Had To Cry Today – Joe Bonamassa

Posted: July 6th, 2012 in music, The Blues
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Time for some music… time for The Blues.

Uploaded by  on Apr 14, 2009

New album “DUST BOWL”: FREE Downloadhttp://jbonamassa.com/youtube/dustbowl/

I love the blues.

It just does something to me.

Joe Bonamassa certainly has a handle on them, a really good feel for it, as exemplified in the artistry displayed in this wonderful piece. I like the way it builds up to the meat of the matter. Very cool,

Last night was filled with the blues after I put my liege to bed, kicked off by my friend Regan Lee posting some great stuff on Facebook… Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimi, Francine Reed, Koko Taylor and my hero Peter Green…

So good for the soul. The title of this song happens a heck of a lot around here and this musical form brings me peace.

Fully on par with the High Lonesome sound of good bluegrass, which can do likewise.

I’m the deeply retrospective and reflecting type, don’tcha know…

I tried that download link, by the way. I am not sure it’s still active. A proper page opens, but it then shows an error when you put your email in and click it. Then again, I note that this was uploaded 3 years ago… so, yeah.



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