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I was, for some reason, thinking about end-of-the-world scenarios, possibly due to spending altogether too much time on the web at places like Above Top Secret… when I remembered Survivors, a wonderful old British TV series that I used to eagerly await and watch, eyes-glued-to-the-screen, while taping it on VHS for posterity.

It really was very well done… believable, plausible, scary at times but in a way rather uplifting. I think this YouTube commenter nailed it so I am including his post here, with his mention of a very interesting and important aspect to the show that I have bolded:

The Best TV programme ever made .. intelligent, thought-provoking, great acting, and so real characters.. the only TV show made (then) that had no incidental music.. a tour de force in storytelling, a whole world to immerse yourself into, and worryingly, its probably more poignant now than when it was made. none better.

LinuxManUK 1 year ago

The Fourth Horseman – Terry Nation’s Survivors – Series 1 Episode 1 Part.1 of 6

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Survivors created by Terry Nation is a British TV series broadcast from 1975-1977. An accident at a bio lab unleashes a deadly virus that kills 99% of the human population. The aftermath leaves few survivors and a world that is thrust back to a pre industries period. The series centers on a group of survivors who come together shortly after the pandemic and learn to survive in the aftermath.

Enjoy… and watch the rest, eh?