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You might know of this—I think I’d read the headline and noted it but those neurons were inactive since so it was akin to forgetting.

vatican library logo And it’s true, Just visit the site of the Vatican Apostolic Library and you will be able to browse the over 4,400 ancient texts and manuscripts. The library claims to hold 82,000 documents and it is a real pleasure knowing that they intend to do them all!

The library had its Grand Opening in 1451AD, so it is posited that they are not lacking in experience.


From an article by Michael Kozlowski, we read:

The Vatican Apostolic Library is now digitizing its valuable ancient religious manuscripts and putting them online via its website. All of the content is available for free.

The Library was originally founded in 1451 AD and holds over 80,000 manuscripts, prints, drawings, plates and books printed prior to 1500 AD. The titles are all written throughout history by people who had different faiths or religions, from all over the world.

Not only are paintings, religious iconography and books being published online, but also letters by from important historical figures, drawings and notes by artists and scientists such as Michelangelo and Galileo, as well as treaties from all eras in history.

I hope they finish it. They seek donations, which is alright, I guess but they are in fact one of thte major holders of wealth on the planet so in a sense it is, I dont know, less alright, perhaps. Anyway I hope it gets done. They estimate fifteen years, which is reasonable.





This is so weird. Seriously. As I watched this film, I experienced the strangest contradictory feelings.

That is because this is obviously a North Korean government production, or at the least made by some entity closely aligned and I don’t know who that might be, unless it’s this Sabine character (who is quite likely a NK government agent) so I am sticking with government made propaganda… The production values are quite high and it is rather well made.

As we all know, the DPRK is the most repressive country on Earth and treats the people unfortunate enough to live there as slaves, yes, prisoners, even, in freakishly bizarre conditions decidedly difficult for we the civilized to imagine living through.

The people are akin to automatons, not of their own choosing, but because they have been trained from birth in doctrines of superiority and to worship whichever Dear Leader holds the throne as a superhuman God. They know no other reality.

So the thing is, the majority of the information presented is simply spot on, as anyone who has done any looking into the realities of our Western society and culture will clearly recognize.

There are also a few blatant untruths contained within as I’m sure you will notice, as well. And what is said of the Australian people frankly pissed me right the f7^k off.

All this is presented by a ‘professor’ of some sort who is clearly a government spokesman himself. I find it quite amusing that his face is blurred, given the context of his glorification of the leader, a man directly responsible for the deaths of millions of his own people, many through the most heinous system of punishment yet devised by man. It’s incredible. Seriously. And I had to keep watching it. So strange.

In the description it’s said the film is not for internal consumption. Well, duh. Only those priviledged enough to be allowed to live in Pyongyang have regular television, assuming the sporadic electrical supply is operational, which is usually not happening. The rest of the country has basically none. Additionally, it would not be a good idea to let the prisoners, I mean population, see any glimpses of anything available outside their jail, er, country. Remember, this is a country where you need a permit to visit relatives across town, a country where you can not go to the beach, a country where something as small as inadvertently sitting on a state newspaper with a picture of the leader facing upwards will get you either shot dead in a public display or a lifetime sentence in a concentration camp.

This is such a strange and accurate, for the most part, presentation of the evil we here live under – given by what amounts to the most evil and frightening place on this earth. It is, in a word, hypocrisy… of the highest order.

Here it is:

Published on Jul 13, 2012 by 

Here is the formal statement I gave to Federal Police on 16 June 2012:

On a trip to visit family in Seoul in April, I was approached by a man and a woman who claimed to be North Korean defectors. They presented me with a DVD that recently came into their possession and asked me to translate it. They also asked me to post the completed film on the Internet so that it could reach a worldwide audience. I believed what I was told and an agreement was made to protect their identities (and mine).

Despite my concerns about what I was viewing when I returned home, I proceeded to translate and post the film on You Tube because of the film’s extraordinary content. I have now made public my belief that this film was never intended for a domestic audience in the DPRK. Instead, I believe that these people, who presented themselves as ‘defectors’ specifically targeted me because of my reputation as a translator and interpreter.

Furthermore, I now believe these people work for the DPRK. The fact that I have continued to translate and post the film in spite of this belief does not make me complicit in their intention to spread their ideology. I chose to keep posting this film because – regardless of who made it – I believe people should see it because of the issues it raises and I stand by my right to post it for people to share and discuss freely with each other.


