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Uploaded by on Apr 8, 2011

This video is not intended as a complaint against the communist regimes and other boring things but instead it wants to show what a totalitarian regime can do: while a small proportion of the population live in luxury the rest of the population lives in extreme poverty.

This video shows some of the luxury residences of Kim Jong Il.
While he can afford to choose where to stay home, NGO workers report that in some villages, the food situation is so serious that the population is forced to feed on wild grasses

Program used: Google Earth 2011(All Right Reserved)

Part 1 Coordinates:
1° 39°02’27.47”N 125°42’53.53”E 2° 39°12’00.26”N 126°01’13.83”E 3° 39°06’22.11”N 125°59’05.73”E

Part 2 Coordinates:
4° 39°37’20.32”N 125°49’53.12”E 5° 39°48’16.33”N 125°46’23.01”E 6° 39°02’41.00”N 125°51’13.25”E

p.s. Sorry for my bad english. I apologize in advance for any misspellings in the video.

A slap to the face of the people.

Ah, the decadence of the psychopathic mind…

While the citizenry at large suffer through a famine-level food supply, brainwashing from birth and, as evidenced by the previous post, a severe lack of even electricity, their maniacal “God” builds obscenely grandiose palaces all over the place. Mostly for himself, but as you will see there are a number of smaller places where those in the ruling class have their own little “kingdoms.”

I would doubt, though, that any normal North Korean knows anything whatsoever of the existence of these places.

Don’t know if it’s a good thing, the people not knowing, it would just add to the horror of their lot, but, back in reality, there’s just no way to tell them. So it is, sadly moot.

This is somewhat little-boy fantasizing on my part, but, you know, I would really like, very much, to fly one of our nice fighter planes around there and take them all out… as spectacularly as possible… if only to drive a little reality into the puny, selfish little minds of the slave-driving owners, don’tcha know. WAAAH!

All that can be done is to make the rest of the world aware, so that perhaps someday this prison masquerading as a country can be corrected. Sadly, as Ive said many times, theres no oil involved, so they are seemingly free to carry on.

It’s not that this sort of mansion-building thing doesn’t go on elsewhere, I mean there are a whole bunch of ‘em in the town I live in, but we the people here don’t live under the thumb of a self-proclaimed “God.”

Thank God.



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