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Ah, here’s a nice blast from the past… the briefly notorious IEC Anomaly site 502… I was reminded of it by a post on ATS by Mahendra Singh, aka mikesingh. This came out long ago, when Martian madness was a new thing… and I remember it well. It could very well have been a hoax, but somehow, it always struck me as being most probably real, especially as the terrain matches so closely with the alleged radar contour map above, which is a crop by myself of the whole image, by the way, just click it to go to the site which was still up until Yahoo closed Geocities… since 2003 no less! Full size images were all there. :(

Actually, as it happens, after some very cursory examinations it was indeed determined to be “most likely a hoax” due solely to the straightness of the lines above and the oddly colorful labeling on the images, by the very same guy who popularized the “snake” I posted on a while ago. I don’t know, those things don’t really bother me… The unidentified individual known only as “The Nightstalker” did the most actual work on it and came up with an ESA launch called A 502… and the late Kent Steadman tried his hand, too, so… for me…

I tend to agree with the assessment, but… that launch is intriguing and info on it now seems gone, so, who knows. It was quite cool when it came out!

Data supporting the idea of extant extensive international space efforts and activities of a mining nature abounds and that may well mean we don’t have but an inkling as to what really goes on up there. This could be the real deal after all, an ancient Martian site that ‘they’ were checking out as an adjunct to their own works in progress. I am cautious, but I cannot dismiss it out of hand.

Site 502 in infrared.

Some images from the site. Above, an infrared view… below, visible light, which I tried to make look more realistic as the one on the site is really badly, even wickedly red-orange… NASA-style!

Those were good times… this is just a brief bit of reminiscence… thanks.

Site 502 in visible light, but very altered colors.

(Apologies to those who recently clicked the links in the pictures hoping to go to the website. It was up when I posted this. But Yahoo in it’s evilness has closed it’s Geocities hosting site; and without telling the site participants, I might add. Many great sites were on there… a sad loss for sure.)