Dr. Who Meets Metal – Eric Calderone

Posted: May 11th, 2012 in Art, Forteana, good cheer, music
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Yes, it’s musical interlude time again, perhaps due to some really good news – that I hope with all my heart finally takes serious root.

And that, folks — would be a fantabulous thing!

So, anyway, EMG pickups posts on their Facebook wall a vid of Mr. Calderone here playing a Skrillex song on his guitar with some rather different tones under serious effect, so, after that I went to his Tubular page and found this. Hahaha! As a huge Whovian, well, you see it here, right?

Oddly, just before finding this I saw a link, somewhere, to an article about “making cover songs work for you” and that, coincidentally, seems to be Eric’s thing… strange, that.

Published on Apr 27, 2012 by 

Hey guys,

So I saw this EVERYWHERE haha. I included the “I am the Doctor” tune in there as well, it reminded me of Symphony X or Liquid Tension Experiment, who i both love. Big ups for everything guys, seriously. For all the messages, comments, subs, fan art, donations, and support. You guys ROCK the CASBAH!!

Best to ya




Tab Book and MP3:










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