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Fog ThingA little while ago, there in my mailbox was the usual roundup of headlines at Phantoms and Monsters… this one though, had a flying creature report from the very gung ho guys at the Centre for Fortean Zoology!

I love flying Cryptids! One of my life goals, in fact, if you don’t know is to capture, (on film at least), both a Thunderbird and a Pterodactyl. [Please Note: The imagery in this post is suggestive or illustrative only as no images were captured during the reported sightings.] Checked it out… here’s what it said…

Flying Cryptid Reported in County Durham, UK

This was reported at CFZ:

We saw a Thing the other night. Not sure at all WHAT it was, but both myself and Gareth saw it. We were driving back from Darlington to home at about 10pm on Wednesday 7th October, and just west of Harperley roundabout on the A698 to Wolsingham, when “it” flew in front of the car.

Whatever it was, was not a bird, and was not a moth or bat. It was approx. 3 feet long, about 1ft wide at the head, tapering down to a short tail. It was white and almost see-through – like a cloud, perhaps – pear-drop shaped, and moved very fast.

It rose from a hedge (or from the ground close to the hedge), which borders the road. Then it sped across the road at about 30ft high. Not sure how fast it was going, but a few mins later we saw a tawny owl flying across the road, and the Thing was much faster than the owl.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I am not suggesting that the Thing and the owl were connected in any way. It was incidental and only serves as an indication of air-speed.

The site we saw it at was close to the POW camp, which has recently been put up for sale on ebay. There are no street lights nearby, and it is a remote area of the high north Pennines. Very few dwellings, not much human activity, other than the fairly quiet A689. There was very little wind, and it was quite dark as it was cloudy/overcast. No rain.


A critter?And in response to that post, a short while later a person sent this report in to Phantoms and Monsters

I read the article you had listed entitled “Flying Cryptid in County Durham UK”. I live in the USA, and saw something very similar to what was described in the article. My sighting occurred in a rural area of Henderson, West Virginia, approximately 20 years ago (1989). I had been visiting a friend with my daughter and was on my way home in the afternoon. The day was partly sunny with clouds in the sky, but not rainy or misty. We were traveling down an incline in the car and we saw something strange go across the road (from the left side to the right side of the road). I’m not good with distances but it was probably no more than fifty feet from us. The thing described in the article was much smaller than what my daughter and I saw. I watched it disappear and asked my daughter if she had seen anything, and she confirmed that she had seen it also.

What we observed was approximately horse or cow sized and it had a white, translucent appearance, without identifiable head, tail, or appendages. It was just a big oval shaped airy “blob” that you could see through! This thing was like watching a tiny cloud or a mass of fog move on its own. It was flying or gliding quickly across the road and just disappeared on the other side of the road. It moved straight and did not weave or bobble. We only saw it for maybe 5 seconds. I had never seen anything like it before and haven’t seen another one since. I never reported it but I always remembered my sighting and was immediately struck by the similarity of what was reported in the UK.

Thanks for your website…it is extremely interesting.

Pat Queen, Ohio

It’s exciting!

And the reason it is so, to me, is because, as a Fortean and big fan of both on and off-world cryptozoology, it is my humble opinion that these two sightings are appearances of a “new” form of life that I’ve recently rekindled my interest in and have become very hot on… the Critter, or, the Plasma Lifeform.

Trevor J Constable photo - "amoeba"Not really new, though,  to those immersed in such things – interest started a long time ago within the scientific community following renowned plasma physicist Dr. David Bohm’s discovery through repeated laboratory observations that plasmas, more often than not, act just like living things; and there’s always researcher Trevor James Constable’s infrared photography to peruse, wherein he managed to regularly capture these “critters” back in the late 50s, and coined the term we still use for them. But surely, this concept is not something the majority of people have ever thought about.

The idea is that there are perhaps as many species of plasma creatures as there are “regular” creatures, with the same diversity as all our known life… replete with the same diversity of intelligence endowment, too.

