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the Temple creature

I’ve stumbled across the Michigan Dogman via Phantoms and Monsters. This elusive and nearly unheard of creature, is news to me, although I don’t feel as bad as usual as many in Michigan are still unaware of it. It’s basically the old “there’s just too much stuff” thing.

Hemmed and hawed about posting this picture… then I figured I would since I’d spent time adjusting it… so, above we have my enhancement of the Temple photo, snapped just last winter by a teenage girl babysitting in Temple, Michigan – just as our pal’s leaving the building.

Said building being the barn on the right. It’s a straight crop down the middle. A red flag went up and waved seconds after I adjusted the exposure up 1.4 stops. The thing’s like nearly 20 feet tall. This is, to be kind, inconsistent with sighting reports.

Clicking the pic will give you my enhanced full frame. You can also get the original shot in all its dark nighttime glory at the Michigan Dogman site for your own enjoyment.

And you might want to look at it, or not, as the above picture… is a hoax.

I read that on the site’s blog. Checked it out. Quite true. It is. researcher Scott Davis did a simulation in Photoshop of this, layering in a creature from a Chronicles of Narnia movie, the Prince Caspian one. I just overlayed Scott’s mockup onto the submitted version. They match. Pretty much pixel for pixel, too, just like the “nose-out” CGI multilayer overlay on 9/11.

Well. So much for that…

But all’s not lost, as there’s the Gable footage.

Mindstage Productions, operator of the site above and a film production company, acquired the apparently famous Gable film, seen below on YouTube, at a tag sale as an 8mm Kodachrome home movie reel. It’s not known who shot it, but they had good taste in film stock. Quite faded out now, though. It’s downloadable at the site in full splendor, enhanced even (restored’d be a better word). They’ve made a DVD about this creature which I haven’t seen.

There’s a glimpse at 2:40, but the goods come in at 3:08, where a very odd looking, very real looking and, if you were there, god damn scary creature is seen; and then starts an attack run…

Ya, mon, those were teeth. No one knows who shot that yet, but, from the footage it doesn’t appear that things turned out so well for them.

And here’s a nice piece that’s also at P & M. Gives a good brief background to get you set up.

Now normally the many shots of grass and the ground whizzing by indicate to me that a film is a likely hoax as in most of the fake Bigfoot vids, the thinking being it shows fear but the context of those entire pieces are typically poorly done.

In this film, one can readily see the context as just home movies… and then see that thing… and you know why he’s running… for his life. Very different.

Some say it’s a hyena. Doesn’t look like any I’ve ever seen. Especially the body movements. Some say it shape shifts. I don’t see that. It is indeed something very different, though… and I’d much rather run into a Bigfoot than one of these things… unless I had a Glock 18C with a deGroat Tactical Armaments 100-round mag on it handy!

Lon Strickler at P & M has already got some new sightings in, also to be seen at Cryptomundo. Maybe we can solve this one…

There’s a DVD out with Linda Godfrey and others called Hunt the Dogman you might want to check out.