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ae911truth | May 21, 2009

John Gross, lead structural engineer of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) denies the vast witnessed and documented evidence of molten metal found at all 3 World Trade Center towers destroyed on 9/11. Examine the evidence at


How can this man say what he says in the face of the evidence? There was molten steel for months afterward. But… people don’t care. That fact makes me queasy… that people just don’t care.

I note in checking my facebook account today that most of the people there are still very much asleep, nine years later. Still believing in the bullshit, still having the wool pulled over their eyes, still thinking bin Laden was involved. That is truly, truly sad.

That the actual perpetrators have gotten away with it – scott-free – shows the power of media manipulation to be nearly invincible.

It makes me very sad and very angry at the same time. I have tried for years. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of research; and all for nearly naught, as it seems most people just don’t want to know the truth, complacent and comfortable in their dogged and rock solid acceptance of the completely impossible.


Just learned that 22 minutes of footage from the camera of the notorious Evan Fairbanks had shown up on YouTube. The strange thing here being that there is no audio track. That just doesn’t happen with professionals and professional hardware. Fairbanks claims “operator error.” Yeah, right. More likely the audio tracks were simply not copied to this release by the FBI, who were in possession of this tape for a long, long time. The reflection? Well that seems rather unlikely if not impossible due to the geometry.  FBI photo manipulation at its most evil. Better crafted than the Zapruder film, though. But… people don’t care. About either one.

Part 1…

CTV911 | May 01, 2010

South Tower 2nd plane impact, closest view – at 6:46 – FULL length video thanks to 911allcausticcamera – part 2 attached below

Those few seconds look so very fake. But… people don’t care.

Part 2…

CTV911 | May 01, 2010

insane angle of the 1st “collapse” – the South Tower – full length video thanks to 911allcausticcamera – details forthcoming

One can clearly see the demolition charges in the angle part 2 is shot at. But… people don’t care.

Nine hundred first responders are now dead from the toxicity they encountered within that cloud, the cloud they worked in… and were told was safe by Christy Whitman, then head of the EPA. And still the perpetrators are unquestioned. And those who do question are still ridiculed and marginalized as nutjobs and terrorists.

Please wake up. Thanks.