As Mr. Constable noted, due to their rather exotic makeup, most of the critters would normally be invisible to us; his photos, after all, were in the infrared spectrum. They’d possibly become visible during certain interactions with the environment… while passing through localized electrical fields in search of food, namely the electrons that gives plasma life, (Bohm’s original observation), maybe, or perhaps through other phenomena; perhaps light can catch some qualities of their amorphous bodies in certain situations.

NASA's famous tether incidentMany UFOs, perhaps up to 80% of good sightings, a great deal  of the things usually deemed to be “spirits,” aerial BVM apparitions, shadow people and indeed lots of other oddly intangible sightings may in fact be plasma critters… who are, for whatever reason, occasionally visible to us at certain places, at certain times.

Clearly the two featured sightings here were real enough, but also were clearly not animals in the sense of flesh and blood beings… nevertheless, I do feel that these two sightings represent living creatures, or rather, critters… and as living things, these fabulously different critters should not be cast by cryptozoologists into the abyss of the paranormal. What’s needed is a broadening of the playing field, to think in terms of all that’s out there; to include all living things, not just those that are like us.

That may be asking too much, I’m not sure. Critters not made of flesh and blood may be too radical a departure for biologists, who have enough on their plate already. Maybe a special branch is needed… not sure who they might be, though. I suggest a multi-disciplinary approach… after all, this is radically different from our norms. But it should be done… they are alive… they are all around us… even in space… we should know all there is to know about them.

I like this video, complied by LunaCognita, as it shows some rarely seen and most wondrous objects, quite a lot of them, actually, all captured by our intrepid explorers… It’s called Aliens in the NASA Archives – More Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film.

Nice, eh? Some rare clips in there… And now, speaking of rare clips…

We are led to a video called NASA STS-88 black transforming UFO, which presents a fascinating series of photographs obtained by the crew of space shuttle mission STS-88… photographs which, in my opinion, depict images of just what the title sequence spells out… a vehicle belonging to our very own black space program, run by the US Navy which has been active for decades. The fleet whose files got Gary McKinnon in trouble with the monster. The program who amongst other things are believe it or not, right now, mining, on the Moon, on Mars and on a moon of Jupiter, as presented and discussed at length by the authority on the matter, zorgon, out of ATS.

Dig it…

From the website, a Shanghai concern, comes this UFO report. Not much to it, really, but a half hour of hovering was pretty nice of it… wonder if there are any other photos around.

I actually posted it mainly for the reason that I simply think it’s looks are pretty deviant from your normal saucer. “Normal saucer” ha! What’s that? A triangle? They don’t really make discs anymore. Long-time readers will know of my fondness for rectangular and cubic forms, but hey, I think this one just looks cool. Kind of like two caterpillars meeting up and shooting the breeze…

Maybe it is two objects… transferring energy, data, whatever. There certainly does seem to be quite a bit of energy there, I mean, that’s quite a lot of light being emitting. Anyway, it’s 4am and I’m really just distracting myself from thoughts of imminent personal economic collapse, so, here ya go… enjoy.

UFO hovers over Chongqing for half an hour

2009-08-28 08:49

Shanghai UFO close up.

At about 10 pm on the evening of August 23, a UFO appeared in the sky above Beibei Binjiang Road in Chongqing.

At about 10 pm on the evening of August 23, a UFO appeared in the sky above Beibei Binjiang Road in Chongqing. The UFO was “V” shaped and its color changed in the order of red, blue, green, yellow and white at short intervals. Hundreds of people watched but no one heard any sound produced by engines or propulsion equipment.

During the half hour that the UFO appeared, a civil airplane passed by. Witnesses compared the civil airplane to the UFO and discovered that the UFO was obviously flying at a higher attitude.

After hovering for about half an hour, the periphery of the UFO began to twinkle and then it disappeared in the night sky.

Shanghai UFO - standard view.

