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YouTube member peoplestandup sent me Part 1 of this video today. Sounded like it would be pretty good, as I had heard of Max Igan from somewhere but had never managed to see any of his work. I kind of knew what to expect, though.

And indeed it turned out as expected. Well put together, well written and well narrated, it covers many topics of interest to those who are amenable to seeing behind the curtain that manifests as everyday life. Points of call include a brief history of the international banking cartel and their control of the world’s money, governments and people; the history of the “War on Terror,” false flag operations, the resulting state of endless war and war profiteering; control of the media; the use of fluoride and the incredibly insidious Codex Alimentarius. He inadvertently dates the film by calling for the people to take action against the Codex. Too late now! It is already law here in the US of A, just as it is in most of the world.

This is a somewhat lower-key and easily digestible version of the message Jordan Maxwell, David Icke and others bring to our attention. It ends, (followed by 6 minutes of music video), I’m happy to say, with a treatment of the ultimate conclusion reached by Gerald Celente and others on what is truly needed — by all of us,  as individuals — in order for us, as a people and perhaps even as a species, to make it to the other side.

YouTube Video Descriptions from two uploaders of this film:

[This version, full length] Uploaded by on May 10, 2011

In March 2009 I was approached to create a combined and summarized version of “The Big Picture”, “Fight the NWO With Global Non Compliance” and “NWO The Final Solution.”

The aim was to condense all 3 films into a one hour solution based production that would appeal to a wider audience and be suitable for television.

This film is the result.

Along with some new material this film contains 2 complete chapters of “The Big Picture – Final Cut” that remain virtually unchanged. This has not been done to ‘recycle’ old material but simply because the information contained within these chapters was relevant and needed to be included.

Should some people you know still remain blind to the urgency of the world situation and to their need to be informed and to act upon such information, it is my sincere hope that this film may help you to open their eyes.
Resistance Radio

– – – – – – – –

[Broken into 8 parts] Uploaded by peoplestandup on Aug 19, 2010
This video “The Calling” was sent to us by a dear friend Max. It is a video that was killed by TV. It was given to us to explain the system and how it works. Do your own homework check out the facts as we did. You will see it is the truth.
We live in an area where elected politicians ignore the needs of their constituents, where the judiciary and police institutions will not uphold the rights of citizens, where the media is afraid to report the truth, where lawlessness abounds and ordinary people are left unprotected and defenceless against the rapacity of a few. The answer to our dilemma is for people of courage to actively help each other. Only if we unite can we succeed. That is the only way. There is no other way. People, stand up!
This break down of system made for TV and never was any money made off this film ever! Max Igan did this to try help little guy to show break down of system!

This video was Very well done video Mall the and my reason for uploading this 1 of 8 part video is because this video open up your mind make think about the gig picture that happening all over the world. He intent for Greater Good and want many people to see this some of other work. I know how touch all us here that fighting for simple basic rights to be heard here Nova Scotia Canada.

Max is best film maker I have ever witness to make video with such awareness of break down of system he made a difference and his works awesome thank for make this for common person to understand in simple way!

Watch video and see the truth and go check out for you just keep open mind