Gibby Haynes with Tom Swirly at Tom Swirly’s Psychedelic Circus

Posted: May 31st, 2012 in Art, friends, life, music
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December 18, 2007: Gibby Haynes was the headliner for this edition of “Tom Swirly’s Psychedelic Circus” and graciously let me play along…. it was very dark but the sound is good.

Ah, still reeling for having initially fallen for the previous post’s subject matter, but not feeling too bad as other good people did, too. There is supremely good news to celebrate as well, wheee… for you see, my love is HAPPY!

Thought it time for music as I regroup, so, here is a video portraying a bit of one of my friend Tom’s old productions of “Tom Swirly’s Psychedelic Circus,” a fine musical extravaganza that used to occur somewhat regularly deep inside dark venues hidden in the nooks and crannies of lower Manhattan, some of which I went to.

Tom is a dear friend who for some unknown reason has dedicated himself not only to performing his music but to keeping me not only alive but somewhat sane as well.

I thank him for his quest and present this here, the culmination of the Circus, in which he persuaded Mr. Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers to do the show, in appreciation and as a bon voyage… as he and his fine lady fly off to Berlin tomorrow for a bit of Big Fun and to treat all them German volk to some nice tones.

Catch Tom’s internet radio show at Swirly Radio International.



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