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DiarioPrensa DelCentro Uploaded on May 10, 2011

Fantasmas en el Edén Hotel de La Falda

Wow, now this is cool… and unexpected, really…

This place has a fascinating history, even without any mention of ghosts. Built by Germans long before the war, it was as extremely advanced in it’s facilities and amenities as it was extreme in it’s remoteness. It had a fleet of Fords for the guests to use. It had an elevator. And it had a plastic surgery suite.

Yes, that’s right. A plastic surgery suite. In the middle of nowhere. La Palma in Cordoba is hundreds and hundreds of miles away from anything and everything. Takes a while to get there even today.

You see, this was a place primarily designed to assist the escaping high end Nazis of the future in their zest for reintegration into society, aided by a permanent disguise, as it were. The hotel has a watchtower. A very tall one. Yes. Doesn’t your hotel?

I had been aware that Einstein had stayed there along with many famous people. I was not aware of ghosts, though!

I had been getting into it because I have been looking pretty deeply into the Nazis being down there and this place was key… in fact the most notorious guests, of the Annex, a large, luxurious building located on the hotel campus, were none other than Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Hitler—from 1955 until his death in the mid 60s or 70s. They’d made a few visits previously to hang out with his good friends, the Eichorns who owned the place.

More about them later, hopefully, if I can budget time properly.

So, for now, let’s enjoy some ghosts!



Close up crop by ATS member predator0187. Click to read the thread.Additionally, APRA’s Queen Mary Ghost Girl Video Puts A Chill Down My Spine! It really does!

Ghosts can have that effect on me. Not sure why except possibly because they were once supposed to be people.

Now as you may know I really loathe hoaxers and fraudsters and that’s why you won’t see certain places in the sidebar any longer like Skipper and Hoagland and Strickler. And ghost hoaxers… well, they are extra bad in my eyes, perhaps due to the effect legit ones have on me as mentioned.

There are some interesting ghost vids out there. I don’t usually watch them as I feel that the vast majority of ‘ghost hunters’ are just completely full of it, and will tell them so to their faces… and I’d never heard of these APRA people, but this came recommended so I watched it, full screen at HD and often, and – well – I was creeped out enough to put it on WATT.

There are a couple of small issues as always, but I feel they are just that. For now at least.

Could still be a hoax, but the chill felt very real.

  • It is not a shadow.
  • It has definition.
  • It seems to start standing up at the end.
  • It looks really sinister, even though “just a little girl.”

Do hit the 1080 resolution. I also strongly recommend seeing it in full screen.

Also a good discussion is ensuing here should you desire more opinions and leads. What do you think of this?

This report caught my eye over at the Anomalist for the simple reason that I drive past the road this incident took place on on the way to my Dad’s house.

On reading the report, reproduced below from the Register Citizen News, I found it to be a rather intriguing case.

Of particular interest to me are the horses switching stalls… I really do hope the group that investigated this caught that on video! Sounds like a must see.  The cat bowl’s pretty mundane, well, as these things go, anyway, but the horses… now that’s cool.

Not sure how I’ll see it as I don’t have telly, but I’m sure it’ll surface at some point.

Also intriguing is the fact that the “visitors” seem to have now left the building… something I wouldn’t have expected. How’d they convince the entities to leave? Good news for the Santos’ of course, and most certainly a welcome relief for those poor, harassed horses.

Investigated ghosts disappear

Published: Saturday, December 5, 2009, by David Hutter

BARKHAMSTED — The horses do not mysteriously switch stalls at the Santos farm anymore.

Nor does the cat’s bowl move from one step to another step to another.

Donna Santos believed spirits were at work inside her house and inside her barn on West Hill Road. According to her, the horses moving from one stall to another and the cat’s bowl moving are the work of spirits.

“There are no more ghosts. They’re all gone,” Donna Santos said. “My horses are very happy now that the paranormal society has finished its work. They’re not scared anymore. Since they came to investigate, everything has been fine.”

Besides the horses switching stables on their own and the cat bowl moving on its own, the family’s dog growled at apparently invisible beings, Donna said in an interview this week.

Her husband Bob, son Danny, daughter Cari, and Donna became uncomfortable living in their house. Unable to find a rational explanation for these occurrences, the family began considering the notion that they lived among spirits.

