Brown Pants Time! Thanks to Ghost Girl on RMS Queen Mary.

Posted: January 5th, 2011 in Forteana, ghosts, paranormal, the unexplained
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Close up crop by ATS member predator0187. Click to read the thread.Additionally, APRA’s Queen Mary Ghost Girl Video Puts A Chill Down My Spine! It really does!

Ghosts can have that effect on me. Not sure why except possibly because they were once supposed to be people.

Now as you may know I really loathe hoaxers and fraudsters and that’s why you won’t see certain places in the sidebar any longer like Skipper and Hoagland and Strickler. And ghost hoaxers… well, they are extra bad in my eyes, perhaps due to the effect legit ones have on me as mentioned.

There are some interesting ghost vids out there. I don’t usually watch them as I feel that the vast majority of ‘ghost hunters’ are just completely full of it, and will tell them so to their faces… and I’d never heard of these APRA people, but this came recommended so I watched it, full screen at HD and often, and – well – I was creeped out enough to put it on WATT.

There are a couple of small issues as always, but I feel they are just that. For now at least.

Could still be a hoax, but the chill felt very real.

  • It is not a shadow.
  • It has definition.
  • It seems to start standing up at the end.
  • It looks really sinister, even though “just a little girl.”

Do hit the 1080 resolution. I also strongly recommend seeing it in full screen.

Also a good discussion is ensuing here should you desire more opinions and leads. What do you think of this?

  1. Iggy, do they have any ideas of who the girl was? That’s usually the question they start looking at when they see something like this. Mind you, with a ship like the Queen Mary, there are apt to be many ‘lost’ souls I suspect.

    • iggymak says:

      I don’t think so, but I may be quite wrong as I’d heard that there were several cases of a girl ghost in the immediate vicinity… but I must report that I haven’t done any in-depth looking into it like I’d like to do.

      Life gets in the way…

      I am exhausted. When this phase of life has ended I’d really dig visiting the ship and seeing her for myself.

  2. I’ve often wondered what would happen if I encountered something like this in the flesh. I’ve visited many haunted places over the years but I’ve never been ‘graced’ by a ghostly visit. The Manly Quarantine Station in Sydney is one of the most haunted places in our city. I haven’t come across any paranormal footage of the site, but these are some reviews of people who have visited the site (and been fortunate?) to have encountered spirits:
    I’ve been there a number of times myself, but other than getting the heeby-jeebys in the shower area, haven’t experienced anything.

  3. David M. says:

    The eyes are reflective which is an exclusive to biological entities, meaning the individual within the changing booth is of the living. In other words, it’s a hoax, and a shameless one at that.

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