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That is the title of this video, just in from David Icke in today’s email. In this video he tells the story of what is happening, behind the scenes, right now in our world and lays out the implications of the results of same regarding ourselves and future generations.

No matter what you may think of Mr. Icke, in this subject area he has gotten it bloody well right, so I suggest, strongly, that we all take heed.

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Viewer discretion is advised.
Order out of chaos.
Problem, reaction, solution.
One world goverment.
Google – Albert Pike Three World Wars.
There’s about 144,000 results.

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Daniel Estulin on Bilderberg 2009

Veteran Bilderberg researcher Daniel Estulin joins The Corbett Report to discuss this year’s Bilderberg conference. Download the entire interview from The Corbett Report homepage:

The Overlords are meeting… they are deciding no less a thing than the future of the world. Including our personal futures as a result. Both the immediate and the long term. What they do, what they decide, is the way it will be. No matter who the politicians in any given place are, for they are not the “leaders,” no, these Bilderbergers, they decide.

No one questions them. The media don’t mention them… as they, too, are entwined in the ominous machinations. The interesting thing is, as Mr. Estulin points out, is that their zeal for total, absolute power may in fact be not only destroying our world, as they’ve always planned for… but, strangely… their world as well, which, I cannot imagine they’ve planned for. I find that most odd… possibly indicative of some sort of catastrophic psychological problem within the dark crannies of the cultish mindset these beings share.

Perhaps when both our worlds collapse, after the dust settles, we will be at parity with these creatures and be able to place them where they will never be able to seize the world again. Perhaps we will win in the end and there will be peace and understanding on the Earth, for the first time, ever.

But for that to happen we must first cross the hellish domains they plan for us. Godspeed to us all.