Necklace of Natural Fossil Stone with Jasper Pendant

Necklace of Natural Fossil Stone with Jasper Pendant

The natural stones used in this 24 inch long necklace are called Fossil Stone. If you were to break one open you could see small fossil shells within them. The 8mm stones are separated by a 2mm Moss Agate stone. There is a 35x25x5mm natural Brecciated Jasper pendant as the focal point. The clasp is easy to use, silver plated. You pinch one end to release the “bullet” end.

My long time and very good friend jerri Wiley (a geologist!) made this thing for her j-rock designs store over at that Etsy place, as is her wont. I think it looks pretty slick and am intrigued by some of it’s makeup, described above.

You can guess which part, right?

Thought I’d post it here as a sort of gesture of thanks for good deeds done in days of yore.

Don’t know much about jewelry besides whether  a particular piece is nice to look at or not…

But – I can say that if I owned this unique piece, well, you just know that I’d be ever so sorely tempted to bust open at least one of these little stones to scope out those itty bitty fossils encased within ‘em.

Which would then, of course, ruin it.

Good thing I’m not a girl, eh… hahahaha!

Oh dear.



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