Iraqi Child Drawing Planes

An Iraqi child, drawing airplanes that are dropping bombs, with a marker taped to his amputated arm. I wonder, if Obama saw his children like this, what his reaction would be? Now I leave it up to you to decide who is the terrorist, the innocent kid or the one responsible for this :((((

– Ayan Bin Riaz

A good question, that, isn’t it?

There was only one main reason for the invasion, destruction and occupation of Iraq.

They have oil.

Full stop.

It happens to be the only reason our government needs. The only one they consider. It is the only reason for the upcoming invasions and destruction and occupations of Iran, Syria and Uganda.

It’s opposite is why so many other horrific crimes against humanity are allowed to continue unabated, most notably North Korea. They don’t have oil.

There is no concern, or even fleeting thought, for the lives of the people in these places. Or even here at home, for that matter. There is only the quest for money and power. The insatiable appetite for ever-escalating profit by oil companies, arms manufacturers and “reconstruction” firms is the sole driving force in all these actions.

It needs to stop.

Somehow, it all just needs to stop, or our future will be very bad, indeed.


  1. fodderbutwiser31 says:

    When would any nation follow the direction of a leader with a questionable past, who is loaded with unhealthy daddy issues, and seeks to punish a country for the actions of a terrorist group that operates beyond borders?
    Did you smell oil?
    Well, then!

  2. kane says:

    it’s also intersting that the countries the US invades also control their own money supply. Iraq and Afganistan used to, until we got done with them. they are now under a central banking system, not controlled by their own government. Iran, Sudan, Venezuela (i think), Cuba, Lybia (may not be anymore), and North Korea (may change now that KJI is out of the picture) all operate their own banking system. Isreal is always involved as well, and when you think about who financed Isreal’s re-formation,the Rothschild family, things start to get a lot deeper, especially considering two members in different generations both stated that they didn’t care who was in power of a country. whoever controls the money, controls the kingdom. which in this day and age, is most certainly true. war and resources like oil for one, are huge money makers, so they are good way of attaining that control.

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