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North Korean soldier smoking pot. Presumably.

For reasons that should be obvious, the UN doesn’t have statistics about marijuana consumption in No. Kor. We do know, however, that weed is totally legal. As Russ Belville mentioned in a comment on this thing I wrote — yeah, brah, I saw it — weed literally just grows on street corners in North Korea. And everyone smokes it. Whereas South Koreans can get seriously fucked for smoking weed even if they’re not in the country when they smoke it. It’s a weird weed world.

The comment mentioned above:

Russ Belville ·  Top Commenter · Boise State University · 204 subscribers

And yet North Korea… completely legal and unregulated. It grows along the sides of the road. People smoking in public are common. · August 29 at 1:20pm

Learning of this pleases me.

I got this via Facebook in a post from High Times magazine. The post that the picture and caption are from is about the five highest countries in the world, based on UN data for consumption within the population. Read it here if you care to,

North Korea received an Honorable Mention as Number 6.

The link in the caption and comment are from a post about the five worst countries to get caught in.

Why does this news please me? At first glance I was surprised because pot is illegal most everywhere for whatever dumb reason. And North Korea, being the most horrific place one can be, well, I just assumed the Kims would just as soon kill you for it as look at you!

This is the first I’ve heard of it so I am not at all sure it’s true, but let’s assume it is.

For all the fear the people of the DPRK go through every day of their lives, whether they are outwardly “into it” (the regime) or not, it is very nice to know that they can use what nature has provided to help calm themselves for a while. I like that.

Inner peace is a Good Thing.