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Uploaded on Nov 19, 2008

Excerpt of guy speaking Venusian on One Pair Of Eyes with Patrick Moore from 1969.

Can you? No? Oh dear… Well, ok, how about Plutonian? Ah, I see… Alrighty, then, what about Kruger  60b? Sigh…


Wow, I saw this clip… and thoroughly enjoyed it… simply ages ago now. It popped up out of nowhere today… and from the most unlikely source imagineable, no less! Serendipity!

Do I believe a word of it? Nope. Not a one.

I enamored because Mr. Bernard Byron, of Essex, is just so wonderfully charming. He clearly shows that he is completely sincere in his belief that various alien folk are chatting him up. His presentation is, in a word, flawless. Just flawless. He’s a treasure!

How can you not like this guy? Seriously! Makes me smile.

The host, too, is the very model of a gentleman. The warmth, charm and respect he practices with Mr. Byron are, to use an old line, the way it should be. Mr. Moore became Sir Patrick Moore as a result of such delicious behavior.

I kind of doubt that what you see above could ever exist today, given the rather untoward state of today’s mockery of media. It’d be a disaster.

I am glad that I am old enough to have lived in a time when the above was possible. Really. I am.

And on that note, dear readers, I wish you…


Reduce your fear of terrorism!

What can we do to lessen the grip of fear from terrorism?


Yes siree, Bob,

I guarantee you that this simple action will go a long way towards that end.

The TV and radio are not on our side.

Those days are over.

Be aware.


Published on Sep 25, 2012

Quantum Jump: The Lone Ranger

Sigh. Distractions do affect the timeline…

Meant to get this post in yesterday on January 30th, as yesterday marked the 80th Anniversary of the first public airing of The Lone Ranger.

When I posted that little tidbit to my Facebook page, my good friend Stein, to my delight, responded with this video and this comment:

Happy 80, Lone Ranger!

“He first appeared in 1933 in a radio show conceived either by WXYZ radio station owner George W. Trendl or by Fran Striker, the show’s writer. The show proved to be a huge hit, and spawned an equally popular television show that ran from 1949 to 1957, as well as comic books and movies. The title character was played on radio by George Seaton, Earle Graser, and most memorably Brace Beemer. To television viewers, Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger. Tonto was played by, among others, John Todd, Roland Parker, and in the television series, Jay Silverheels.” (Wikipedia)

I have an extra affinity for the Ranger… the television show was never missed during my youth, ‘tis true… but then, you see,  much later on in life, my aunt went and married her good friend Clayton Moore!

And he had thus become… Uncle Clay.

Such a sweet, kind man he was, too.


Uploaded on May 7, 2009

Watch full Lone Ranger Episodes here


I was, for some reason, thinking about end-of-the-world scenarios, possibly due to spending altogether too much time on the web at places like Above Top Secret… when I remembered Survivors, a wonderful old British TV series that I used to eagerly await and watch, eyes-glued-to-the-screen, while taping it on VHS for posterity.

It really was very well done… believable, plausible, scary at times but in a way rather uplifting. I think this YouTube commenter nailed it so I am including his post here, with his mention of a very interesting and important aspect to the show that I have bolded:

The Best TV programme ever made .. intelligent, thought-provoking, great acting, and so real characters.. the only TV show made (then) that had no incidental music.. a tour de force in storytelling, a whole world to immerse yourself into, and worryingly, its probably more poignant now than when it was made. none better.

LinuxManUK 1 year ago

The Fourth Horseman – Terry Nation’s Survivors – Series 1 Episode 1 Part.1 of 6

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Survivors created by Terry Nation is a British TV series broadcast from 1975-1977. An accident at a bio lab unleashes a deadly virus that kills 99% of the human population. The aftermath leaves few survivors and a world that is thrust back to a pre industries period. The series centers on a group of survivors who come together shortly after the pandemic and learn to survive in the aftermath.

Enjoy… and watch the rest, eh?


Time for a musical interlude… haven’t had one in a way too long.

It’s my friend Stein’s fault, really, for posting a different version of this to Facebook. His had better audio, but this one is alright and shot live, although the sync is a tad off.

Without further ado, one of my favorites from my time as a young lad.

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The Seekers sing Georgy Girl at the 1994 AFL Grand Final in Melbourne

I concur wholeheartedly with a commenter at the tube in that Judith Durham certainly does have a wonderful voice.


Uploaded by on Jul 7, 2011

Referee comes out of nowhere, at 7 seconds into the video. Watch and see, and you’ll know what I mean! make sure you rewind!!!!

Also available here, from another uploader…

Uploaded by on Jul 6, 2011

Anyone who watches hockey knows that in order to be an NHL ref you need to know how to teleport. But seriously, what is going on here?

I have been watching this, over and over and over again, trying to figure out what is happening here. Full screen included.