I have translated this film, laid in the English voice over and subtitles, and on legal advice have blurred the identity of the presenter and/or blacked out certain elements.

0:00 Introduction
6:54 Creating Ideas & Illusions
16:48 Fear
19:35 Religion
25:00 Beware the 1%
28:10 Emulating Psychosis
31:21 Rewriting History
41:15 The Birth of Propaganda
45:49 Cover Ups and Omissions
54:10 Complicity
58:05 Censorship
1:01:50 International Diplomacy
1:06:14 Television
1:08:11 Advertising
1:14:36 The Cult of Celebrity
1:22:34 Distraction
1:28:01 Terrorism
1:35:00 The Revolution Starts Now

Please share and discuss with as many people as you can, and if you have questions for me or want to discuss the content further, please do so below or go to:

Note: I just went to that Facebook page… and was shocked to see that someone on my friends list had liked it. That creeped me right out!


This will impress you… of this I am certain.

I, Pet Goat II – Heliofant

Published on Jul 1, 2012 by 

I had no part in making this video nor am I associated with the production company. It was brought to my attention that Youtube has removed it for unspecified reasons. I am sure there were reasons they or those who control them wished it not be viewed by the public. Screw Zio-Youtube and all the controllers who want to suppress the freedom of expression.

I have had to watch this multiple times to catch all of the amazing symbolism. Please watch and share.

Video can also be viewed here-

Heliofant homepage-

Details about I, Pet Goat II-

More about Heliofant-

As I type this I have seen this only once, which in this case is highly unusual. But I was so struck by it that I needed to post it here toot suite. Must watch this again, in full screen HD. And several times. There is just so much symbolism. It has pretty much everything squeezed into these minutes. (9/11, Bush, Obama, sheep, Alice, religion and Jesus. Jeezus! You’ll see… And the 3D animation is simply superb! Serious goodness. Serious.

So, who made this thing? From the Heliofant website:

Based in the beautiful Laurentian mountains just north of Montreal, Canada, Heliofant is a nascent independent computer animation studio focused on creating experimental and challenging content. Bringing together artists from the fields of dance, music, computer animation and visual arts, the company is very interested in exploring the common ground that underlies many spiritual and philosophical traditions in a lyrical form.

There is so much packed in here, as I was saying. Sorry :) To get an idea of the scope of it before you watch, have a gander at this listing from kaoticf8 of ATS (where I found this) who found that a commenter on this video compiled a list of the scenes shown within…

One person in the comments described the whole video as this :

Goat with barcode on forehead in detention camp that looks like a sports venue (notice the lights)
puppetmaster with bloody hands who rules the money ( notice the dollar symbol ring
Bush depicted as a dunce in a classroom on 9/11 entertaining the crowd
Map to the left marks perpetrated disasters marked:
Oklahoma City bombing
New York 9/11
Louisiana (Katrina) not the storm, but the aftermath and the lack of expediency
gulf oil spill also depicted later in video
above is the owl of course

on the chalk board:
1. the house is on fire
2. penis ejaculating?
3. Hangman on the verge of death and evolution is the answer
above this you see an evolution chart from fish to enlightened man
clock is at midnight
Bush babbles, goes blank seeming to be getting off sexually, flashes symbolic hand signs, then becomes possessed and in a Sheva style transitions into Obama the enlightened one who is enamored with himself.

Virginal Alice/Eve is encircled by what seems to be seminal fluid which is splattered on floor outside of circle and on wall to the left by the deer; notice that the people forms are detained by barbwire and in the background there is a way out that has a red glow to it. The virgin gives up the apple (knowledge of good and evil) and as it roll through Oz to him he is worried. Notice that Obama’s shoe is on top of a coin with what appears to be either the tree of life or an olive tree

The scene changes to outside where we see Psalm 23 written on the wall, the clock tower is at midnight, half of the U.S. Flag is floating away symbolizing that the nation is divided, and what appears to be a major weather event like global cooling instead of global warming. The two towers on the right are falling depicting 9/11, sad faced people are committing suicide. Then the false jesus in an Egyptian boat (this could be the muslim caliphate the Egyptians are talking about)
You see an oil drill in the background and what appears to be an oil disaster in the foreground. The statue of liberty is standing on top of the star of David (Israel) causing her to loose her torch which use to light the world.

