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This is a new one on me and an incredibly fortuitous find it is… I’m glad I stumbled across it. I think. It’s yet another in a series of smoking guns that’s getting so long as to become ludicrous. And yet to my continuing amazement people just don’t seem to care about what actually happened on that day anymore, a day that turned our world inside out. I cannot comprehend that. I just can’t, as to this day the event and all it’s treasonous ramifications makes my blood boil. 


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January 01, 2009

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FAA radar is tracking, in real time, flight 175 after it has supposedly crashed into the WTC. This is perhaps an hour later. Although many people do not believe an aircraft hit the Pentagon or crashed in Shanksville, they still cannot accept that no plane hit the WTC. Perhaps this may help.

3 IFR aircraft in the air in a 30 mile radius of New York City is consistent with one hour of diversions and forced landings.

One hour before you would expect a very large multiple of 3 aircraft to be in the air. NY has several incredibly busy airports. Check anytime on FLIGHT AWARE and count the aircraft within a 30 mile radius of NY. There should be 60 to 100.

So… approximately an hour after the event, we have here an MSNBC newscaster showing us the live returns on the station’s FAA Flight Explorer air traffic screen… after the banning of all flights in the US. These are the planes that have yet to land. As the news guy and the video description above suggest, it looks weird simply because it’s New York airspace, normally chock-a-block with aerial vehicles of all types. I can confirm that as I live in the thick of it and in looking up at any time, day or night, you will most assuredly see airplanes.

You saw the newsman mouse over the aircraft icons and the plane IDs and brief particulars were revealed in tooltip-type popup windows. Twice he went over one of them just to the northeast of Manhattan… in fact… it’s nearly right over my house! … and the video zooms in on that particular popup. You read what it said. Flight 175. At 31,800 feet, no less. Thrice he did that. He didn’t notice what it said. Or he didn’t want to mention it, although I feel it’s likely the former, considering the excitement of the moment. But what it says in that popup window is unequivocal, it is real, very real, right off the FAA system, fed directly from the craft itself. 

It’s pretty damning, wouldn’t you say? Hard to debunk live FAA data. Where did this plane go, where did it land and what happened to the passengers? I feel it is vital we find out. This aircraft was observed in 2003 as you’ll see in the bottom video. Remember that Flight 93 was reported to have landed in Cleveland on TV, and indeed was identified by the airline itself.

But wait!

Wait! It gets even stranger. Yes, much stranger. Because here, folks, there’s even more fascinating food for thought as video maker femr2 delves farther into this mystery with the following clip, only to unearth a second mystery. Noted within are closeups of two popups: the first from the above video and another one located right over Manhattan. The one over Manhattan is even more troubling. It has a flight number, speed and altitude, but no flight plan. The ID is N175F. It’s going 136 knots, consistent with a jet’s capabilities at  the indicated 700 feet altitude.

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March 16, 2009

Is it possible that Flight 175 was actually Flight N175F ?

The FlightExplorer flightpath data seen in the MSNBC clip shows:

a) Flight UAL175 was positioned ~50 miles NE of the WTC at 31800 feet
b) Flight N175F was positioned at the WTC at a height of 700 feet. Roughly the height that ‘Flight 175’ impacted WTC 2

The flightpath data for UAL175 includes two transponder frequency changes, which could have enabled ‘switching’ from one ‘Flight 175’ to another ‘Flight 175’.

The FlightExplorer flightpath data shows unusual reduction in the number of data points following transponder frequency changes.

Here are a couple of external links which detail the flightpath crossovers between the ‘hijacked’ flights and other aircraft on 9/11:…..…

I am not yet making conclusions, but…

COULD Flight N175F be the actual flight which crashed into WTC 2 ?

UAL175 most certainly did NOT, as the aircraft which DID crash into WTC 2 was NOT a standard commercial jet liner.

Think about it…

Think about it, indeed. Think hard and long. I have questions. Many questions. They’re bubbling up all around me.

If this N175F is the data from a decoy vehicle that supposedly crashed; and this really is a real-time system, showing info for an hour after the incident – why then is the plane being shown as present – where it is – at 700 feet? How can that be? For that matter, why is UAL 175 itself still there? Tell me how that can be.

These questions and this situation become ever more strange the more I think about it. Someone kindly explain to me just exactly what the hell we are looking at here! Pardon my language, kids. I’m upset.


For a calm-dawn breather and to close, here’s an interesting snippet from the old Loose Change video regarding the status of those four aircraft long after the event.

The truth is buried deep, but if we dig long enough…

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