At about 10 pm on the evening of August 23, a UFO appeared in the sky above Beibei Binjiang Road in Chongqing.

Source:People Daily Online

In this video, Warp Speed?, by Lunar Explorer Italia, a fascinating view is presented of something very strange indeed. It would appear to be an object of some sort moving at an apparently superluminal rate. This has been captured for us by the Cassini probe that’s hanging out over by Saturn. I keep stopping and playing back the first  third of the clip, as in the last two thirds our friends at Lunar Explorer Italia have added in visual aids to help us see where the action is… which is okay of course but I think it distracts.

Anyway, it certainly does seem to pop over just as if it was a sci-fi star, doesn’t it? Damn… so… is this for real or an optical illusion or just two things happening coincidentally? Looks pretty real to me… and I don’t believe in coincidences. I do believe that there’s no reason I know of beyond the arrogance of science that says this can’t somehow be done. One needs to remember that this is out Saturn’s way and the field of view is pretty spectacularly large, so it’s not like a UFO popping about a few hundred feet here or there… or… maybe it is! I’m just sayin,’ it’s really moving a good way away. Most impressive. Leads to some interesting scenarios taking shape…

I would like to give a round of applause over to Italian phenomena research in general and Lunar Explorer Italia in particular, an they’ve given us some pretty spectacular stuff to contemplate for a good while now. Bravissimo.

It does seem, though, to me, that the farther out we go, the stranger things get.

I’ve included below in the blockquote the diatribe from the video description; translated here by the Google translator, so bear with it; mainly because it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the video it’s attached to, it’s more of a somewhat scathing attack on the current state of the generally hoax laden and credulous state of present day UFOlogy. I find it refreshing and all and a good read, but I’m not sure they really meant to stick it up there with this video, as I was starting to say. It also provided the title to this post which I thought was wonderfully Gorightly-ish…

The cover-up on the UFO issue is necessary, but … no good!

Why not serve the best de-bunkers dell’Ufologia (understood as “Nova Scientia”) are the “ufologist” (and their blind – but enthusiastic – acolytes).

With their “revealing pictures” BUT ALWAYS blurred and indecipherable, with their new movies and illuminating, BUT ALMOST ALWAYS that are truncated on the most beautiful or that in the end prove to be the fruit (rotten) obvious “tarot” digital, with their dark and smoky on the “Conspiracy Theories” Overall “, even to the eyes and ears profane playing – most of the time (and in the best of circumstances) – as the terrible force logical (if not laughable like scemenze interplanetary ) …

And then the “Buffalo”!

The “destructive power” of the “Buffalo” is a true flagship for the ufologist 2000: think, for example, the crazy nonsense of footage on all’Astronave Buried on the Moon and “discovery” dall’Apollo 20 (a Mission – and I know the kids – never existed), or the “Marziano walking” in front of the Rover Spirit, or to filmini the silver beads that float in the sky, made by “famous” contacts (but that will never say , “talks “?!?) that, over time – but almost inevitably … – Are made in the bleak scene – or event even more sad and tragic – also appear as “possible genuine documents” which, however, are made entirely in vain, useless and unusable because of the mania for FAMA and notoriety ‘(and , on the other hand, the total lack of decency and sobriety ‘) shown by those who have achieved, both below and above that of the (already we could even do a bit of names and surnames, but we have no Beghi from the reality show).

The cover-up on the “UFO issue” is needed – given the hysteria that informs our Company (alleged) “Civil” – but not needed.
Do not serve them because they are “Believers” to destroy the evidence they gather and to ridicule the Matter growing.

Shame because, to tell the truth, to throw a little light on the UFO issue “enough to use the documents that NASA will make available (but None or almost never goes to watch, because costs and FATIGUE WORK IT! ).