Gene manipulation technology
In the mind-controled guy’s eyes you see ‘market plunges’
You see stealth bombers made in the image of a masonic symbol bombing a head with horns around it and a mosque on it is destroyed by the worlds bombers
The fake virgin Mary is crying over the dead body of a baby jesus, who has a black and is dead, with a nuclear explosion in the background. Those who have been raised to fight for evil are having the ribbon removed to be unveiled. The worker of the real God who has the hammer and the reapers sickle is drowning in the mess Peace Peace, but there was no peace

The fake jesus is in a trance with the eye of Ra on his forehead and a mystic halo appears as an angel of light bringing false light to peoples inner-beings. We see the hand of Allah visiting what the Muslin consider the whore (Christians) and the fake jesus bringing judgment on them, after which the the Muslim is resurrected out of the destroyed mosque.

You have this dancing figure throughout the video changing its masks to falsely represent what the different religions want to see.

After the fake jesus departs the building with the cross and the devil figure over the door, you realize it was the church that he has destroyed. He then come out of his trance and the fake crown of thorns disappears.

Pretty crazy video i must admit

Unbelievably rich in so many ways. If you go over to YT you’ll see that it has spawned a little cottage industry of videos all trying to explain it. Pretty nice work.

Enjoy, and…


Uploaded by  on Jun 27, 2009 Cannibalism and Head Hunting is still happening in the remote areas of Papua New Guinea. I interviewed a cannibal from the “Dead Body Carrier” tribe who came for the first time to the Sing Sing.

Look Sharp, touristas! WAAAH!

Be careful out there, eh? But wait, is there a reason for discomfort… really?

Wow, man. This fellow’s so at ease and matter-of-fact… and he speaks such good English! I’m impressed! And those sunglasses. Stylin!’

The guy at the end, though, man… he gives me the willies… seriously. Lookit that look in his eye! Yeesh!

So, stumbled across the video above during a totally unrelated search sortie. I don’t keep up on this sort of thing but felt the need to watch. Had to do a little hunting to see if people are still a menu item.

A lot of places say it’s not so, that they stopped doing all that. like this snippet from the godawful Wikipedia:


The Korowai have been reported to practice ritual cannibalism up to the present day. Anthropologists suspect that cannibalism is no longer practiced by the Korowai clans that have had frequent contact with outsiders.[citation needed] Recent reports suggest that certain clans have been coaxed into encouraging tourism by perpetuating the myth that it is still an active practice.[9]

In 2006, the television show 60 Minutes claimed that when someone in Korowai society is convicted of being a khakhua (secret witch doctor[citation needed]) he or she is tried, and if convicted he or she is tortured, executed, and eaten. Other unverified claims were made that the brain is usually eaten immediately, while still warm, and that pregnant women and children don’t participate in the cannibal act.


More spirits in this next one. Bad ones. Sorcerers, even, living amongst them.

Uploaded by  on Aug 17, 2007

July 2006
We journey deep into the heart of West Papua to track down perhaps the last remaining cannibals in the world. The Korowai have lived by the same customs for 10,000 years.

“It’s normal. I don’t feel sad or anything,” states one tribesman, describing how he killed and ate his friend. The Korowai believe that deaths are caused by evil spirits. When a person dies, a frightening witch-hunt begins to find the person possessed and kill and eat him. Even children are vulnerable. A six-year-old boy has fallen under suspicion because his parents died suddenly. His uncle fears the boy will be killed when he reaches puberty. “The chances he’ll survive are pretty small,” states remote tribes expert Paul Raffaele. His only hope is that civilisation catches up with the Korowai in time to save him.

I like this one…

Seems they ate the rich! Hahaha! Oh wait, sorry, shouldn’t laugh, really, he may have been doing some  good.

