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Regulars will be aware of the depths of my admiration for this man. Too awesome for words.

Don’t hear this one too often.


There’s like a minute of blank at the end for some reason but great audio and a great picture.


It’s time once again for a little musical interlude, this one from my hero, Mister Peter Green…

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Uploaded by on Dec 6, 2007

The title track from the excellent album that relaunched the career of the ex-leader of Fleetwood Mac. Magic.

I will forever remain so very glad that Peter was able to fight through the decades-long trauma that was the result of whatever those sick, twisted, evil German bastards, whoever they were, (and they had seriously better pray that I never find out), inflicted upon this great man on those fateful nights way back when.

He survived the horror and brings to us once again the genius that thrives within him.

Why anyone would want to destroy a young man of such rarefied talent will always be incomprehensible to me. Pure evil usually is that, I guess. We can only imagine the wonderful blues that could have filled that eternity of years.

Thank God they failed… Peter’s still with us! And I, for one, am grateful. As if you couldn’t tell. :D

If anything, his music has become even more beautiful, lyrical and serene.

Thanks be to the cosmos!

Well, I seem to getting all repetitive, so…

Peace to you.