Well, we Researchers ( “naive”) of Lunar Explorer Italy, we have not tried to contact the “contact” and not to seek and / or analyze the movies made by those who “film the impossible.”
We have only used the NASA material available (knowing, of course, WHERE TO GO AND LOOK WHAT SEARCH) e. .. Voilà: UFO a gogo!

The Cover-up on the UFO issue is necessary, but … no good.

Sintanto that will include ufologist who seek visibility and notoriety but NOT TRUTH ‘(those who write in magazines and rivistine and write essays, books and libelli “illuminating “…) and sintanto that there will be around cialtroni and contacts (contacts that especially television – and not state – and the media, for promotion of exclusive … themselves) who are always ready to “reveal the truth to idiots (idiots = us, the masses,” all others except their “short), the Cover-up does not need.

The “secret” is well protected, as is found surrounded by tons of scemenze, buffaloes and narrated by Panzani Guitti and that on the credulity furbacchioni People have built their reputation and their image.
Sometimes, even their “Fortuna” (financial, of course).


Shame because the truth, as Fox Mulder (X-Files) is not only “out there” (in Heaven and on Earth – and certainly in the Outer Space – if you know HOW to look for), but is also clear for all to see “.

One need only look to know WHERE and WHAT to look.

Just recently, in short.

Think about it for …

Ha! That’s tellin’ ’em!

Now here’s a strange video that I saw the other night which has now been picked up by Roger Marsh at the Examiner, so it should get some good hittage. Roger advised viewing it with caution as it hadn’t been reported to MUFON yet, as if that occurrence would make it alright somehow. I’d advise treating any case of anything with caution, regardless of whether or not it’s been reported to some group. I mean, seriously, come on… oh well, don’t get me going.

Anyway, this video definitely reminds one right off the bat of the famous Frederick Valentich case of 1978, where one might surmise from the story told that what’s depicted here is likely the very thing that happened to young Fred.

The behavior of this object seems very odd to me, it’s like a cat stalking a mouse and then pouncing.  It just doesn’t seem right for a machine operated by who knows who to do such a thing, but, if some of these things are in fact sky critters then the cat analogy might come into play if it wants the airplane to be lunch… but that seems implausible, too… where would the ‘dining room table’ be?

The disappearance of the joined pair shortly after ‘take off’ seems a bit, well, off, and opens the door to the question asking whether the objects, saucer and plane, have been layered in to create the whole episode. It is a possibility. Certainly. Why would someone do that? I don’t know… compositing practice, perhaps. Fun?

Fun, too, that idea of a hungry sky creature… but as much as I’m pretty certain there are such things, (see Story Musgrave’s ‘worm’ as an example), I wouldn’t seriously imagine that they have a taste for airplanes, or their contents, or even birds for that matter.

The most damaging bit of evidence for the video’s authenticity is mentioned in the description… there are no missing plane reports. Missing planes are taken rather seriously by the authorities, well except for four on one day a while ago, and there would be not only reports but a reasonably extensive area search and all that goes with it. Probably even a mention on TV. In light of that, I tend toward the compositing practice theory, but, as they say, you never know. It’s just that the other theories are greatly lessened in magnitude here.

Then, again, they never did find Fred or his plane, and they indeed searched mightily, so…

Ah, well, see what you think.

Here’s the description posted with the video…

August 11, 2009

The airplane was approaching Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson Arizona at approximately 4:15PM MST on August 8th, 2009. We first witnessed the object hovering in a locked position, southwest of the base. We thought it was a balloon, until it dropped in elevation a few thousand feet in less then a second. At that point I ran inside and grabbed my digital camera and rushed outside in time to catch the object approaching the airplane from behind. Unfortunately the microphone barely works on the camera, from being dropped so many times, so you can’t hear much. But at least there is a little. The object made no sound, completely silent.