From an article called Sleeping with Cannibals from the Smithsonian…

Cannibalism was practiced among prehistoric human beings, and it lingered into the 19th century in some isolated South Pacific cultures, notably in Fiji. But today the Korowai are among the very few tribes believed to eat human flesh. They live about 100 miles inland from the Arafura Sea, which is where Michael Rockefeller, a son of then-New York governor Nelson Rockefeller, disappeared in 1961 while collecting artifacts from another Papuan tribe; his body was never found. Most Korowai still live with little knowledge of the world beyond their homelands and frequently feud with one another. Some are said to kill and eat male witches they call khakhua.

(emphasis mine.)

And then there’s this… from Oxford…

Uploaded by  on Nov 23, 2010

Stream the whole film for $1.00 or buy it for $12.99 at:

From the Film The Gentle Cannibals made for Discovery this clip is a compelling scene where real cannibals discuss their motives for eating a sorcerer. They point to the bones and remains of the person and explain how and why they killed him.

Shame they make you pay. Anyway… Superstition. Revenge. Two powerful forces, those. Why must such things exist?

And now, to finally close this post off well and proper, here be Piers Gibbon’s Eating With Cannibals, made for National Geographic, the full episode!

Jam packed with juicy bits of info!

Published on Oct 11, 2011 by 

Expedition Week : COMING in NOVEMBER : Take a look at one of mankind’s ultimate taboos: cannibalism. Trek into the rain forests to find tribe members who ate human flesh.



Define Necessity.

It is my feeling that this composite photograph perfectly illustrates exactly what is wrong with the United States. Very likely other places, too, but I cannot say that with certainty, for I live here… and for here… that thought is what comes to my mind.

On the left, we see the result of political and corporate greed, as well as the result of our foreign “aid” programs. We see human beings. Human beings with the look of hunger, the look of desperation, hopelessness and despair.

On the right, we also see the result of political and corporate greed. Just at the opposite end of greed’s spectrum. We see zombies. We see debt slaves. We see utter fools. The look of desperation is there, too, desperation of a different sort.

Look at them. Clamoring about like gerbils on crack, spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cheap Chinese crap that will be thrown away as useless detritus within the year when it falls apart. Awful.

No thoughts roiling around in their vacuous ether of giving some of their wealth to the people on the left. No. Oh, maybe a very few will if they get some plea in the mail, (none of which would likely end up in the left side’s bellies anyway); but that episode will be quickly forgotten.

They’ve been trained, you see, trained all their lives, to be consumers, passive yet eager to please slaves, trained to live their lives toiling for the sole purpose of enriching the producers of their desired objects. It’s like a religion. So perhaps it is not entirely their fault, but at the same time, perhaps it is their fault that they have so little compassion for anything outside of their little pleasure bubble. It is a tragedy. And so it goes as well for the entirety of the socioeconomic system created to support it.


This, I posit, is what is wrong.

Being a sometimes ludicrously verbose fellow, I am right this minute finding sweet refreshment in gazing upon this scene… ahhh, yes, the “economy of words.”

To that end…

A fine example of the Economy of Words concept.

Thank you.

god‘Enough Already With That Moron,’ Says Almighty


NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – Rev. Pat Robertson’s controversial remarks in which he advised that it was acceptable to divorce a spouse with Alzheimer’s drew a harsh rebuke from God Almighty, who held a press conference today to tell him to “shut the fuck up.”

The bearded King of the Universe, dressed in His trademark flowing white robe and carrying a lightning bolt, spoke to reporters at New York’s Hyatt Grand Central for forty-five minutes in a press conference specifically called to denounce the televangelist.

“I’ve held my tongue while he’s jabbered on and on about me punishing this group and that group with floods and earthquakes and such, but this was the last straw,” He said.  “Enough already with that moron.”

In addition to debunking Rev. Robertson’s Alzheimer’s statement, the Almighty categorically denied using natural disasters in the past to punish gays, Haitians, and other targets of Rev. Robertson’s scorn.

“Oh, please,” He said.  “That’s just weather.”

On another topic, God attempted to put distance between Himself and the presidential candidacy of Gov. Rick Perry of Texas: “Rick Perry is qualified to be President in the same way that Olive Garden is qualified to be Italy.”


Note: This post has been copied from and is ©2011 Borowitz, because as readers will know I am very sensitive to Alzheimer’s issues and because it’s simply “right on.”


Baptism Of Christ By Aert DeGelder, 1710.

“Battesimo di Cristo” 1710
Aert De Gelder

Yes, it has been bandied back and forth countless times. But I like it. It’s beautiful. And a tad eerie.

