Luna. 1966. Image. Is It Ours? Or Theirs?

Posted: April 4th, 2009 in ancient civilizations, astronomy, Conspiracy, Moon, space
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From Russia's Luna13 probe, which landed on December 24, 1966, an artifact.

I saw this last night as a post by Mikesingh at the ATS site, who is one of the good guys there. I usually scan and only sometimes visit longer on the site, as I find the preponderance of professional debunkers who lurk there like so many cockroaches in the crannies most annoying. This time was good though as this post caught my eye

Interesting because the images presented are not from the master of lies and obfuscations, but from Russia 40 plus years ago.

Interesting comment thread, as usual… I must say I wonder about some of those folks. Quite a few think it’s a piece of the lander, a piece of its antenna, claiming that Russians built only junk that fell apart. That’s well beyond patently ludicrous. Just how frakken stupid can people be?

These people were the first to land on the moon, the first to get pictures as well as the last to land on the moon. Let’s not forget Mars and Venus, either. 

If, as most claim, it’s part of the antenna, which it clearly is not if one merely hazards a peek at the spacecraft, and then at the piece, repeating as often as necessary ’till it sinks in, then, how the hell was it transmitting the images? Huh? Huh? Sorry, I’ve been at this too long to abide utter asininity and I’m just sick of it. Sorry. Seriously. It’s not on. 

I’m okay now. I don’t know what this thing is, but it ain’t no part o’ that machine.

The image above is a crop I did off the second panorama, which has a number of other interesting things in it as well as this piece.

  1. smokejaguar says:

    Maybe its too early,but are you saying Russia was the first and last on the Moon,etc..-usdi agaluga

    • iggymak says:

      Yes, indeed. After 5 failures, Luna-2 was the first man-made craft on the surface, it landed on the Moon on September 14, 1959. The first images of the lunar far side were taken by Luna-3 in a fly-by in October 1959. Our (USA) Ranger 4 landed on April 26, 1962. The last craft on the Moon was the Russian Luna-24 which landed on August 9, 1976, which returned 0.17 kg of moon dust back to Earth. The US did try it again in 1998/1999 with Prospector, but the lander crashed.

  2. rana says:

    If You all think that every word russia sys or anything shows is truth – it means You totaly do not know them… They use to lie from the beginning and will lie till the end. The most funny thing that even they will lose all their pants and will not have what to eat – they will be “stronger” “clever” and their army is the “best”

    • iggymak says:

      Uhmmm… yeah… right. Well, thanks for the laugh, dude. The image of a bunch of space techs and boffins running around without their pants and hunting for dinner was priceless.

  3. nnnnnnnnn says:

    Hmmm a peice of debri laying near a probe sent at a time when landing on the moon wasa rough hazard thing to do. Do you know how primitive the probes built by the US and Russia were at that time. Many of them missed the moon or crashed into or simply broke down. A peice of debri near the probe is MOST LIKELY from the probe itself. Now before you dismis my idea as rubbish THINK about it. There is more to a probe than just the antenae. It could be anything. Or perhaps we are to believe that Russia sent a probe to the moon and were lucky enough to have it actually land without crashing, malfunctioning and or simply missing the moon entirely. Then one of the first photos just so happens to be of a peice of alien junk. LOL oh please. I agree there are many oddities in relation to the moon but rest assured that this is most likely not one of them.

    • iggymak says:

      It was definitely a risk until a few things were figured out, cost both a lot of resources, it did, too. Primitive probes? What a load of codswallop. Your mind is deep into denial and I dare say rather confused. Vehicles that land on other celestial bodies are not primitive. Space probes don’t fall apart on landing. If you were to do a little research, you’d find that this has been gone over _at length_ elsewhere. There are no components like this on the craft. Period. This object is unidentified. Do you actually think that probes fall apart? Do you actually think it’d work afterwards? Do you? Really? Jeezus… Fool.

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