Rest In Peace, Dave Brubeck… Fly High.

Posted: December 5th, 2012 in Art, good cheer, heroes, music
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Another hero has moved on to that better place up there… sigh.

His genius, however… lives!

Dave Brubeck – Take Five – 1966

Uploaded by on May 24, 2007

1966 in Germany

Dave Brubeck – piano
Paul Desmond – alto sax
Eugene Wright – bass
Joe Morello – drums

What wonderful music this man gave the world.

He has soothed my soul so many times… so many times.

Thank you, Sir.

Fly high through the stars.


  1. Regan Lee says:

    He was the greatest! Rest in peace Mr. Brubeck and thank you for the great music.
    We were fortunate enough to see him in concert in Eugene about 7 years ago or so. It was fantastic of course.

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