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NASA mission STS125 - UFO closeup - 5/19/09

NASA seems of late to be rather inundated with UFOs and all the various types of wonderful critters hanging about in the environs known as  near-Earth orbit.

Yes, it appears they’ve got the blues… poor NASA. They can’t turn on a camera these days without capturing at least one. There’s even been 3 at once sighted on this mission, STS-125, as captured by intrepid YouTube explorer Streetcap1. I like this one because 1) it’s blue! and 2) it very clearly comes in to have a look at what those crazy astrodudes are up to now… fixing the Hubble in this case.

It comes in a lot closer than many of it’s compadres ever do. Oh, I so wish that they’d just come right up to the shuttle, already. That’d be fantabulous. For then, you see… they couldn’t use their favorite word, “debris,” to explain it away. Hehe. Although I’ve noticed that these days they just don’t say anything at all when our friends appear. Silence is golden, I guess. 

I do wonder seriously about whether these objects are ours or theirs. Evidence points strongly to the existence of a major and global space program and that NASA is merely a cover for us plebes. President Reagan in his memoirs said he learned that we had the ability, back then, to put 300 people in orbit. Gary McKinnon viewed files listing craft in a space fleet and “non-terrestrial” officers. NASA awarded a Space Command branch a prize for keeping the lumbering shuttle safe from debris… and since it is ever so lumbering, one wonders just exactly how they do that.

The late Ben Rich, CEO of Lockheed Skunkworks, Earth’s most advanced aircraft facility, said long ago that we possess the technology “to take ET home.” With all of that, and the tons more data out there, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch, really, to class these objects as ours… just officers keeping an eye on things. To paraphrase an idea of Stanton Friedman’s, though, I’m quite sure that at least some of them are not ours, as it were… and some… may even be critters!

Here’s the vid I captured and cropped the images above from…

And here’s one by my pal Streetcap1…

Sky Critter?

Perhaps the strangest thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t feel too comfortable in referring to it as a craft… it seems much more along the lines of an organism to me… like Story Musgrave’s ‘worm,’ and the somewhat similar forms seen sometimes in Mexico and recently in Argentina… albeit with a more complex branching form rather than their typically single element shapes.

It would appear to be positively enormous. That fuel tank’s not so little… It’s also below the fuel tank. It’s also quite obviously well within the atmosphere, as it clearly goes through several clouds as it checks out the Shuttle’s fuel tank… again assuming that it is in fact checking out the tank… it might just happen to be there at the right time. 

Whatever it is, it’s absolutely fascinating. My thoughts run toward an Earth-based ‘sky-critter’ of some type… perhaps the ultimate cryptid, even. Skybound lifeforms have been posited at least since I was a little kid… for other planets, especially the gas giants, and there was of course the fellow who coined the term sky-critter, ufologist Trevor J. Constable, who published books called They Live in the Sky, Sky Creatures: Living UFOs and The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs, which contained his famous infrared photos showing large, blobby, UFO-like things in them, that he believed were alive. They weren’t shaped like this thing, though, that’s for sure.

So, seriously, I really want to know what this thing is… don’t you? Because like I said, it’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.