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Watch and learn. It’s important that the examples of the rapidly accelerating erosion of our personal freedom and the escalation of our enforced enslavement to the horrific economic system be seen and understood by everyone.

The email I got from the NIA announcing this film said:

“This is the most important film you will ever see.”

Well, that’s pretty strong, but, you know, in this case it could well be for the time being… it could very well be if you are one of the millions of people who remain unaware.

Please spread the word about End of Liberty to everybody you know.

To watch End of Liberty at it’s creator’s site, where one can also of course gain more insight into this group, go to: I recommend watching Meltup, too.

“This movie was made possible by all of the thousands of warning signs that were submitted by thousands of NIA members. It is very important for millions of Americans to see this movie. It is the only way we can prevent America from seeing a complete societal collapse!”

And an amazing collection of things it contains. Some may even shock you, although, if you’re a reader here I’d bet not, but, still… very cool film. I was particularly interested in the education section regarding it’s current status and the future of our nation’s youth… the solution they come up with is spot on.

Amazingly, a few years ago a little girl had voiced to me a remarkably similar thing to what said in the video in reference to what she was made to “learn” in her classes, the stiflingly rote repetition and the total lack of engendering a climate of creative and alternative thinking. I was really a bit taken aback that one so young could see the big picture and complain about it… that lasted but a moment, I assured her that she was very much correct and to read everything she could get her hands on. I laughed when she said “Even comic books?” “Yes,” I replied, “even comic books.” She’ll be okay no doubt.

I am a member of this group, but can’t really participate. They send messages of carefully thought out advice, usually advocating the acquisition of gold and silver, which is quite sound really, especially considering that the dollar will very soon be worth less than nothing. It will perhaps become a toilet paper alternative. I am however sad in that because of life circumstances I don’t have very many of those fiat pieces of paper at all, so I simply cannot follow their wisdom in purchasing any silver at all, let alone any gold. So I guess I’m done for in a sense and will need to rely on my wits alone. So be it.

If you do have dollars available, I’d suggest following their advice. Spend the rest on food supplies, guns and ammo and most definitely befriend those fellow citizens in your local community. Become a new, modern day “renaissance man” … with an attitude of self-sufficiency, innovation, creativity and love for the world.

It’s the only way.