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cryptid raccoon in the trunkThis is pretty cool… Loren Coleman’s posted four photos of a strange hairless animal that supposedly jumped into the trunk of a vehicle in Goodhue, Minnesota, near Minneapolis… now that’s rather odd behavior for a wild animal, but, hey, what do I know? The consensus of the commentators at Cryptomundo seems to be that this is a hairless raccoon, with several authoritative links that seem to show that that is probably the case.

cryptid raccoon in the trunkThe photos on site were so dark one could barely see anything, with the creature appearing pitch black, and for some reason a tiny flag went up, so I checked them using Camera Raw – when I added a bit of fill light and some tiny exposure tweaks, (on the order of 3/4 stop or less, noise reduction, no sharpening), some detail did pop out, mostly in coloration and seeing into the shadows, and it looks to me as if the little guy’s not in such great shape. Just a note: These 4 pics are probably the most pixellated images I’ve seen nearly anywhere… I mean really bad!

cryptid raccoon in the trunkSome thought this pic a bit creepy as the eye seems very cat-like, or reptilian… most interesting… it seems to “fit in” to my eye, but, yeah, perhaps it is a bit strange. I don’t think it’s creepy, definitely different, though! Animals that are normally expected to be furry sure do look strange without that hair… The trunk of the car seems odd to me… I’d expect more structural stuff to be about rather than the big expanses of flat steel, then again it could be some large domestic car… hmmm. Probably not an issue.

cryptid raccoon (seems to not be in the trunk)Our little friend seems to be out of the trunk in this last shot, posing nicely on some bricks.

Quacker1 points out that many raccoons are not afraid of people and that their innate curiosity could explain why it leapt into the person’s car… could be, I know they can do a pretty good number on coolers at campsites. Why not leap on over to Cryptomundo and keep track of all the commentators trying to sort it all out… it’s fun, eh?