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Hey, now here’s a nice little tune… with a rare Fortean focus.

Don’t really get too many of those.

Hat tip goes to Candyrat Records.


The Necronomicon

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Posted to YouTube on October 15, 2009

This decidedly humorous parody ( is it, really?) of a commercial for the “Mad Arab” Abdul Alhazred’s dreaded Necronomicon was passed along to us by the notorious Fortean known as Pucabob from deep within his lair in the wilds of southern Maine via Yahoo’s Fortean discussion group known simply as Fort.

Some may scoff, but remember dear readers, the voice of Cthulhu has been recorded!

As an added public service, our Puca also sent along the commercial below, this one for the purpose of flogging the Great Old Ones’ newest concoction, generously ladled from their roiling cauldrons of calamity, designed, we are told, to protect us from those nasty, nasty Flying Polyps. Somehow I doubt it’s FDA approved, but, hey, you never know…

Elder Sign

If you suffer from an overwhelming sense of dread brought on by the realization of your own insignificance in the universe, then you need Elder Sign. Visit Elder Sign dot ca.

Oh, Lordy… what have we here… why, it’s none other than the inimitable Pastor Swope… of The Paranormal Pastor blog… who it seems got wind of the the needs of some TV producers for a host… for their new show… to be called “The Gray Area.” So he promptly produced this casting video!

If you’ve not read his blog… you really owe it to yourself. This dude can write and is a master storyteller. He’s had some pretty astounding experiences… my favorite so far the exceedingly strange pond creature dwelling in the middle of the African continent, where our pal Swope was serving as a missionary. You simply must check it out.

Well, here ya go… enjoy… hope ya get the gig Pastor!

P.S. … be sure to see Swope’s official audition video.