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I’ve always paid heed to what these two people say… with all their extraordinary experience and dedication in researching the creatures of the wild I was always absolutely sure I heard only truth and reason… I still do.

With that in mind I was delighted to learn of Sir David’s recent common sense estimate of the situation. Seriously, it’s just common sense. I don’t even consider it Forteana… not really… just in the sense of the always bafflingly poor response of mainstream “science.” (In quotes because sadly, science, which I love, is something that mainstreamers just don’t do.)

Unlike Sir David Attenborough and Dr. Jane Goodall.

In the real world of cryptozoology, people never spend the time and money required to record something that’s smarter and much more adept than they are while in its element… not entirely their fault, of course, for those who would do so in a heartbeat, as the system is designed so that people simply don’t have that kind of time or money. Someday…