Something Cool About Music – Sam Gleason

Posted: August 14th, 2012 in Art, friends, human behavior, music, philosophy
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Youthful discoveries along life’s winding path…

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A group gathers in a little pawn shop before a Mumford & Sons shop to sing, demonstrating a really powerful thing about music. Please share this video!

Sam Gleason is an up and coming young singer/songwriter and a friend of mine, along with his mom and dad. He is quite the player and gigs both solo and with his band, Olsen Court. About to go off to college, he is.

Due to my situation I have, so far, only seen him play once, by himself at a farmer’s market, which was pretty sporty, actually. His talent and more importantly his emerging philosophy give me hope for the future of both music and the world in general.

It was nice to see this video from him on Facebook today, where he said rather briefly, “Little video I made ‘bout an experience I had in Bristol seeing Mumford & Sons.” It was rather good to know that he has come to realize first hand just what music is and what it can do.

Anyway, as I very much like helping out friends out, I thought I’d just post it here on WATT so that more folks can see what happened at this quiet little pawn shop and also to share a wee bit of Sam’s journey through the world at large.

Check him out on Facebook:

  • Sam Gleason, Singer Songwriter
  • Olsen Court, Alternative rock band formed in November 2010. Located in Montgomery NY.



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