Dr. Newport’s effective work on memory loss and Alzheimer’s with coconut oil.

Posted: January 31st, 2012 in biology, health, life, life science
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I find this fascinating. I am one of those who think that there are remedies for most of what ails us out there in nature and that most of what ails us is of our own doing. Fake, processed foods, GE and GMO monstrosities… all of that, just the processing kills the goodness even without GMOs involved.

Most of the species of foods that our parents and grandparents ate are extinct at our own, on-purpose hand, tomatoes, potatoes, stuff like that. Food grown now has only about 20% of the nutrition in it than the foods we ate even as recently as my younger years did. Kids today have no idea what a tomato or apple is supposed to taste like. Seriously.

There may be a connection to aluminum in dementia as well, so avoid it.

I am also one of those who feel strongly that greed and profit affects medical research much more than helping people does. Cures are low on the list, the treatment of symptoms is high upon it. How often is the phrase “You’ll have to take this for the rest of your life” doled out? A lot. Sometimes its for real, but very often not so much. The importance of diet and exercise that can reverse many conditions is not mentioned as that would reduce profits. I used to take Lipitor and some other stuff. They gave me that line mentioned above. No need anymore. My aunt’s pills garner Big Pharma well over $1,000 a month. Multiply that by all the dementia sufferers.

And that is just one condition we suffer from. Treat the symptoms… don’t fix it. I find it loathsome.

The video in this thread features Ken Lightburn, the president of Nature’s Approved, a health supplement producer, doing an interview with Dr. Mary Newport, a medical doctor and her husband Steve, who is, apparently, now suffering a lot less. I decided I should post this as regulars will know that I am quite sensitive to the dementia subject since I am the full time caregiver to my 89 year old aunt who is at an advanced stage of this exceptionally frightening condition. Figured as well, since hardly anyone ever clicks on anything around here, to post all 6 parts for your convenience.

As soon as I get some loot I will be buying some coconut oil, regardless of her advanced stage, just because. I will also be getting some for my consumption.

Part 1

Uploaded by on Oct 11, 2009

Visit http://www.OrganicCoconutOil.info for more on the use of coconut oil.

1. Dr Newport learns that the medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil may help her husband Steve, who suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s.

Part 2

2. Dr. Newport discusses ketone bodies, an alternative fuel for the brain that the body makes in digesting coconut oil.

Part 3

3. Dr. Richard Veech of the NIH makes a ketone ester that can help with neurological diseases including Alzheimers.

Part 4

4. Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) and the clock test. Steve Newports symptoms of Alzheimers disease improve rapidly after eating coconut oil.

Part 5

5. Dr. Veech’s ketone project needs funding to produce the ketone ester, which may help millions with memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Lou Gerhig’s (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis and Duchenne muscular dystrophy and poor memories.

Part 6

6. Dr. Theodore VanItalie of Harvard and Columbia University: “My view of the ketone ester story is that – if the results in human subjects bear out the findings in laboratory animals – they could well be the major advance in nutrition in the 21st century.”

Dr. Newport’s website is Coconut Oil and Ketones.

Discussion at AboveTopSecret.

Check back for possible updates.


  1. This is great stuff Iggy. I’m a big believer in coconut fullstop – the water, the oil, the milk. I’ve been using the milk for years and when I was India last year, we were drinking two coconuts a day. Very good for you. Not surprisingly they are trying to convince people that it’s a bad fat and that they should use that rubbish canola. Big mistake people.

  2. iggymak says:

    Here are a couple of comments posted at the ATS discussion thread that I thought were good:

    BadBoYeed posted on 1/30/2012 @ 03:04 PM

    Not only is the oil anti-fungal, and anti-viral, it is also delicious. I use it instead of butter for cooking, as well as a topical cure for almost any skin malady.

    My dog had a fungal skin infection, and my other dog had ear infections, a few days of coconut oil cured them right up!!!

    My mother is a massage therapist and uses the oil to massage her clients.

    a wonderful product.

    (try baking cauliflower with garlic and coconut oil…mmmmm)

    chiefsmom posted on 1/30/2012 @ 03:05 PM

    Interesting that you don’t have to do much work to find other doctors claiming it will work for Alzheimer’s.

    Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s

    D8ncer posted on 1/30/2012 @ 04:52 PM

    Great post, which got me looking into it and other possible benefits.

    Link below has a short video clip indicating that it may also help with cancer. When rats were treated for cancer using several types of oils, the ones given the coconut oil stopped the cancer.

    Coconut Oil & Cancer

    sickofitall2012 posted on 1/30/2012 @ 07:35 PM

    I heard a north American indian recently say “you call them plants, we call them medicines.” How true is that. Thanks OP, more people need to learn how to look at nature, not man made trash they call prescriptions. The side effects they mention on some of these meds are just flat out criminal. Please, anyone reading this, learn, and learn a lot about natural cures. They have brought my dog back from the very threshold of death, a sickness caused by the chemicals they call dog food and vaccinations. Oh and don’t even get me started on bleached flour, a substance that actually destroys pancreatic cells. Research it, it will really open your eyes.

    And here is a thread about aluminum: Aluminum + Fluoride = Alzheimer’s and Dementia

  3. iggymak says:

    Went over to the local Shoprite grocery today to see if they had it, as their selection of healthy stuff is rather nice, better actually (and a lot cheaper) than many other shops around here.

    And lo and behold – indeed they have it. Organic. Unrefined. o.O

    Sadly I will need to wait a bit as it was $11.99 for a jar of, I suppose, a reasonable size. I think it was 16 or 20 ounces, something like that. It was the only size they had. It will surely not last long at all at the rate of consumption suggested in the video. Sigh.

    I had of course gone to the website of the guy doing the interview to see his wares and I thought wow, seems kind of pricey… but, armed with this new info, I guess… not really. At least at Shoprite I can go home with it in my hand, eh.

    It better taste really good… as I am not at all sure that my aunt will eat it. She has become ludicrously picky and no longer likes many of the foods that she once did.

    Sucks being poor. I also find that pricing on good things rather sucks as well. It is an outrage. At least to me. It is the subsidies to farmers to grow either certain things only or nothing at all and the general raping of the entire world of food production. We must pay a premium to eat healthy, as it goes against the plan to keep us all sick and in need of the subsequent drugs required to keep us alive.

  4. jo says:

    I sometimes feel as if I”m losing my mind and really quite forgetful…so I’m going to the vitamin store for coconut oil pills this morning!!

    • iggymak says:

      I hear that!

      I got my aunt actual coconut oil… at our local supermarket. It’s organic and unprocessed raw oil. For spooning and direct eating out of the jar.

      She is long past the point where this could really help her, but, still, I did notice am actual, but brief positive difference, however subtle, which made me say wow. I do believe it will work well for people in the first stages. It is expensive. $12 a jar and 10 ounces doesn’t really last all that long if taken as directed by Newport.

      Let us know how they work out for you.

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