How wonderfully controversial this painting remains. As for my personal opinion, it is not yet sure, regardless of my having stared at images of this painting for many years now, but I admit that I long to lean towards this being an accurate historical document. Certainly that is just my desire, of course.

Unless old Aert just happened to be lucky enough to see something like that. Because he certainly missed attending the event he has depicted by close to two thousand years.

It certainly is intriguing. I will leave you to enjoy it.


UFO Abduction. Copyright 2005 Phil Scroggs.

Merry Christmas dear WATT readers… and Happy New Year, too!

Found this fabulously Fortean painting by Phil Scroggs combining the spirit of Christmas and the fringes of UFOlogy a little while ago. Nicely, nicely done.

Thanks very much to you all for reading WATT, those few little hits that come this way are truly appreciated. They even help with depression abatement.

Regarding depression abatement, found out that the St. John’s Wort tablets recommended by a friend do in fact help, but the expense is daunting due to their packaging, no doubt intentional.

I’ve sincerely hopeful wishes that things will be much, much better in the New Year
for each and every one of you!

Not holding my breath for myself here, though, as the Nightmare On The Cob is evolving rapidly and more bizarre events to assist with mind wreckage are no doubt afoot.

But, hey, maybe I’ll get work. Whoa, then I could fix my car! Maybe I’ll sell some art. Maybe someone will… ahh… maybe, maybe, maybe. Maybe not. Actually got invited to contribute to a book this week (along with dozens of others), but, it’s already too late. Depression’s not nice.

Plans for WATT are just to continue as normal, but I really must do that post I said I’d do for spynode on the Navy’s Space Command. Patience, spy… it’s a huge subject.

Anyway, be safe and enjoy your families and friends to the fullest.


The Bible Illuminated: ...from Crumb's book, The Book of Genesis. Click to read a Crumb article @ Dirt Floor.

As readers might deduce from perusing these pages, I have long been a fan of the legendary artist R. Crumb. His visions have had a lasting influence upon what makes me who and what I am.

Crumb has tackled innumerable issues and fortunately Fortean concepts sneak in there every once in a while, with a nice chunk of cryptozoology.

Bigfoot, aliens and even our pals the Reptilians have been featured.

Here’s a pic of a Reptilian combined with religion from his book The Book of Genesis, which took him four years to do…

The inspiration for this quick post is a fine piece I’ve just read on exactly this subject by WATT’s friend Micah Hanks over at his most excellent blog, called The Gralien Report

Read it all >>> at Crumbs of Cryptozoology: The Fortean Art of R. Crumb!

The Necronomicon

Do you want to be a nicer person? Are you looking for inspiration to do good things? Well keep looking. But if you’re into opening up terrifying vistas of reality then the Esoteric Order of the Old Ones and Cthulhu Cultists want to help. Contact us today to find out how.

Posted to YouTube on October 15, 2009

This decidedly humorous parody ( is it, really?) of a commercial for the “Mad Arab” Abdul Alhazred’s dreaded Necronomicon was passed along to us by the notorious Fortean known as Pucabob from deep within his lair in the wilds of southern Maine via Yahoo’s Fortean discussion group known simply as Fort.

Some may scoff, but remember dear readers, the voice of Cthulhu has been recorded!

As an added public service, our Puca also sent along the commercial below, this one for the purpose of flogging the Great Old Ones’ newest concoction, generously ladled from their roiling cauldrons of calamity, designed, we are told, to protect us from those nasty, nasty Flying Polyps. Somehow I doubt it’s FDA approved, but, hey, you never know…

Elder Sign

If you suffer from an overwhelming sense of dread brought on by the realization of your own insignificance in the universe, then you need Elder Sign. Visit Elder Sign dot ca.

quote Adam Gorightly In The Land of EnchantmentAdam Gorightly

by Adam Gorightly

At first glance, New Mexico seems nothing more than a second sister to the Longhorn State, as big oil rules in the southern reaches of The Land of Enchantment where many of the towns one encounters along the way resemble greatly those rural landscapes stretching for hundreds of miles across the plains of Texas and Oklahoma.

