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Mark Adrian Humphrey, actor, is the Harley Shirt Guy

This just in, word received via the Konformist… According to researchers, Harley Shirt Guy’s allegedly been IDed… so here’s the latest on that annoying, aggravating, makes-you-wanna-clock-him  “witness” – you’ve seen him – the one so prominently featured in the media – first up to bat, laying out the storyline for the sheep to believe in, the one who figured out what happened even before they finished falling. A man who’s in the running for most obvious of all the fake witnesses. The one who helped define “media complicity.” What a disgusting, evil man this is… God he makes my skin crawl. Judging by the strong shill-like reactions on YouTube, they certainly may be onto something here…

Research by BSRegistration and Ozzie Bin Oswald… yet more fascinating revelations at the link just below…

911 Harley Shirt Guy is Mark Adrian Humphrey, actor – All-Knowing Witness Fake

“…come out of nowhere and just ream right into the side of the twin tower, exploding through the other side… and then I witnessed both towers collapse, one first then the second, mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense.”

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