I’ve stopped now, mainly to prevent overheating my neurons. I have a very nice ViewSonic professional monitor and an ATi FireGL V3600 video card. All well and good, but…

I can’t figure it out.

In the discussion about this vid over at ATS, some say the referee can be glimpsed briefly just before. Maybe. Some say the camera started and stopped. Not. Someone, pretending to be a video expert, said some frames were dropped, highly doubtful, or, edited out on purpose to create an illusion. What? This is live coverage of a big game… the producers have neither the time nor the inclination for such tomfoolery. There’s major money at stake for them.

After the fact it could be, but I see absolutely no evidence of frames gone missing; and, why would they do such a thing?

I can’t see where he skates in from. I just can’t. I’m not ready to say it’s a paranormal event, but I do feel it’s pretty damn Fortean. Oh, wait, is that the same thing? Ha!

Someone did say it is perhaps a glitch in the matrix…

Uploaded by ADDTV on Mar 2, 2011 Please visit the website to learn more.

The Age of Transitions is a documentary about converging technology, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, life extension, brain implants, social science, propaganda, nanotechnology, eugenics, geopolitics, world revolution, and more.

Featuring: Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Newt Gingrich, Nick Bostrom, Aubrey de Grey, Ray Kurzweil, Anders Sandberg, Michio Kaku, Hugo de Garis, Kevin Warwick, Marvin Minsky, Charles Galton Darwin, Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley, William Shatner, Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Cathy O’Brien, Alan Watt

Scary stuff, this. I had never really paid any attention at all to the transhumanist movement, so I came into this with a fresh eye. Not liking it.

Reminds me of that classic Twilight Zone episode who’s name escapes me that dealt with a cabal of old geezers looking for the fountain of youth. Creepy. Although it just might be nice to be able to reverse the ravages of time and bad behavior, the very idea of gaining an extension to our lifespans through nanotechnology, brain implants, artificial intelligence and the eventual replacement of our bodies and brains represents the ultimate anathema to me.

Lt. Commander Data is a nice fellow, certainly… but he is a robot… he is not human, we are. He does not feel the rush of adrenaline when he walks or lifts weights or makes love. Anyone trying to eliminate those qualities, the reality of being a living creature; and anyone stupid enough to actually want to be killed [for that is what it is] and then to have a select few of your electrical impulses loaded into a memory chip is, well, an f-in’ idiotWAAAH! Wow.

Proponents present all this as being altruistic and good, something that will benefit us all. Really? Removal of our thoughts, minds and free will, removal of our status as living beings is good? That’s nuts. That’s eugenics. That’s evil. The elite want to have a population of slaves, of robots, unable to question or revolt; to enrich their lives. I’m sorry, but I cannot comprehend a more evil agenda.

I’ve got chills up my spine, because it is my gut feeling that with the ever more prevalent engineered stupidity of the population at large, they will succeed. Our only hope is world revolution. Real revolution. From the heart.

You can find the PDF of the National Science Foundation report referred to in the film here:
“Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance. Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology And Cognitive Science” (Note: It is a big PDF.)

And now… a short piece on how the dissemination of some of the ideas presented above occurs, subtly, via the music industry.

As much as I love music, [music has been shown, scientifically, to be lodged in our primordial genetic makeup], the music industry has always seemed to me to be just plain evil. Always has been, it would appear. Ripping off artists; Raping and killing them, both financially and literally; Nothing done after investigative exposés; Going after people in the public sector, especially kids, who they deem a threat to their profits. They are repulsive and should be obliterated.

It is quite disturbing to me to see these current “artists” participating so eagerly in this grand scheme.

A recent thread at ATS caught my eye. It’s called Secret Map of Britain. Being an Anglophile as well as a conspiracy dude concerned that that wonderful set of islands is turning into a police state, I just had to read it, anticipating who knows what sort of cartographic wonder to be revealed.

This thread turned out to be an intro to the lead video of a most enjoyable documentary called Secret Map of Britain, made by a Mark Thomas, a fellow I’d not heard of, likely as I don’t watch telly anymore and am an American besides.

There are in fact some interesting cartographic items noted, same sort of thing we get over here. It’s not a conspiracy theory romp, there are nothing but factual fascinating stories. Secret bases, underground facilities, MI5, MI6 and more!

It is really more to do with the nature of secrecy in Britain in general; and a lot of items of interest to illustrate that are explored, well as much as can be accomplished with out getting themselves thrown in the slammer. It is also a real hoot to note the wonderfully polite security and police personnel they run into. That sure wouldn’t happen here!

One interesting story, denied flat out of course, is that an American bomber, apparently carrying nuclear weapons, crashed and burned at a US base in the UK. High level deposits of reactor-grade nasties are now spread around the area in question, the segment includes footage of soil testing and an interview with the most prominent victim to date.

