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Depleted Uranium, or DU, determined to be ultra-dangerous over sixty years ago and therefore naturally developed into a wide variety of astoundingly horrific weapons, is distributed quite liberally on various helpless and innocent populations by our heroic US military forces and by Isreal’s IDF.

These two groups are the main forces of death and destruction on this planet. They don’t care about what this stuff does, as long as their oil and gas is secure and their hoaxes and lies are safe in covering it all up. Don’t see this on the news, do you? Ever wonder why not?

May they the inventors and officials responsible for this reap -exactly- what they’ve sown.

And we wonder why the aliens don’t land.

Now here’s a strange video that I saw the other night which has now been picked up by Roger Marsh at the Examiner, so it should get some good hittage. Roger advised viewing it with caution as it hadn’t been reported to MUFON yet, as if that occurrence would make it alright somehow. I’d advise treating any case of anything with caution, regardless of whether or not it’s been reported to some group. I mean, seriously, come on… oh well, don’t get me going.

Anyway, this video definitely reminds one right off the bat of the famous Frederick Valentich case of 1978, where one might surmise from the story told that what’s depicted here is likely the very thing that happened to young Fred.

The behavior of this object seems very odd to me, it’s like a cat stalking a mouse and then pouncing.  It just doesn’t seem right for a machine operated by who knows who to do such a thing, but, if some of these things are in fact sky critters then the cat analogy might come into play if it wants the airplane to be lunch… but that seems implausible, too… where would the ‘dining room table’ be?

The disappearance of the joined pair shortly after ‘take off’ seems a bit, well, off, and opens the door to the question asking whether the objects, saucer and plane, have been layered in to create the whole episode. It is a possibility. Certainly. Why would someone do that? I don’t know… compositing practice, perhaps. Fun?

Fun, too, that idea of a hungry sky creature… but as much as I’m pretty certain there are such things, (see Story Musgrave’s ‘worm’ as an example), I wouldn’t seriously imagine that they have a taste for airplanes, or their contents, or even birds for that matter.

The most damaging bit of evidence for the video’s authenticity is mentioned in the description… there are no missing plane reports. Missing planes are taken rather seriously by the authorities, well except for four on one day a while ago, and there would be not only reports but a reasonably extensive area search and all that goes with it. Probably even a mention on TV. In light of that, I tend toward the compositing practice theory, but, as they say, you never know. It’s just that the other theories are greatly lessened in magnitude here.

Then, again, they never did find Fred or his plane, and they indeed searched mightily, so…

Ah, well, see what you think.

Here’s the description posted with the video…

August 11, 2009

The airplane was approaching Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson Arizona at approximately 4:15PM MST on August 8th, 2009. We first witnessed the object hovering in a locked position, southwest of the base. We thought it was a balloon, until it dropped in elevation a few thousand feet in less then a second. At that point I ran inside and grabbed my digital camera and rushed outside in time to catch the object approaching the airplane from behind. Unfortunately the microphone barely works on the camera, from being dropped so many times, so you can’t hear much. But at least there is a little. The object made no sound, completely silent.

There was an attempt to take the video to the media, unfortunately, every affiliate rejected the video due to lack of evidence. There was no report in the city of a missing airplane, nor did the Air Force Base report anything missing. Many of the news affiliates did confirm that they had received calls on August 8th from various sources, claiming they had seen a UFO. They said that they receive calls on a regular basis dealing with UFOs all the time, as well as many hoax videos, and there was no reason to believe my video was anything different. They refused to believe that the Air Force base would withhold information about a missing airplane.I’m hoping that more videos surface to confirm this object was real. We live within a mile of the base, so I don’t know how many people witnessed the event.

Yes, indeed, UFOlogy just gets stranger and stranger…

Indeed, Sir, thank you for that inspiring bit of dialogue. That is exactly the kind of thing we need, as a country, to hear, and especially from a true American hero. What you said is old news to me and many of my colleagues, An animation of the monolith by it's discoverer, Efrain having been discovered by Efrain Palermo over 10 years ago now, but it’s most definitely not known to all, as two friends asked me for pictures of your monolith last night after watching this clip.

You do see how inspiring it all can be, the wonder, the intrigue, the mystery of just who put that there as you say. It could well cause a second generation of explorers in the spirit of those transformed by your deeds, Mr. Aldrin. And that, Sir, is huge. So again I say thanks!

