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Uploaded by on Jan 3, 2012

Dezember 1950: Das Video zeigt beeindruckendes Filmmaterial vom dramatischen Rückzug der US-Marines aus dem kommunistischen Nordkorea nach der Schlacht um den Changjin-Stausee (Chosin Reservoir) und die anschliessende Evakuierung der Marines aus dem Brückenkopf von Hungnam nach Südkorea.
December 1950: The film portrays the withdrawal of the Allied troops from North Korea as a result of the Battle of the water reservoir Choisin and the subsequent evacuation of Hungnam bridgehead.

Translation (by Google)

December 1950: The video shows footage of the impressive dramatic withdrawal of U.S. Marines from communist North Korea after the Battle of the Changjin Reservoir (Chosin Reservoir) and the subsequent evacuation of Marines from the beachhead from Hungnam to South Korea.
December 1950: The film portrays the withdrawal of the Allied troops from North Korea as a result of the Battle of the water reservoir and the subsequent evacuation of Choisin Hungnam bridgehead.


I’d meant to post this when it happened but was very tired and didn’t want to have a North Korean overload here at WATT.  Which, as regular readers know, is an ever-present danger. Hehe. So, I went to bed.

What happened was… shortly after posting this thread, wherein I mentioned a boyish fantasy of flying a fighter plane and blowing up some really nasty folk’s personal stuff, I was casually looking at a couple of other ‘related videos’… and this  appeared.

Now, I don’t believe in coincidences, you see… as everything is connected.

Just thought it was a mighty strange one.

An interesting piece of history.

I worked for many years alongside one of the men that was flown out of that hell on the medi-ships, the dear man known as John Lionetti. Lots of memories, although we never really spoke of the war. Was very nice to think of him again.



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Since being in Iraq and Afghanistan over 1 million civilians have been killed and thousands of soldiers have lost their lives to empire, to the bankers and elite who make a profit from human suffering, they are the real terrorists..This video was dedicated to those who have lost their lives to these criminals…. The final video with the girl speaking was not edited by me it was made the Youtube user TheParadigmShift it is an excerpt from an amazing video, which I recommend everyone watches.

This is a well done video. It appears here because it speaks the truth. Truth is what I seek. Truth needs to be told – far and wide. As an American it really hurts to watch this, but it needs watching. Please share it with your friends, put it on Facebook and Twitter and on your own blogs and sites. Thanks. You know it’s important. Most people just do not know about these things. Tell them. Thanks.


Depleted Uranium, or DU, determined to be ultra-dangerous over sixty years ago and therefore naturally developed into a wide variety of astoundingly horrific weapons, is distributed quite liberally on various helpless and innocent populations by our heroic US military forces and by Isreal’s IDF.

These two groups are the main forces of death and destruction on this planet. They don’t care about what this stuff does, as long as their oil and gas is secure and their hoaxes and lies are safe in covering it all up. Don’t see this on the news, do you? Ever wonder why not?

May they the inventors and officials responsible for this reap -exactly- what they’ve sown.

And we wonder why the aliens don’t land.