Brazil’s May 4th UFO file releases now easily accessible.

Posted: June 5th, 2009 in disclosure, UFO, UFO sightings
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BRAZIL! 1952 Sport modelsNow Hear This:

Brazilian release of over 600 pages of military UFO documents now available to view. See the link.

That is all.

Sorry couldn’t resist the military style announcement… This just in from my amazingly industrious friend Eileen (aka: Atrueoriginall) over at Alien Casebook. As you may recall, the Brazilian authorities were going to release some of their classified UFO files. From cendoc_10_1978, pg 114This they indeed did do! Well, a few. I can’t imagine that any government would release truly sensitive stuff… but anyway, they did cough up a lot. I’m all for disclosure of course, of course, but I really don’t think we’ll ever see anything from anyone more telling than the relatively innocuous stuff that’s has been released by all and sundry to date…

What Eileen has done is to compile it all in one convenient spot as a series of PDFs that we can see. This’ll make things easy. A big thank you is in order for reducing the research drudgery we all feel.

The top photo is in the mix, but the original, as released, is quite dark in typical government fashion… why do governments and their shills feel the need to only give us dark, blurry pics that make you go all squinty? Sorry, just angsty, we all know why. I fixed ‘er up as best as I could with Camera Raw 4.6 so squinting was alleviated. 

I haven’t looked at any of the files yet, but I’ll get to them all in due course. If I find something suitably WATTy, especially if it contradicts my feelings as stated above, you’ll surely find it amongst these pages. And I no doubt will find something good, as Brazil is notorious for having some pretty exciting encounters with these objects.

Update: The night shot is from cendoc_10_1978, pg 114, on part two of the above listed post. Just thought it was aesthetically pleasing… :)

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