Shotgun – Hollowbelly. Plus, Shane Speal on CBGs!

Posted: April 22nd, 2012 in Art, music, The Blues
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Shotgun – taken from the new album ‘Punk Northern and Blue.’ Available internationally from cdbaby and soon at itunes/rhapsody/napster/amazon and all those kinda places…

Ah, the memories.

Decidedly non-fancy ones, I’m afraid, but they are mine. Hat tip to my dear friend Bluesstringer for turning me on to an article about guitars made out of cigar boxes. Yep, three stringed cigar box guitars. CBG for short. I had not been aware of them and am hence mightily impressed! The Guitar World article was accompanied by this video of punkblues band Hollowbelly (who impress me, too!) which features one of these, along with footage of a recording studio session using a wonderful old TEAC A-3340. Ahhh… You really could make a record on one of those babies.

I like this punkblues type of blues… really excellent!

A third impression was the article stating that one of these CBGs could be built for $25 Yankee. In the other accompanying and excellent video cigar box guitar expert Shane Speal, the world’s foremost master of the cigar box guitar says it can be done for ten!

Here’s that other vid…

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For more info or to hear Speal’s music, go to
In this video: Learn some of Speal’s most common tunings for the 3-string cigar box guitar.


Just might have to make me one these thingies… ha! Got the socket already!


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