There was an attempt to take the video to the media, unfortunately, every affiliate rejected the video due to lack of evidence. There was no report in the city of a missing airplane, nor did the Air Force Base report anything missing. Many of the news affiliates did confirm that they had received calls on August 8th from various sources, claiming they had seen a UFO. They said that they receive calls on a regular basis dealing with UFOs all the time, as well as many hoax videos, and there was no reason to believe my video was anything different. They refused to believe that the Air Force base would withhold information about a missing airplane.I’m hoping that more videos surface to confirm this object was real. We live within a mile of the base, so I don’t know how many people witnessed the event.

Yes, indeed, UFOlogy just gets stranger and stranger…

A Floaty 'Rock' UFO in China, cropped.

And now for something completely different, the floating rock UFO of Gushan, China.

China's "Rock' UFO

This image set has been storming around the net for a couple days now and understandably so… after all we don’t get many UFOs shaped like boulders. Plus it’s from the always enigmatic land of China, giving it that extra spicy flavor. There doesn’t appear to be any MSG added, or not much at least, but it’s hard to tell as the only site I’ve seen linked along with it is this one, and it’s in Chinese. I haven’t copied it into a translator yet, but I am pretty sure it likely just has the usual things said in these reports. A site is actually referenced in the article,, but I couldn’t find it on there. I’ll do that in a minute…

I’ve not blown it up, either, but at the magnification above there is some artifacting around the object, which might indicate sloppy Photoshopping or it could just be from the camera recording the scene as a JPG file.

So, assuming for now that all is on the up and up with this image, the question is what is it? A stealth probe, perhaps, seeking a nice unobtrusive spot to monitor the activities of this village? Why would the operators do that? Seems a pretty innocuous place to me judging solely by the location picture below… not the home of the ruling elite, that’s for sure. Kind of an interesting expression on the face of the dude in the photo.

Village of the Chinese Rock

Or maybe it’s the shot of the century – capturing a unique, non-burning, slow-moving meteor about to hit the earth? Don’t see any strings… Could it be a new, improved, high-tech version of the Chinese lanterns so popular in the UK? Weird.

Just ran the article through, and according to Google Translate, here’s what it says… well, sort of… Google seems to have had some difficulty with nuance and such…

Gushan mysterious flying objects (Photo)

UFO photos on what is in the end? True or false? Does any other day is also Gushan readers? We can log in East Express Network ( download the image analysis or through our hotline 0591-87806110 express your views.

Gushan inadvertently climb took a landscape photo of a home, the photos of Gushan was floating over a UFO the same as a rock!

Other day, ground-based meteorological observation Fuzhou weather observer group in the finishing photo Gang Hao, a pleasant surprise.

Gang Hao said that the photos were taken at 15:34 on July 19, he took Gushan Valley of积翠Um. The same day, he and his family accidentally shot climbing photo, the photo was not found this strange flying objects, until two days later, he organize photos on your computer, picture zoom in when found.

“Camera is the Canon SX110IS camera fool ordinary machines, photo did not undergo any post-processing. Based on analysis of photos the sky, the clouds should be about 1300 meters short and broken cumulus clouds, and the Weather Bureau recorded the same observation, the weather for sunny, high visibility, therefore, photographs can be seen clearer. “Gang Hao said that the photos under the 2 / 3 are trees and mountains, on the 1 / 3 for the sky, the trees in the photos the central junction of smoke and the sky a UFO, submitted under the small cone large column, looks like stone.

Gang Hao that he is doing as a result of meteorological observations, discovered the pictures after the unidentified object, also conducted at the time recalled the scene, and speculations. He said the UFO Um积翠should be located in the northeast ridge above ridge Department 500 meters above sea level should be about the size of objects is estimated that about 5 meters in diameter.

The discovery of the pictures after the unidentified object, Gang Hao also very puzzled, he showed a few colleagues, friends. Is a flying saucer? Is the detector? Or just ordinary stones up? As we all tell a所以然to.

Yesterday, the Gang Hao contact reporters, decided to show photos, I would like to quickly search through the East informed a friend, to identify this UFO is in the end.

