“He taught us how to look at things.”

Posted: December 20th, 2011 in criminals, humor, North Korea, wackos
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Sorry I missed posting on the day of the death of Kim Jong-il. Just couldn’t come up with much to say. And… I still can’t.

We are not supposed to celebrate the death of a man, but this man has created horror beyond imagining, the ongoing deaths of millions of his own people and the most bizarre country on earth… the entirety of it is, quite literally, a prison. The “Hermit Kingdom,” they call it… for good reason.

To lighten the load a bit, the following is a little bit of humor. The first two images are from the Kim Jong-il Looking At Things website, which is where the title is derived from, obviously. I like it not only for the not-so-subtle humor regarding this unimaginably despicable man’s mental makeup, but also because, to me, it makes as a result a nice mockery of the ridiculous claims made throughout his rule by the propaganda department that he was responsible for every good thing that’s ever happened. A few of those claims can be found compiled in this post at al-Jazeera.

– lunacy –

looking at the kitchen cabinet
looking at the kitchen cabinet

– transition –

looking at kim jong-un
looking at kim jong-un

The next two are from the brand new website (made within hours of the announcement of the Dear Leader’s death), Kim Jong-un Looking At Things.

Seems a good representation of the future,
a future  that I feel does not bode well for the people of North Korea.

looking at his new general
looking at his new general
(Kim Jong-un, youngest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il,
listens to an official speaking during a parade in Pyongyang)

– creepy –

looking at YOU
looking at YOU

I don’t like the look in this kid’s eyes. Like father, like son, as they say. Not a lot is known of him, but he is usually portrayed as a nutcase. Quite likely. Some quietly hope that his Swiss boarding school education will soften any ruthlessness. I doubt that. Some say that since he was catapulted overnight from civilian to 4 star general, the military will not play nicely with him. I doubt that, too.

Because in the North Korean culture, just like his father and grandfather, this kid is now God.

All we can do is…

Pray for the people of North Korea.



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