s true: you try the “Big Test”, because it is “common thought” that only the “Big Test” AND ‘ “the smoking gun.”

It does not work that way.

Those seeking the “Cathedral” – and that we have already said and written until the nausea (more ours than your, believe it …) – in the end, does not want to see anything and even if he stumbles and falls on a simple but essential “Brick” … I do not see it!
Not consider.
I do not even understand.

LORD, that (in our humble but informed opinion) is the brick!

Look at him, Study him and if you’re really good, explain and spiegatecelo.

In this video, Warp Speed?, by Lunar Explorer Italia, a fascinating view is presented of something very strange indeed. It would appear to be an object of some sort moving at an apparently superluminal rate. This has been captured for us by the Cassini probe that’s hanging out over by Saturn. I keep stopping and playing back the first  third of the clip, as in the last two thirds our friends at Lunar Explorer Italia have added in visual aids to help us see where the action is… which is okay of course but I think it distracts.

Anyway, it certainly does seem to pop over just as if it was a sci-fi star, doesn’t it? Damn… so… is this for real or an optical illusion or just two things happening coincidentally? Looks pretty real to me… and I don’t believe in coincidences. I do believe that there’s no reason I know of beyond the arrogance of science that says this can’t somehow be done. One needs to remember that this is out Saturn’s way and the field of view is pretty spectacularly large, so it’s not like a UFO popping about a few hundred feet here or there… or… maybe it is! I’m just sayin,’ it’s really moving a good way away. Most impressive. Leads to some interesting scenarios taking shape…

I would like to give a round of applause over to Italian phenomena research in general and Lunar Explorer Italia in particular, an they’ve given us some pretty spectacular stuff to contemplate for a good while now. Bravissimo.

It does seem, though, to me, that the farther out we go, the stranger things get.

I’ve included below in the blockquote the diatribe from the video description; translated here by the Google translator, so bear with it; mainly because it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the video it’s attached to, it’s more of a somewhat scathing attack on the current state of the generally hoax laden and credulous state of present day UFOlogy. I find it refreshing and all and a good read, but I’m not sure they really meant to stick it up there with this video, as I was starting to say. It also provided the title to this post which I thought was wonderfully Gorightly-ish…

The cover-up on the UFO issue is necessary, but … no good!

Why not serve the best de-bunkers dell’Ufologia (understood as “Nova Scientia”) are the “ufologist” (and their blind – but enthusiastic – acolytes).

With their “revealing pictures” BUT ALWAYS blurred and indecipherable, with their new movies and illuminating, BUT ALMOST ALWAYS that are truncated on the most beautiful or that in the end prove to be the fruit (rotten) obvious “tarot” digital, with their dark and smoky on the “Conspiracy Theories” Overall “, even to the eyes and ears profane playing – most of the time (and in the best of circumstances) – as the terrible force logical (if not laughable like scemenze interplanetary ) …

And then the “Buffalo”!

The “destructive power” of the “Buffalo” is a true flagship for the ufologist 2000: think, for example, the crazy nonsense of footage on all’Astronave Buried on the Moon and “discovery” dall’Apollo 20 (a Mission – and I know the kids – never existed), or the “Marziano walking” in front of the Rover Spirit, or to filmini the silver beads that float in the sky, made by “famous” contacts (but that will never say , “talks “?!?) that, over time – but almost inevitably … – Are made in the bleak scene – or event even more sad and tragic – also appear as “possible genuine documents” which, however, are made entirely in vain, useless and unusable because of the mania for FAMA and notoriety ‘(and , on the other hand, the total lack of decency and sobriety ‘) shown by those who have achieved, both below and above that of the (already we could even do a bit of names and surnames, but we have no Beghi from the reality show).

The cover-up on the “UFO issue” is needed – given the hysteria that informs our Company (alleged) “Civil” – but not needed.
Do not serve them because they are “Believers” to destroy the evidence they gather and to ridicule the Matter growing.

Shame because, to tell the truth, to throw a little light on the UFO issue “enough to use the documents that NASA will make available (but None or almost never goes to watch, because costs and FATIGUE WORK IT! ).

Well, we Researchers ( “naive”) of Lunar Explorer Italy, we have not tried to contact the “contact” and not to seek and / or analyze the movies made by those who “film the impossible.”
We have only used the NASA material available (knowing, of course, WHERE TO GO AND LOOK WHAT SEARCH) e. .. Voilà: UFO a gogo!

The Cover-up on the UFO issue is necessary, but … no good.

Sintanto that will include ufologist who seek visibility and notoriety but NOT TRUTH ‘(those who write in magazines and rivistine and write essays, books and libelli “illuminating “…) and sintanto that there will be around cialtroni and contacts (contacts that especially television – and not state – and the media, for promotion of exclusive … themselves) who are always ready to “reveal the truth to idiots (idiots = us, the masses,” all others except their “short), the Cover-up does not need.

The “secret” is well protected, as is found surrounded by tons of scemenze, buffaloes and narrated by Panzani Guitti and that on the credulity furbacchioni People have built their reputation and their image.
Sometimes, even their “Fortuna” (financial, of course).


Shame because the truth, as Fox Mulder (X-Files) is not only “out there” (in Heaven and on Earth – and certainly in the Outer Space – if you know HOW to look for), but is also clear for all to see “.

One need only look to know WHERE and WHAT to look.

Just recently, in short.

Think about it for …

Ha! That’s tellin’ ’em!

From a post a little while ago at Above Top Secret, we discover that… Researchers poring over the latest week’s batch of Mars photos from the reasonably spectacular HiRISE camera … (the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (operated by the University of Arizona) have located something that really is spectacular… another monolith!


The cool part is that this one, is not on tiny little Phobos, nope, this one’s on Mars itself. Indeed! Shades of Sir Arthur, even. He’d be pretty darn proud, I think.

A new monolith! HiRISE image, NASA/LPI

Now that is seriously monolith-y lookin’! … yet it could still be just an oddly placed rock that just happened to fall there and stick in the ground. This is, in fact, a possibility. Personally I think it’d have a heck of a time retaining it’s stand-up position in that eventuality, but hey, what do I know?

Noted with not much surprise, really, was that our pals at Lunar Explorer Italia had had several peeks already at this thing, shown below… at least it looks like the same object to me, judging from the anomalously disturbed ground at it’s base. What do you think?  Is it the same one?

It was suggested by a commentator that the disturbed ground might suggest that this is a crystalline form that got pushed up from beneath the ground, as happens here on Earth sometimes.

Maybe… there are somewhat siimilar features scattered about this relatively small area, but, they’re scattered about. I’d expect a crystal uprising to be more densely packed. Still possible though. It is actually at a pretty jaunty angle for a building. Not for an artwork, though… The romantic in me would prefer to speculate that said disturbed ground is eons of dirt covering a wonderfully wonderful base to the spire.

Newly discovered Martian monolith. Crop by an ATS member.

And then… they adjusted the curves… revealing data hidden within the overexposed but still viable pixels… and just look, my friends, at how wonderfully and uniformly thin it is!

Lunar Explorer Italia has a peek at the monolith.

And, to cap it all off, as an adjunct to our last post, wherein our hero Buzz Aldrin revealed the Phobos monolith to the population-at-large; yet another image from those astronomical boffins over at Lunar Explorer Italia, namely Dr. M. Faccin, we have this fantabulous enhancement of our favorite mystery spire… nice job, Doc!

Phobos Monolith enhancement by Dr. M. Faccin, Lunar Explorer Italia.

Looks a bit short, as the last post quoted figures of 25 to 42 stories… but hey, maybe that’s just what it looks like!