Gushan UFO 4 large guess

Conjecture I: UFO?

Second guess:飞起blasting the rocks? Conjecture III: Book release a Hung Ming lantern or a balloon? Conjecture IV: PS picture?

Gang Hao colleagues said most of the UFO, such as the flying saucer. Can image objects with the most common we hear a great difference between UFO shape.

Second guess:飞起blasting the rocks?

Gang Hao a friend that is飞起blasting of rocks, large rocks nearby, and its shape is also the most like a rock. But the problem is to make such large pieces of rock off, which the power of the blast how ah! Certainly can feel when taking pictures, but did not feel abnormal at the time Gang Hao.

Conjecture III: Book release a Hung Ming lantern or a balloon?

Balloon release a Hung Ming lantern and a friend of the suspect is the most bizarre. “I have a best friend does not believe in such as UFO, he was even considered to be mischievous, to release a Hung Ming lantern or paste has become a strange balloon shape, and then placed in heaven.”

Conjecture IV: PS picture?

But it was also suggested that photographs of the UFO seems to no buzz, this photo will not be too PS by others?

Army reporter施焕

Actually, that’s a pretty reasonable report, don’t you think? It notes the lantern and Photoshop theories and notes as well that there was in fact blasting in the area, although the dude says that that wasn’t going on when he snapped it.

I kinda like my stealth monitor theory… seeking out a nice rock garden to carefully position itself in order to watch the activities of the town’s workers. Hehe.

Well, that’s pretty much it… and ultimately, as in all things Fortean, it’s up to each of us to come up with our own ‘likely suspect.’

07/08/2009, England, © by Steve AlexanderWell, that’s what it says… I’ve not heard that descriptor before… it sounds rather double-speak-ish to my curmudgeonly ears.

It came in a breathless email announcement from Colin Andrews leading to his site, wherein the tale below is told… basically, an anonymous police officer spies three Tall Whites, or very similarly unusual entities, examining the modified flora within the latest in a long line of very nice-looking crop circles appearing at Silbury Hill, a prime locale for high strangeness doings in the splendid green fields of jolly ole England.

Working on the presumption that crop circles are alien communications, even, interestingly, if man-made, Colin feels that the appearance of the circle and the aforementioned entities… and their temporal coincidence with an apparent bathing of the Earth in a large quantity of solar particles from the very recent sunspot… all result in a most extraordinary event of the non-coincidental and rather profound kind. One that gets a 10 on a measuring scale of undisclosed provenance.

Although I must admit that I’ve not followed crop circles much, although I do certainly like to look at them… so it’s quite possible that I missed the announcement of the creation in 1989 of the Unexplained Phenomena Alert system and it’s Level 10 Red (High). So it might not be at all as mysterious as it sounds to me now.

Anyhow, that certainly is a lot of interesting things to all happen pretty much at once, so perhaps something is afoot. And the entities! I’m most interested in the entities… they seem most strange… and strange is what I like best.

And here’s the announcement… Visit Colin’s site for great heaps of good info.

– – – – – – – – –

This is a ‘Government unapproved’  announcement

A very significant event has occurred within the Alert date period and also the defined location: i.e.:   7th July 2009, Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England. Crop Circle located south west of the hill off the A4 highway.

This is the same location where on the 23 May 1994, four researchers (including one nuclear scientist) visiting a crop design in this field, witnessed intense military presence moments before they each experienced 45 minutes missing time and within a short while a further period of missing time.  Each had red marks appear on their necks and had severe nose bleeds hours later. A full account is held in CPR Archive.

This is also the site of a secret military stake out which took place during the 1990 Operation Blackbird, where over these fields a large unidentified white orb was filmed by the army present.

