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The Pentagon part of the 9/11 case is an interesting one to be sure. Perhaps the best research to date has been done by the Citizen Investigation Team, who look at nothing else.* They’ve shown beyond doubt that the official line is, as expected, pure bunk. There was indeed a plane at the Pentagon, but it could not have hit the building, as the flight path simply would not allow it; and was in fact timed perfectly with the explosion at the building facade to cover it flying up and away. This path was seen and reported to CIT by a very reliable fellow. 

This video is about the famous cab that was supposedly speared by a flying light pole. Well. The plane could not have done that, as it wasn’t over there. Actually, a government fellow walked over to the scene snapping photos as he went… photos which clearly show that the poles only ‘arrived’ on scene later, although the damaged cab is there. Getting the picture? Good.

This is a trailer for the Eye of the Storm video, which I heartily suggest you watch, along with all the other material, including the full segments on Mr. England, the shall we say inexplicable damage to his car re the story told; and all the rest of it, which includes testimony from two Pentagon police officers. I must say that Mr. England is an interesting individual… as is his wife. See for yourself, though…

After you digest it all, you’ll have a better understanding of why we only got five frames of absolutely nothing… and insight into what that really means. Many thanks and much appreciation to Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis for what they’ve put together.

video description:
Cab driver Lloyde England admitted that the 9/11 operation was a “planned” event by the people with “all the money” and that he was involved. He tried shifting his position on the highway so it would make sense with the north side evidence proving the plane did not hit the light poles. But that is a proven deliberate lie since he had let it slip only minutes prior (without knowing he was being recorded) that he knew he was on the bridge, directly on the south side path. Yet when the camera started, he dogmatically maintained he was on the north side even when presented with photographs proving he was on the bridge. See the complete interviews with Lloyde here: 

* – The forum has sections on the WTC and Shanksville.