However, New Mexico is rich not only in oil, but arcane lore, with its fabled history of crashed saucers, atomic bomb blast sites and, some would suggest, Freemasonic conspiracies. According to the late gonzo conspiracy researcher, James Shelby Downard, Freemasonry has long practiced a system known as mystical toponomy, which pertains to the magic and mystery of words. To quote Downard: “Mystical toponomy incorporates word wizardry (onomatology) and the modern science of symbolism.” These three alchemical elements imbue a locale with sorcerous significance — Downard contended — connecting ancient ley lines in conjunction with latitude and longitude, and the divisions of degrees in geography (minutes and seconds). unquote

It gets even better… and has lots of pics, too… Indeed, I’ve just posted, today, on the L.O.W.F.I site, the June Guest Editorial by Adam Gorightly, renowned investigator and writer in our favorite field of Forteana. He tells a tale of strangeness regarding “The Land Of Enchantment,” also known as New Mexico. Read up on the mysteries there… and those encountered on Adam’s recent trip, which were numerous…

The Obelisk at the Space MuseumIt’s got a mysterious obelisk at a Space Museum, a primate space capsule, Hamm’s grave and UFO researcher Guy Malone’s adventures in publishing… strange symbols of Freemasonic import, good info on those same Freemason guys… Jack Parsons, JPL, the Devil’s Gate, a traveling Jesus Squad and much more…

Go for it… enjoyment guaranteed!

I read this posted book extract that T. Peter Park put on the forteana Yahoo group list and I thought it was most interesting as the Fatima experiences are classed by many as UFO events… and it has always fascinated me regardless of whether that’s the case or not. If it is, it puts a rather different perspective on alien interaction with humanity, doesn’t it? And if not… well… that may even be more fascinating.

Enjoy… (images added by me)

An enhanced photo of the sun during the Fatima apparition on October 13, 1917THE “BUZZING” SOUNDS IN FATIMA APPARITIONS 1917 by Joaquim Fernandes Posted to the Yahoo group forteana by T. Peter Park

The final FATIMA SIGHTING / APPARITION, witnessed by c. 60,000 people, was 13 October 1917 – at a rural spot used by the three shepherd children, near their homes at Fatima, Portugal. Accounts below seem to come from earlier sightings by the three children, which led to ever-increasing numbers of people attending the forecast ‘returns.’

THE “BUZZING” SOUNDS IN FATIMA APPARITIONS 1917 by Joaquim Fernandes* Exerpt from the book Heavenly Lights. The Fatima Apparitions and the UFO Phenomenon, by Fina d’ Armada and Joaquim Fernandes, translated from Portuguese and edited by Andrew D. Basiago and Eva M. Thompson, published by Anomalist Books, 2007.

“The buzzing of bees”

And the Being spoke. To Lúcia, it was not strange at all. They understood each other in Portuguese, as if Mary, the Mother of Jesus, had become a polyglot, or as if two thousand years of history had not altered the language of the people. The news spread throughout the village, and on June 13th, part of the neighborhood came to the site of the Apparitions.

They were not many. “I counted the people and saw that only 40 were present,” wrote Inácio António Marques. 1 And those people anxiously waited in that deserted place for the veritable Queen of Heaven to descend to the oak tree, in the hopes of contemplating her serene face, one popularly imagined being young, soft, and extraordinarily beautiful.

Stella 2, through the voice of writer Maria de Freitas (who behind the scenes wrote a great part of the book about Fátima attributed to Father João de Marchi), captured forever the impressions of that first day in which onlookers participated. Among them was Maria Carreira, who, in the language of a simple countrywoman, later described for the journalist her memories of the event:

At the same instant, Lúcia jumped up and exclaimed, ‘O, Jacinta, there she comes already, there was the lightning,” and then ran to kneel at the foot of the oak.’

“And you did not see anything?,” de Freitas asked.

“Me? No, ma’am. And no one boasted about having seen the lightning. We would follow the children and kneel in the middle of the field. Lúcia would raise her hands and say, “You bade me come here, what do you wish of me?” And then could be heard a buzzing that seemed to be that of a bee. I took care to discern whether it was the Lady speaking.”

“And everyone heard it?,” the reporter asked.

“Well, it could be heard very well!,” Carreira answered.