The latest bizarre event took place yesterday morning (7th) at approximately 5.0 AM, when a Wiltshire Police Sergeant was driving in his private car towards Marlborough on the A4 highway and about to pass Silbury Hill on his left.  He looked to his right and witnessed three exceptionally tall beings inspecting the new crop circle which appeared there on the 5th July.  He stopped his vehicle and watched them for several minutes because they stood out as odd.  Each of them were well over six feet tall, each had blond hair and also they all were wearing one piece white suites, with hoods that had been dropped onto the back of their heads.

After a few minutes watching them, he said they were appeared to be examining the crop in the circle, he shouted at them from a distance of about 400 yards but they ignored him. As soon as he entered the field, they became aware of him and ran at an amazing speed to the south, away from Silbury Hill. He said I recognised that I could never catch up with them they ran so exceptionally fast. He glanced away for just a few seconds and looked back to find that they had completely vanished. He became very uneasy and left the scene.

The police officer was very aware of hearing a static crackling sound in the field and around him. He said as the plants moved around, he could see the movement coincided with the level of sound, as if the static was effecting the plants by moving them.

He also started to experience a headache in the field, which became worse as the day went on and he could not shake it off all day.

Ground research being done by Andrew Russell:

Time this report posted: 12.55 am US eastern – 8 July 2009. (Awaiting further interview)

July 5, 2009

Unexplained Phenomena Alert Level 10 Red (High) has been issued for the first time since it was devised in 1989 following the Cheesefoot Head incident.

The alert is intended to inform the research fraternity and the public that three key ingredients of a paradigm change have come into play.

The first ingredient being coherence from intuitive s that significant potential for paradigm shift exists + high quality unexplained phenomena are taking place… (Example: High quality UFO activity or high quality crop circle discoveries with unexplained features which can not currently be accounted for and are evolving rapidly)


Independent scientific data agrees with the data assessed to be contained within at least one high quality unexplained event such as a crop circle… (Example: NASA data shows Solar flare ejection field, hitting earth on the same day as suggested by a crop circle communication)


Evidence exists that there is no possibility of collusion between these essential elements.

Some of the new postings below show events in the past few days which have caused this alert to be issued. This is the first time in ten years that the top alert level has been issued and any future alerts will only be issued on the very best available data. See New Postings for current events – stay tuned next 48-60 hours.

quote Adam Gorightly In The Land of EnchantmentAdam Gorightly

by Adam Gorightly

At first glance, New Mexico seems nothing more than a second sister to the Longhorn State, as big oil rules in the southern reaches of The Land of Enchantment where many of the towns one encounters along the way resemble greatly those rural landscapes stretching for hundreds of miles across the plains of Texas and Oklahoma.

However, New Mexico is rich not only in oil, but arcane lore, with its fabled history of crashed saucers, atomic bomb blast sites and, some would suggest, Freemasonic conspiracies. According to the late gonzo conspiracy researcher, James Shelby Downard, Freemasonry has long practiced a system known as mystical toponomy, which pertains to the magic and mystery of words. To quote Downard: “Mystical toponomy incorporates word wizardry (onomatology) and the modern science of symbolism.” These three alchemical elements imbue a locale with sorcerous significance — Downard contended — connecting ancient ley lines in conjunction with latitude and longitude, and the divisions of degrees in geography (minutes and seconds). unquote

It gets even better… and has lots of pics, too… Indeed, I’ve just posted, today, on the L.O.W.F.I site, the June Guest Editorial by Adam Gorightly, renowned investigator and writer in our favorite field of Forteana. He tells a tale of strangeness regarding “The Land Of Enchantment,” also known as New Mexico. Read up on the mysteries there… and those encountered on Adam’s recent trip, which were numerous…

The Obelisk at the Space MuseumIt’s got a mysterious obelisk at a Space Museum, a primate space capsule, Hamm’s grave and UFO researcher Guy Malone’s adventures in publishing… strange symbols of Freemasonic import, good info on those same Freemason guys… Jack Parsons, JPL, the Devil’s Gate, a traveling Jesus Squad and much more…

Go for it… enjoyment guaranteed!