The famous monolith is a stunning piece of work placed prominently on Phobos, the exceptionally strange ‘moonlet’ of Mars. There is no geological explanation for its presence. Statue in a Phobosian crater?It is also accompanied by a smaller version a short distance away, as well as at least six conical towers, a possible pyramid and something that looks quite like a complex of some sort. The nearby Baby MonolithFabulous stuff, indeed!

And yes, Sir, you may have started something big! Let us get our ducks in a row and our asses off our couches and finally go up there and see just exactly what the heck that thing is and find out exactly who put it there! Who’d need wars when we could go to Mars?! Sounds a bit more exciting to me, and, people would actually want to go.

Oh, and hey, Buzz, I do hope that the Aquila program is still going along just splendidly for you. Yes, dear Buzz, some of us know about those things… (ssshh!)

OhBTW: You might find it interesting to know that, in late ’99/early 2000 anomaly-friendly NASA imaging specialist Lan Fleming calculated the height of the object in question to be between 25 and 42 stories. Yes, that’s right. 25 and 42 stories.

This is Citizen Investigation Team’s latest compilation regarding the psy-op false-flag attack known as 9/11, made from the massive amounts of evidence they’ve gathered – independent, verifiable evidence – via in-person investigation over the last three years or so. Said evidence has always been thoroughly researched and well presented. It also destroys, utterly and without question, the government’s and media’s well-scripted line of horse-pucky.

It’s pretty much all covered here within these 81 minutes – the true path of the plane, why it couldn’t have done what it was alleged to do, the staging of certain side attractions, including the ludicrous taxicab story… all of the juicy highlights.

I’ve always thought the score that they’d had with obtaining the direct evidence for the staging of the lightpoles was a standout. Sadly, the man who recorded said evidence and gave it away was found shortly after… “suicided” …at a young age, leaving a young family torn apart.

His photographic legacy demonstrates quite clearly that pole number one was not there as the bombs that made the holes in the building went off and as the jet that drew all eyes made its well hidden getaway. Not quite that well hidden, however, as, fortunately, a Pentagon police officer reported seeing it… although not having high enough clearance meant he didn’t quite realize exactly what he was looking at. Quite understandable. Actually, it’s so, so good that he didn’t have high enough clearance… as he could therefore tell us his truth. It was planned to work with precision; and work it did, even down to later “news” and “revelations.”

Such is the nature of power here nowadays. Ruthless. Vicious. Treasonous. Worthy of a nice high speed chunk of lead delivered right through the cranium by a Patriot. But I digress again, sorry, folks for getting off track… it still upsets me, that day.

We can, if America is still really America, receive our proper justice for this horror without shots being fired. See the CIT website for explanations, complete expositions on all the evidence referenced in the film and full instructions on taking it to the politicoid, suit and parrothead lifeforms…

We are encouraged to freely download this, burn copies to DVD and send ’em off to politicians and media people with demands for action and justice. Sounds good to me!

Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis have compiled a most comprehensive film, one which completely annihilates the most ludicrous “conspiracy theory” ever thought up… namely, the official government one.

Citizen Investigation Team offers this compilation of independent verifiable evidence exposing the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon as a psychological black operation of deception.

Consider this a non-violent call to action as everyone is encouraged to copy and distribute this conclusive evidence to media, political, and authority figures while first requesting, and then demanding a response. Inaction by authorities and media to this information amounts to a crime of obstruction of justice so it’s time they are held accountable.

This is particularly the case as more innocents are slaughtered and additional billions of dollars are spent on a fraudulent “war on terror” perpetuated under any other name.

Please visit for full resources and a step-by-step strategy as to how you can take action on this critical life or death information.

This is a new one on me and an incredibly fortuitous find it is… I’m glad I stumbled across it. I think. It’s yet another in a series of smoking guns that’s getting so long as to become ludicrous. And yet to my continuing amazement people just don’t seem to care about what actually happened on that day anymore, a day that turned our world inside out. I cannot comprehend that. I just can’t, as to this day the event and all it’s treasonous ramifications makes my blood boil. 


Channel Icon skyarcher
January 01, 2009

Kudos to SEATNINEB for this.
Check forum here at:

FAA radar is tracking, in real time, flight 175 after it has supposedly crashed into the WTC. This is perhaps an hour later. Although many people do not believe an aircraft hit the Pentagon or crashed in Shanksville, they still cannot accept that no plane hit the WTC. Perhaps this may help.

