The Hobbit!

Posted: December 26th, 2012 in life, nature, paleontology, science
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And now, ladies and gentlemen… meet… the Lady Hobbit!

Face of the Hobbit, reconstructed.

She’s just awesome, no? She looks so friendly…

This, I’m pleased to say, is a properly executed scientific facial reconstruction of Homo floresiensis, also known as Flores Man and of course Hobbit as well, a recently discovered and rather diminutive species of man. Naturally the species status has been under attack from the start, but, that sort of thing is to be expected whenever something radically new pops up.

The following snippet is from none other than Scientific American; and yes, I heard about it at Face to Face With The Real Hobbit! An Unexpected Revelation! on ATS.

Reconstructed Face of Extinct “Hobbit” Species Is Startlingly Humanlike

Once upon a time a tiny human species with large feet shared the planet with our own kind. It hunted giant rats and miniature cousins of the elephant, defended its kills from monstrous storks and dodged fearsome dragons. This is not the plot of a lost Tolkien book. This really happened. I’m referring, of course, to our extinct relative Homo floresiensis, which lived on the island of Flores in Indonesia as recently as 17,000 years ago and has for obvious reasons been dubbed the hobbit. It turns out that despite the species’ small size, it may have looked rather familiar, according to a scientific reconstruction.

The Flores hobbit is known best from a relatively complete skeleton of an adult female known as LB1 who stood roughly a meter tall and possessed a brain less than a third of the size of our own.

One intriguing theory holds that the hobbits may indicate that human ancestors left Africa far earlier than previously supposed. Conventional wisdom holds that the australopithecines never made it out of the mother land, leaving it to taller, larger-brained Homo to colonize the rest of the old world. But maybe, some researchers have suggested, the hobbits were a remnant population of australopithecine that made it out of Africa early on.

I like hobbit.

And I like that they are upsetting apple carts. Bravo, hobbits!

There is so much we know nothing of regarding the origins and history of humanity. Homo floresiensis is but a puzzle piece within it, but an important one for true understanding.



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