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Discovered via ATS, these 2 minutes and 4 seconds are completely disgusting, or, as the chicks in the Valley once said, “Grotty to the max.” Not a video for the squeamish.

These creatures were found in a sewer line under Cameron Village in Raleigh, North Carolina. I don’t have knowledge of sewer-dwelling lifeforms, so I really can’t say, as it does in the description, that this is an unknown lifeform, but, it looks like it could qualify as such; and the operators of the camera certainly seem fascinated by it… and they’re down in there for a living, so, who knows. We await further information. I’d bet, though, that in true Fortean style, definitive data will never arrive. Some primates, according to warrenb at ATS, apparently feel that maybe they’re bryozoans, cnideria, slime molds or even shoggoth spawn! Maybe… don’t know… they seem much too animate for that, but, I vote for cute lil baby shoggoths!

Seriously, though, it’s interesting to note the way these creatures seem to react to the camera’s proximity… hmmm. That means they’re not only alive, but have reasonably good senses. The third creature is the most interesting. Or, disturbing, maybe. It has much more defined ‘tendrils’ holding on to the wall of the sewer pipe than the other two… and at 1:55 or so you’ll see a hard spike appendage protrude from it’s back end and then sink back down in there. Now, that’s pretty disturbing.

So… what are these things?

studiomacleod‘s YouTube video description:
Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer!
An unknown lifeform picked up by sewer snakecam in North Carolina. Believed to be of ET origin. Courtesy of

Ewww, eh? The video’s also available in ever so slightly better resolution, (if you just haven’t seen enough, um, detail.) at, where the description reads: “You know all that crap you flushed down the toilet? Well it’s back, and it’s pissed off.”