“I did not move the horses. My husband did not move the horses,” Donna said. “Our children did not move the horses.”

“The horses could not unlock themselves and move on their own,” she said. “Something had to move them.”

Eventually, she heard about a group called the Northwest Connecticut Paranormal Society. Comprised of people who believe they have experienced a paranormal activity, the society scrutinizes instances in which people report suspected supernatural activities.

Donna Santos initially suspected someone broke into her barn, unlocked the horses from their stalls and then moved them around. Eventually, she called the state police and had state troopers stay outside her barn on at least one night; even then, in the morning she found the horses were in different stalls, Donna said.

John Zontok, the founder of this paranormal society, describes himself as a skeptic and a critical thinker. With its goal being to educate people, the society includes a college professor, a professional photographer, a paralegal, a business executive, a Marine, a Reiki master, college students and a dog, according to the organization.

“Something in the barn was threatening her animals,” Zontok said. “We captured several unexplainable voices.”

The team uses an array of devices in an effort to determine the source of suspected paranormal activities. Seeking an answer to people who have many questions, the paranormal society does not charge any money for its services.

“Our main goal is to find something to show that paranormal activity exists,” Zontok said. “I am a sceptic regarding the paranormal.”

As the paranormal society people investigated activities in the barn, they were filmed by Picture Shack Productions. The production company interviewed the Santos family at their farm in January and June. Picture Shack Productions documented the paranormal society’s investigation at the Santos house.

Picture Shack sold its work to Animal Planet. The television network will broadcast the piece on Sunday, Dec. 13, at 10 p.m. as part of a series called The Haunted.

Ever since the paranormal society people investigated, the unexplained phenomenon have stopped, according to Donna Santos.

Toward this end, she praised the paranormal society people for giving their time and skills.

David Hutter can be reached by e-mail at

BMW 2002Did you ever wish that a friend who hadn’t opened up their mind enough to accept Fortean leanings and thoughts as serious… would just go ahead and have their own encounter with the unexplained, merely as a friendly kick start to allow them the freedom to ponder the unusual?

Sure you have.

Well, I’m happy to say that it happened to a bunch of my friends just last weekend. Ha!

They went on a car club tour up north with some other groups of car crazies. We just lost a dear friend and fellow car nut in February to ALS… he was so into it… he organized these types of events for years and years… participating till so near the end. A very brave and inspiring man, he was.

It certainly looks to me, from the last few lines below… a lot like Marsh was indeed there at this one, too… the evidence is just too… Marsh! Somewhat subtle for him, in a way, but a great choice to ease into it. I bet there would’ve been some lively EVPs had anyone tried…

I’ve been grinning all day.

[…] After the show, we had a barbecue at the Inn at Willow Pond and then everyone retired to their motels. On Sunday morning, Innkeeper Bauer led the group on a spirited drive over some of Vermont’s more fun, and less traveled, windy roads that ended at the base of the Skyline Drive toll road. During this drive, Sheila and I recalled a CVC tour from many years ago when Jack Jones led us to Kingston, NY on a Fall Tour and the “Wurst Place in Town” for some great German food. Keeping in mind that the Vermont Tour benefited ALS research and the fact that our Chapter has chosen this charity because this disease claimed the life of longtime member Marsh Wilson last February, I reminisced with Sheila about sitting with Marsh at the dinner table on that tour years ago and Marsh, having been slowed down by a member (who shall remain nameless to avoid embarrassing them) that was not driving as quickly during the day as Marsh would have liked, asked if the member had ever driven in a BMW CCA Driver’s School. When the member replied in the negative, Marsh said, “Maybe you should!” With that in mind and also recognizing that Marsh was the one who had organized the Chapter’s Vermont Tours in the past, this is where it got really spooky, because in a matter of seconds after mentioning this story to Sheila, we passed Wilson Lane. Then, later on the same drive, we passed Marsh’s Tavern. Apparently, Marsh was trying to tell us that he approved of the current tour and wanted to thank us for raising some money for ALS. […] You can read the rest, but that’s it for the Forteana… nice car pics.

Now… if only Jeffrey could see a nice, shiny, close up UFO