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This effort is a fantabulous and an altogether proper thing to do. Being as readers are aware a full on Mars nut and an adherent to Mac’s theory, I can’t think of a better guy for an honor like this. Through Mac so many people were exposed to and enlightened by what IMHO is quite likely the way things really went down here in this quadrant so very, very long ago. And that is a wonderful gift to the world.

What follows is lifted from WATT friend Greg Bishop’s excellent and popular UFO Mystic blog…

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Mac Tonnies Crater On Mars?

A man named Shepherd Johnson has started a motion to name a crater on Mars (preferably in the Cydonia region) after late author Mac Tonnies. As most of the readers of this site are aware, Mac died last year on October 18th, and was a friend of UFOmystic as well as a good personal friend of Nick and myself.

Mac’s second published book was entitled After The Martian Apocalypse, and examined the evidence for and against the idea that an ancient civilization existed on Mars in the distant past and may have been wiped out by some sort of global ecological disaster.

The USGS criteria for naming a geographical feature on the red planet includes the subset of “writers and others who have contributed to the lore of Mars” which certainly includes Tonnies’ work.

Johnson says, “I went ahead and submitted Mac’s name to the USGS contact person. Her name is Jennifer S. Blue, and she is very helpful. As I thought, we will have to wait a little over two years as honorees have to have been deceased for 3 years before their names can be considered.”

If you have a Facebook account, you can show your support in a sort of virtual petition by joining the group.

More info at the the Mac Tonnies memorial site, Macbot.