I had never heard of many of the stories presented in this documentary, if you are in the UK I’d seriously suggest watching it, especially for the segment on your telephone service and info on how to get vital info out of your councils. If you’re not local I’d still suggest watching it as it’s really well done and this Mark Thomas is an excellent and entertaining guy.

Yes, Australia’s 60 Minutes has wussed out and removed this excellent documentary, that they produced and aired, from their own website, just as BP demanded they do. I don’t know about you, but that creeps me out.

What a disgrace 60 Minutes has turned out be… to the fine people of Australia, my sympathies… give ’em hell, won’t you?

UPDATE: I’ve learned that 60 Minutes did not air this… not sure about that, but the source is reliable… can any Aussie readers confirm that?

Posted to YouTube by Cryptome1 | June 27, 2010 | 3:59

AU 60 Minutes BP Oil Spill Video, 13 June 2010, Removed by BP Demand Part 1…

AU 60 Minutes BP Oil Spill Video, 13 June 2010, Removed by BP Demand Part 2…

If removed by the equally dastardly YouTube, get this Zipped file! (9.8MB

The "Crater" Moltke

Spotted by easynow at ATS, this new videoclip by LunaCognita is pretty wonderful.

Okay… first, though… stare awhile at and contemplate the above image. It’s an image of the “crater” called Moltke, from the Navy space program, i.e. the real one, (Shhh!!!) from the Clementine craft, specifically. Not one of the high-res ones, but hey, it serves the purpose for here I think. Yes, it is blue. Yes, that’s the right color. Glowing, even. Pretty flat. With at least three buildings.

And… roads!

Roads?! Whaddaya mean, roads? Says who? Some nutjob tinfoil blogger dork?


Apollo 11 Command Module Pilot Mike Collins. Note that the roads are described as being triangular. Triangular? Triangular? Yeah. That’s what he said… Triangular roads.

I’m still attempting to visualize just what, exactly, that characterization means… all the scenes I’m coming up with are pretty rad, but I just know that ‘paling in comparison’ to what these dudes clapped eyes on is the ultimate understatement.

It would, of course, be most helpful – to everyone – if the Powers That Be would simply let Mike Collins tell us what he saw, but as will become tragically clear to you from watching the video, that just ‘ain’t gonna happen’ in our lifetime… unless we… well… I’ll leave that to your imagination.

I’m hoping part 2 comes along soonest. :)

Okay… After you watch the video and are suitably filled with that sense of Whoa!, scroll back up and gaze into the depths of the picture of Moltke “crater” again.

Edit-add: You can download the audio clips for the mission. This particular one is here and the comments in question are about 2/3 of the way in.

In this examination into NASA’s “black box” transcripts, we will look at just a few of the many interesting and revealing comments made by the astronauts throughout the Apollo program that were captured by the CSM’s DSE system, as well as touch on some of the scripting protocols employed during the various TV broadcasts made from the CSM during the journey to and from the Moon and while in lunar orbit. Contrary to what many think, those TV broadcasts were in fact elegantly scripted affairs, designed to rigidly control the amount of data that we, the general public, would have available to analyze. Because of this, the DSE and DSEA internal crew conversation transcripts can provide us, in the astronauts own words, an unscripted and less-guarded insight into some of the incredible things they really witnessed during their journey to and from the Moon.

During the Apollo lunar landing program, NASA made use of two primary flight telemetry/voice recording systems aboard their spacecraft. One of these systems was inside the Command/Service Module, and the other was mounted within the Lunar Module. These two systems were known as the DSE (aboard the CSM) and the DSEA (aboard the LM). The “Data Storage Equipment” systems essentially served as Black Box cockpit voice recorders, designed to tape some of the internal conversations between the astronauts while they were out of radio contact with Mission Control in Houston. After contact was re-established during the flight, Mission Control could then dump (downlink) the recorded data from the CSM to Earth, where it would be analyzed.

Unfortunately, NASA today claims that the original DSE Black Box tapes from the Apollo missions are missing and are presumed lost. However, these DSE recordings were transcribed shortly after the contents of the tapes were originally dumped from the CSM to the Earth, and several years after the Apollo program ended, these transcripts finally were declassified and then released to the NASA archives.

In coming segments, we will examine many more impressive statements made by the NASA astronauts that were captured by the various cockpit voice recording systems utilized during not only the Apollo program, but during the earlier Gemini Earth-orbital flights as well. There is much more to come!


All the transcript pages shown in this presentation are official source documents, the online versions of which can be accessed @…

Enjoy. Oh, hey, this is the 100th post. Cool.

This is a new one on me and an incredibly fortuitous find it is… I’m glad I stumbled across it. I think. It’s yet another in a series of smoking guns that’s getting so long as to become ludicrous. And yet to my continuing amazement people just don’t seem to care about what actually happened on that day anymore, a day that turned our world inside out. I cannot comprehend that. I just can’t, as to this day the event and all it’s treasonous ramifications makes my blood boil. 