3 IFR aircraft in the air in a 30 mile radius of New York City is consistent with one hour of diversions and forced landings.

One hour before you would expect a very large multiple of 3 aircraft to be in the air. NY has several incredibly busy airports. Check anytime on FLIGHT AWARE and count the aircraft within a 30 mile radius of NY. There should be 60 to 100.

So… approximately an hour after the event, we have here an MSNBC newscaster showing us the live returns on the station’s FAA Flight Explorer air traffic screen… after the banning of all flights in the US. These are the planes that have yet to land. As the news guy and the video description above suggest, it looks weird simply because it’s New York airspace, normally chock-a-block with aerial vehicles of all types. I can confirm that as I live in the thick of it and in looking up at any time, day or night, you will most assuredly see airplanes.

You saw the newsman mouse over the aircraft icons and the plane IDs and brief particulars were revealed in tooltip-type popup windows. Twice he went over one of them just to the northeast of Manhattan… in fact… it’s nearly right over my house! … and the video zooms in on that particular popup. You read what it said. Flight 175. At 31,800 feet, no less. Thrice he did that. He didn’t notice what it said. Or he didn’t want to mention it, although I feel it’s likely the former, considering the excitement of the moment. But what it says in that popup window is unequivocal, it is real, very real, right off the FAA system, fed directly from the craft itself. 

It’s pretty damning, wouldn’t you say? Hard to debunk live FAA data. Where did this plane go, where did it land and what happened to the passengers? I feel it is vital we find out. This aircraft was observed in 2003 as you’ll see in the bottom video. Remember that Flight 93 was reported to have landed in Cleveland on TV, and indeed was identified by the airline itself.

But wait!

Wait! It gets even stranger. Yes, much stranger. Because here, folks, there’s even more fascinating food for thought as video maker femr2 delves farther into this mystery with the following clip, only to unearth a second mystery. Noted within are closeups of two popups: the first from the above video and another one located right over Manhattan. The one over Manhattan is even more troubling. It has a flight number, speed and altitude, but no flight plan. The ID is N175F. It’s going 136 knots, consistent with a jet’s capabilities at  the indicated 700 feet altitude.

Channel Iconfemr2

March 16, 2009

Is it possible that Flight 175 was actually Flight N175F ?

The FlightExplorer flightpath data seen in the MSNBC clip shows:

a) Flight UAL175 was positioned ~50 miles NE of the WTC at 31800 feet
b) Flight N175F was positioned at the WTC at a height of 700 feet. Roughly the height that ‘Flight 175’ impacted WTC 2

The flightpath data for UAL175 includes two transponder frequency changes, which could have enabled ‘switching’ from one ‘Flight 175’ to another ‘Flight 175’.

The FlightExplorer flightpath data shows unusual reduction in the number of data points following transponder frequency changes.

Here are a couple of external links which detail the flightpath crossovers between the ‘hijacked’ flights and other aircraft on 9/11:…..…

I am not yet making conclusions, but…

COULD Flight N175F be the actual flight which crashed into WTC 2 ?

UAL175 most certainly did NOT, as the aircraft which DID crash into WTC 2 was NOT a standard commercial jet liner.

Think about it…

Think about it, indeed. Think hard and long. I have questions. Many questions. They’re bubbling up all around me.

If this N175F is the data from a decoy vehicle that supposedly crashed; and this really is a real-time system, showing info for an hour after the incident – why then is the plane being shown as present – where it is – at 700 feet? How can that be? For that matter, why is UAL 175 itself still there? Tell me how that can be.

These questions and this situation become ever more strange the more I think about it. Someone kindly explain to me just exactly what the hell we are looking at here! Pardon my language, kids. I’m upset.


For a calm-dawn breather and to close, here’s an interesting snippet from the old Loose Change video regarding the status of those four aircraft long after the event.

The truth is buried deep, but if we dig long enough…

Update: for yet more, see this related video – and

1958 at Giant Rock, USAHey, dudes and dudettes, the History Channel is thinking of canceling this fine show. That, of course, would be bad. Real bad.

History Channel executives need to know that we need more high quality Fortean shows… not less… and this one in particular… right now.

So please, won’t you help the suits understand that there is a market for the unexplained, help them beat back the bean counters and make the right choice…

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