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A sporty new video’s arrived from the boffins over at Lunar Explorer Italia − this one dealing with an interesting look at what is perhaps yet another fossil, a flat little round guy of a nice size this time, unfortunately broken. But, it’s “reconstructed” nicely… and shown to compare favorably with an Earthly organism called a Nummulite.

Nice little stream, too, or rather the remnant thereof… that looks, shall we say… recent!

Un flusso? Che cosa?

Sì, l’uomo!

Indeed, that got me going a bit more than the fossil did, as, well, there are tons of fossils. But rarely have I seen such close up, on the ground, positive indication of surface water. This is really great stuff.

Can’t you just see the water bubbling up from a spot under the Rover’s wheel… heading off down the slope… only to quickly get absorbed into the soil, all the while evaporating at the same time? Way cool, I say!

You know, having said that, the Rovers should really be giving us videos… maybe next time, as they’re so fond of saying. Yeah, right, that’ll happen.

Fantastico … godetevi lo spettacolo!

Following is the always interesting “description” that LEI attached to the video. Heady, these guys… :)

Channel Icon

What are we looking at? Will be the usual – wonderful! – Photomosaic in natural colors that shows us a piece of Mars?

No, this is more.


Go and look at the EDM below …

We already know what they say and write in many :”… but what is it? E ‘a detail that you do not understand … is too small … … is undefined does not explain anything and does not prove anything. .. “.

Yes, certainly.
And you know why? Why the “people” (like the Anomaly Hunters Sunday …) wants to be surprised and, to believe, wants to see – or rather: MUST SEE! – Something big: a pyramid – or perhaps a group of Pyramids! -, An amphitheater, a Cosmodrome, a “face” that looks toward the sky or maybe a “parable” that points to nowhere …

Yes, it’s true: you try the “Big Test”, because it is “common thought” that only the “Big Test” AND ‘ “the smoking gun.”

It does not work that way.

Those seeking the “Cathedral” – and that we have already said and written until the nausea (more ours than your, believe it …) – in the end, does not want to see anything and even if he stumbles and falls on a simple but essential “Brick” … I do not see it!
Not consider.
I do not even understand.

LORD, that (in our humble but informed opinion) is the brick!

Look at him, Study him and if you’re really good, explain and spiegatecelo.

Looks like a simple case of “asleep at the wheel” to me… and fortunately two Colombian skywatchers caught the dude in the act as he/she/it nearly gets themselves blown to smithereens by the mindlessly hurtling asteroid known to us Earthers as 2009 DD 45.

On March 2, 2009, Alberto Quijano Vodniza and Mario Rojas ‘P’ out of the University of Nariño Observatory in Pasto, Nariño, Colombia, using a nearly current 14″ Meade SC scope,* came up trumps in their tracking of the asteroid and got a way special bonus to boot.

Reminds me of the Shuttle video of the saucer dodging one of the secret space program’s potshots a while back… but this is one mighty big rock that they should’ve seen coming.

Once they do wake up they proceed to perform some classic UFO moves to get clear, afterwards even showing perhaps a bit of Holy Shit reaction as it doesn’t really recover the course all that well. Not to anthropomorphize the lil dudes too much, of course… :)

I’m not sure what the connection is, membership, probably, but the video was posted to YouTube by the Italian research group LunarExplorerItalia, which looks quite legit, although the site’s in Italian with an inoperative English button… many excellent Moon/Mars anomaly and regular astro pics, though! 

Anyhow I thought I’d post this for the enjoyment of my saucer crew, and for me as I think it’s wicked good… and a nice hat tip to my eagle-eyed pal Atrueoriginall for the lead.

Happy trails…

* (a very sweet instrument, but a bit small for a University, I’d think, depends, but perhaps it’s not a big league school… anyhow, no matter, it sure did the trick.)