The buzzing of a bee – here is the voice attributed to Our Lady of Fátima by the miracle’s greatest publicist. She, and the other onlookers, did not hear a voice speaking Hebrew, Aramaic, or even Portuguese, but a voice like that of an insect.

This same witness recounted this same episode to Father João de Marchi. In his work, entitled Era uma Senhora Mais Brilhante que o Sol [It was a Lady More Brilliant than the Sun], we read 3: I had been sick, and was feeling very weak. It must have been around midday, when Lúcia was asked: “Will Our Lady be long delayed?”

The Fatima Seers“No, ma’am, she will not be long,” she responded.

The tiny child was watching for the signs.

We prayed the Rosary and, when the girl from Boleiros was going to begin the Litany, Lúcia interrupted her, saying that there was no longer sufficient time. She immediately rose to her feet and shouted:

“Jacinta, there comes Our Lady, the lightning has struck.” All three children ran to the oak, as we ran behind them. We knelt upon the thickets and shrubs. Lúcia lifted her hands, as in prayer, and I heard her say:

“You bade me to come here, please tell me what you want.”

Then we began to hear something like this, in the manner of a very fine voice, but what it said could not be comprehended or put into words, for it was like the buzzing of a bee!

But that buzzing did not disturb the silence of the mountain only in June. The following month, word spread throughout the entire region and nearly four to five thousand people found their way to Cova da Iria. 4 Jacinto de Almeida Lopes, proprietor of the site of the Shrine later established by the parish of Fátima, was among them. He would be one of the eyewitnesses chosen by the parish priest to testify during the Inquiry. The parish priest, writing in the third person, related the evidence given by Lopes:

“Then what is it that you want of me?”

After this question, she waited in silence for a short period of time, the time of a brief response. And during this silence, he heard, as if coming from the oak tree, a faint voice, similar, he says, to the humming of a bee, but without distinguishing a single word.

In July, Manuel Marto, the father of Jacinta and Francisco, made his way to the site for the first time. Questioned as to what he experienced 5, he told João de Marchi:

“I heard a sound, a din, such as a great fly makes inside an empty water pot,” and wondered whether it was “far off or close by.”

Manuel Marto helped himself to odd comparisons. When interrogated about the same matter by the Italian priest Humberto Pasquale 6, he affirmed: “I heard something like the buzzing of a fly inside an empty barrel, but without articulation of words.” For his part, Pasquale added: “Mr. Manuel Marto explained to us that, during the entire duration of the appearance, those present heard an indefinable sound, like that which is heard next to a hive, but altogether more harmonious, even though words were not heard.”

In this same month, we find other testimony, however, which demonstrated that the buzzing must have been heard quite well, which, as a matter of fact, Maria Carreira stated. António Baptista, from Moita, in the parish of Fátima, was then 50 years old. When interviewed by the Viscount of Montelo on November 13, 1917, he declared, “on July 13th, I was at Cova da Iria. She (Lúcia) knelt. I thought I heard, at that moment, a little wind, a zoa-zoa sound. While Lúcia was listening to a response, it seemed there was a buzzing sound like that of a cicada.” 7

“Many people say that when the Apparition was speaking, it could be heard,” wrote J. de S. Bento, in a letter possibly penned on October 13th of that year.

8. “But they could not distinguish what She was saying.” And another witness also made reference to the sounds of the “speech” of the Being. Manuel Gonçalves, Jr., a 30-year-old farmer from Montelo – the place name that the Canon Formigão adopted in his pseudonym 9 – also declared on October 11th “some people have affirmed that they hear the sound of the answers.”

Herewith we arrive at 1978. In July 18th of that year, the authors interviewed the relatives of the seers and eyewitnesses then still living. One of the people with whom we spoke was Lúcia’s sister, Maria dos Anjos. Sitting in an armchair, beside the house where she was born, living out the rest of her days, smiling to the daily visitors, she narrated for us once again the story that had forever altered the life of her family:

“Did you know Maria Carreira?,” we asked on that hot summer afternoon.

“I knew her as well as I knew my own mother.”

“She said that when Our Lady would speak, she would hear something like the humming of a bee…

I also heard that little buzz. I also got to hear it, but I know not what it was.”

“Was it as if there were many bees?,” we asked.

“No, only one,” she responded, categorically.

