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Let this custom Speck case and Apollo 15’s notorious Top Secret Shot protect your iPad from the rigors of reality.

just what did the crew see, anyway?
I really want to know, but I doubt any of us ever will.

This is the mysterious “final” frame from film magazine 83… the very existence of which was totally suppressed by NASA for over 30  long years.

This is image number AS15-83-11234, taken from inside either the LEM or the Command module, no one’s really sure about that. And no one’s talking.

No one knows just what this image shows, (except the crew and NASA), but I have a feeling that this was an exceptionally intense encounter with something quite terrifying and almost completely inexplicable.

Learn what’s known of this exceptionally bizarre incident by reading my earlier post about this strange encounter, which has some great commentary from LunaCognita providing even more vital information.

Enhancement by yours truly back in April 2010, using a 9 layer image stack to get the most detail out of those freaky deaky streamers.

Share this previously classified image with the world while treating your iPad to some serious Speck protection.

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A word about the case itself…

Combining luxury with uncompromised protection, this sleek hard plastic case is covered with an easy-to-grip fabric, richly printed with your favorite design. The first of its kind to be offered anywhere, this lightweight and durable custom case allows optimal access to all of the sensors, ports and controls on your iPad, while offering superior comfort in-hand.

A recent thread at ATS caught my eye. It’s called Secret Map of Britain. Being an Anglophile as well as a conspiracy dude concerned that that wonderful set of islands is turning into a police state, I just had to read it, anticipating who knows what sort of cartographic wonder to be revealed.

This thread turned out to be an intro to the lead video of a most enjoyable documentary called Secret Map of Britain, made by a Mark Thomas, a fellow I’d not heard of, likely as I don’t watch telly anymore and am an American besides.

There are in fact some interesting cartographic items noted, same sort of thing we get over here. It’s not a conspiracy theory romp, there are nothing but factual fascinating stories. Secret bases, underground facilities, MI5, MI6 and more!

It is really more to do with the nature of secrecy in Britain in general; and a lot of items of interest to illustrate that are explored, well as much as can be accomplished with out getting themselves thrown in the slammer. It is also a real hoot to note the wonderfully polite security and police personnel they run into. That sure wouldn’t happen here!

One interesting story, denied flat out of course, is that an American bomber, apparently carrying nuclear weapons, crashed and burned at a US base in the UK. High level deposits of reactor-grade nasties are now spread around the area in question, the segment includes footage of soil testing and an interview with the most prominent victim to date.

I had never heard of many of the stories presented in this documentary, if you are in the UK I’d seriously suggest watching it, especially for the segment on your telephone service and info on how to get vital info out of your councils. If you’re not local I’d still suggest watching it as it’s really well done and this Mark Thomas is an excellent and entertaining guy.

the Dreamcatcher hybrid propulsion vehicleNot sure why, but I’ve been thinking about the view held by some, including me, that the US along with other nations has been running a major space program that remains completely hidden from public, and even Congressional view.

This is occasionally discussed, albeit briefly, over at the Above Top Secret forum site, and it has proponents there such as Zorgon, who’s one of the few level-headed beings there, as far as I can tell, quashing the very annoying skeptoids, who seem legion, handily. Like Zorgon, I’m always fascinated by the general lack of interest by the members there.

The skepties say things like, “How could they launch rockets with no one knowing?” and the inevitable “They could never keep that a secret!”

Well, there are literally hundreds of launch facilities around the world, some very remote, indeed… a few are in-the-middle-of-the-ocean remote. No one’s going to see that. Even at Vandenburgh, who’d question yet another launch? Seriously.

One of those secret jobs...As for keeping it all secret, in a way, they haven’t at all, as Vincent R. White explains in his A Dark Fleet In Black Space series, (part 1, 2, 3, 4) which is up to four parts now. The skeptics simply dismiss all the evidence. As always.

Perhaps the thoughts came to me as I was eating some fresh fruit the other day, and the memory returned of the fact that we send multi-ton shipments of fresh fruit and veg up into space on a regular basis, ostensibly to the International Space Station. When I first learned of it a good long while ago… it was compelling evidence that clearly something’s going on up there that we’re not aware of.

The most basic anomaly of the fruit shipments is that there’s only about 7 people on the station… they must spend day and night chowing down. Yeah… right. So, what gives? There’s a site dealing with this, actually… in cahoots with some of the folks at ATS, in fact… but as far as I know the only one who thinks such things are a mite odd. There’s much more there besides fruit, and I heartily suggest having yourself a good read.

I think a vast secret space program is just the thing to explain the psychopath Rumsfeld’s announcement of missing trillions. And wait till you see all the patents on mining systems… for the moon… from the 50s and 60s.

Be well.