And what, may I ask, is THIS supposed to be?

Posted: April 28th, 2012 in Art, human behavior, North Korea, wackos
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Stramge North Korean display.

OK, I’m sorry, folks, but this is just too strange to resist.

I got this picture from this post located deep within One Free Korea’s WTF? heading.

And they in turn got it from this post at the Chosun website.

I have no idea what this photo really shows, besides the bleedin’ obvious.

What’s with the two fans?

What’s up with that? Is that photo printed on some weird self-combusting paper and they want to be “ready?”

Oh, dear… they’re… not… trying to cool off the people in  the photograph, are they?

Do the poor droogies lucky enough to be allowed the privilege of gazing upon this photo get so excited that they get all hot and bothered and are in danger of swooning?

Is the fact that there are only 3 lights lit out of 4 some sort of symbolic gesture… or is it your basic technology fail?

These people are scary. Really.

This is the Google translation of the text that appears in the source article. As you will see, it… doesn’t help.

North Korea specialist internet newspaper ‘New Focus’ idolization of Kim Il Sung, the vain and naked reality show a picture unveiled on the 11th.

A large framed photograph hanging on the wall in front of the wings, two electric fans look vigorous turn holds. This man is not North Korea fans that play in the frame of the framed picture in the reason for Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang, Juche Tower, because passing.

New Focus, “framed in the summer of Kim Il Sung North Korea deoulkka Look Frames These two fans placed in front of that play,” said “North Korea’s idolized beyond imagination,” he said.

Netizens, “His Majesty the Emperor of Japan rather than linen, and attract more crazy,” “Oh, the reality of our society to see North Korea to praise them a lot of power,” “Gag Concert Gag Why have not you include this in Guernsey” showed a reaction.

I’m tellin’ ya, you can’t make this stuff up. Seriously.


  1. fodderbutwiser31 says:

    So eloquently write they! I am reminicing with many whimsey a favoritely quote from regal instructions of North Korean descent that shouts” to greatly articulate your new purchase, turn the cramp screw fastly”.
    And you can quote me on that.

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