“Do you recall what month that was?”

“At that time, I did not go there every month. It seemed as if a bee was around there whenever Lúcia was listening. But I have no idea what it was!”

“I have no idea what it was!” Her statement gives one pause to consider whether the event should have been given a Marian interpretation, if the sound that the Being made was not even understood. In truth, who can explain why her voice was comparable to the buzzing of a bee? Or yet to the buzz of a great fly inside a water pot, or of a fly inside an empty barrel? Have these sounds been heard solely in Fátima? Or have there been, in other parts of the world, other witnesses to identical sounds?

13. Experimental observations of the effects of microwaves

One working hypothesis, subject to experimental verification, attributes some of the physical phenomena occurring at the time of the Apparitions to the eventual effect of microwave radiation (that falling in the electromagnetic spectrum between 30 and 300,000 MHz.) We refer, namely, to the following:

a) the declaration of the “fourth seer,” Carolina Carreira, when she alluded, in the course of contact with an “angelic being” of small height, to the non-auditory reception, inside her mind, of a repetitive order: “Come and pray three Hail Mary’s … Come and pray three Hail Mary’s …”;

b) the various indications by witnesses near to the site of the “contact” by the three young shepherds with a communicating “being,” who heard a “humming of bees,” which is, as we have seen, one of the characteristics of modern Ufological phenomenology that appears with some frequency;

c) the properties of microwave radiation, discussed by McCampbell 1, among others, and [which] would justify the triple effect registered by the testifying masses of Fátima during the solar phenomenon of October 13, 1917: intense heat, rapid drying of clothes, physiological effects.

The most suggestive fact to retain is furnished to us by the witnesses when they refer that the “buzzing of bees” cited was always produced when the “luminous lady” spoke with the three seers, “but without moving her lips.” Since McCampbell, other labs have reproduced the experiences that confer a coherent principle to the totality of witnesses in regard to this question of “communication / reception of messages,” and, particularly, as regards the hearing of sounds identified as the “buzzing of bees.”

We refer, for example, to the experiences of investigators from the Canadian Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, specifically, to the works of James C. Lin, Sergio Sales-Cunha, Joseph Battocletti and Anthony Sances, published under the title, The Auditory Microwave Phenomenon 2. These investigations could prove to be promising for the gradual comprehension of this problem and, in a general way, for the elaboration of explicative models of certain secondary effects, of a physical and physiological nature, registered in human beings and lesser animals, in the presence of unidentified aerospace phenomena.

Scientific exploration of the auditory “phenomenon” of microwaves may help to explain, in a rational and coherent way, what type of reception/communica tion is involved in cases of “contact with messages,” whether they occur in a secular context (i.e., UFO’s) or a religious one (i.e., “Marian apparitions”.)

This may be especially true in situations like Fátima, where the contact includes altered states of consciousness.

The Canadian case cited above gives an account of the effects of small discharges of microwave radiation reverberating in the crania of human subjects. The heads of the individuals subjected to these emissions were placed outside the reach of a conical antenna. The experiments took place in an appropriate compartment. The perceptions that resulted consisted of a combination of audible sounds.

The studies showed that the individuals perceived buzzing types of noises or pops within the head, when subjected to microwave radiation between 200 and 300 MHz.

Generally, these sounds were perceived as something produced in the interior of the head or in the posterior part of the cranium. Remember, once again, that the “fourth seer” of Fátima would hear the commanding words of the “little angel” inside her head.

Returning to the Fátima case, we verify that the “buzzing” or “humming” was not exclusive to the three small seers.

In fact, others who were in the vicinity of the “contact” site gave various accounts of those impressions. They underscored that they were “clearly hearing” that noise when the “Lady” was speaking with Lúcia “without moving her lips.”

This detail comfortably sustains the notion, maintained by the accounts, that the “buzzing” or “humming” phenomenon would be audible within a determined area around the three children and would come from a source external to the onlookers. In our working hypothesis, the means of communication between the “luminous lady” and the principal “message” receptor was the previously described beam of focused light.


For details, extracts, interviews, etc. – Google << 13 October 1917 – Fatima, Portugal. Many sources: Press reporters & photographers and priests present, meteorological events witnessed over area of several miles, and massive inquiries made by religious ‘authorities.’ >>

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