Channel Icon skyarcher
January 01, 2009

Kudos to SEATNINEB for this.
Check forum here at:

FAA radar is tracking, in real time, flight 175 after it has supposedly crashed into the WTC. This is perhaps an hour later. Although many people do not believe an aircraft hit the Pentagon or crashed in Shanksville, they still cannot accept that no plane hit the WTC. Perhaps this may help.

3 IFR aircraft in the air in a 30 mile radius of New York City is consistent with one hour of diversions and forced landings.

One hour before you would expect a very large multiple of 3 aircraft to be in the air. NY has several incredibly busy airports. Check anytime on FLIGHT AWARE and count the aircraft within a 30 mile radius of NY. There should be 60 to 100.

So… approximately an hour after the event, we have here an MSNBC newscaster showing us the live returns on the station’s FAA Flight Explorer air traffic screen… after the banning of all flights in the US. These are the planes that have yet to land. As the news guy and the video description above suggest, it looks weird simply because it’s New York airspace, normally chock-a-block with aerial vehicles of all types. I can confirm that as I live in the thick of it and in looking up at any time, day or night, you will most assuredly see airplanes.

You saw the newsman mouse over the aircraft icons and the plane IDs and brief particulars were revealed in tooltip-type popup windows. Twice he went over one of them just to the northeast of Manhattan… in fact… it’s nearly right over my house! … and the video zooms in on that particular popup. You read what it said. Flight 175. At 31,800 feet, no less. Thrice he did that. He didn’t notice what it said. Or he didn’t want to mention it, although I feel it’s likely the former, considering the excitement of the moment. But what it says in that popup window is unequivocal, it is real, very real, right off the FAA system, fed directly from the craft itself. 

It’s pretty damning, wouldn’t you say? Hard to debunk live FAA data. Where did this plane go, where did it land and what happened to the passengers? I feel it is vital we find out. This aircraft was observed in 2003 as you’ll see in the bottom video. Remember that Flight 93 was reported to have landed in Cleveland on TV, and indeed was identified by the airline itself.

But wait!

Wait! It gets even stranger. Yes, much stranger. Because here, folks, there’s even more fascinating food for thought as video maker femr2 delves farther into this mystery with the following clip, only to unearth a second mystery. Noted within are closeups of two popups: the first from the above video and another one located right over Manhattan. The one over Manhattan is even more troubling. It has a flight number, speed and altitude, but no flight plan. The ID is N175F. It’s going 136 knots, consistent with a jet’s capabilities at  the indicated 700 feet altitude.

Channel Iconfemr2

March 16, 2009

Is it possible that Flight 175 was actually Flight N175F ?

The FlightExplorer flightpath data seen in the MSNBC clip shows:

a) Flight UAL175 was positioned ~50 miles NE of the WTC at 31800 feet
b) Flight N175F was positioned at the WTC at a height of 700 feet. Roughly the height that ‘Flight 175’ impacted WTC 2

The flightpath data for UAL175 includes two transponder frequency changes, which could have enabled ‘switching’ from one ‘Flight 175’ to another ‘Flight 175’.

The FlightExplorer flightpath data shows unusual reduction in the number of data points following transponder frequency changes.

Here are a couple of external links which detail the flightpath crossovers between the ‘hijacked’ flights and other aircraft on 9/11:…..…

I am not yet making conclusions, but…

COULD Flight N175F be the actual flight which crashed into WTC 2 ?

UAL175 most certainly did NOT, as the aircraft which DID crash into WTC 2 was NOT a standard commercial jet liner.

Think about it…

Think about it, indeed. Think hard and long. I have questions. Many questions. They’re bubbling up all around me.

If this N175F is the data from a decoy vehicle that supposedly crashed; and this really is a real-time system, showing info for an hour after the incident – why then is the plane being shown as present – where it is – at 700 feet? How can that be? For that matter, why is UAL 175 itself still there? Tell me how that can be.

These questions and this situation become ever more strange the more I think about it. Someone kindly explain to me just exactly what the hell we are looking at here! Pardon my language, kids. I’m upset.


For a calm-dawn breather and to close, here’s an interesting snippet from the old Loose Change video regarding the status of those four aircraft long after the event.

The truth is buried deep, but if we dig long enough…

Update: for yet more, see this related video – and

1958 at Giant Rock, USAHey, dudes and dudettes, the History Channel is thinking of canceling this fine show. That, of course, would be bad. Real bad.

History Channel executives need to know that we need more high quality Fortean shows… not less… and this one in particular… right now.

So please, won’t you help the suits understand that there is a market for the unexplained, help them beat back the bean counters and make the right choice…

Sign the UFO Hunters Season 4 Petition!

Speak out!