When Friends Contact Friends…

Posted: May 19th, 2009 in Forteana, friends, ghosts, good cheer, heroes, human behavior
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BMW 2002Did you ever wish that a friend who hadn’t opened up their mind enough to accept Fortean leanings and thoughts as serious… would just go ahead and have their own encounter with the unexplained, merely as a friendly kick start to allow them the freedom to ponder the unusual?

Sure you have.

Well, I’m happy to say that it happened to a bunch of my friends just last weekend. Ha!

They went on a car club tour up north with some other groups of car crazies. We just lost a dear friend and fellow car nut in February to ALS… he was so into it… he organized these types of events for years and years… participating till so near the end. A very brave and inspiring man, he was.

It certainly looks to me, from the last few lines below… a lot like Marsh was indeed there at this one, too… the evidence is just too… Marsh! Somewhat subtle for him, in a way, but a great choice to ease into it. I bet there would’ve been some lively EVPs had anyone tried…

I’ve been grinning all day.

[…] After the show, we had a barbecue at the Inn at Willow Pond and then everyone retired to their motels. On Sunday morning, Innkeeper Bauer led the group on a spirited drive over some of Vermont’s more fun, and less traveled, windy roads that ended at the base of the Skyline Drive toll road. During this drive, Sheila and I recalled a CVC tour from many years ago when Jack Jones led us to Kingston, NY on a Fall Tour and the “Wurst Place in Town” for some great German food. Keeping in mind that the Vermont Tour benefited ALS research and the fact that our Chapter has chosen this charity because this disease claimed the life of longtime member Marsh Wilson last February, I reminisced with Sheila about sitting with Marsh at the dinner table on that tour years ago and Marsh, having been slowed down by a member (who shall remain nameless to avoid embarrassing them) that was not driving as quickly during the day as Marsh would have liked, asked if the member had ever driven in a BMW CCA Driver’s School. When the member replied in the negative, Marsh said, “Maybe you should!” With that in mind and also recognizing that Marsh was the one who had organized the Chapter’s Vermont Tours in the past, this is where it got really spooky, because in a matter of seconds after mentioning this story to Sheila, we passed Wilson Lane. Then, later on the same drive, we passed Marsh’s Tavern. Apparently, Marsh was trying to tell us that he approved of the current tour and wanted to thank us for raising some money for ALS. […] You can read the rest, but that’s it for the Forteana… nice car pics.

Now… if only Jeffrey could see a nice, shiny, close up UFO

  1. What a great story and a very good example of how synchronistic events unfold. As always, there, but subtle.

    I could smell and taste this as I read it. “Wurst Place in Town” – Yummy!

    • iggymak says:

      Hey, thanks! I thought it was great, too, even if only because I know some of them… but it’s more than that, of course. It sounds exactly like the sort of thing I expect he’d do, being a TSD rally writin,’ road-trippin,’ fast touring, cafe-racer kinda dude.

      Never did get to the wurst place, but if Jack says it’s good… your feelings are spot-on. :)

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