Tennessee Stud (Jimmy Driftwood) – The Little Willies

Posted: February 9th, 2012 in Art, heroes, music
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Time for some music around here. And since I am very enamored of Norah Jones’ awesome voice and talent, here is one of their songs, a fresh and might I say superb rendition of one of the most favorite songs of my youth, Tennessee Stud by the late, great Jimmy Driftwood. It’s been covered by so many people, notably Doc Watson, Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins, Hank Williams, Jr., the Chieftans and the list goes on.

Heard a great interview with Norah on WFUV… God, what a voice!… and it seems that after she moved to the Big Apple the realization set in that the music she grew up with in Texas was a fundamental pert of her soul… and that is the main reason why this band was formed with a few of her close friends. I should note that the band insists, by the way, that their name is a tribute to Willie Nelson, a hero of Norah’s (and myself) and not a reference to any, um, shortcomings.

Well let me just say that I am well pleased that there exists such a thing as The Little Willies…

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The Little Willies is a band formed in 2003 that features Norah Jones on piano and vocals, Richard Julian on vocals, Jim Campilongo on guitar, Lee Alexander on bass, and Dan Rieser on drums.

The group formed around a love of country classics. Between member’s regular gigs, they first played at New York City’s Living Room. The show led to a series of events, including a benefit concert for public radio station WFUV. The “loose-knit collective” found itself with a growing following. The Little Willies self-titled debut album has added to their popularity.

James Corbitt Morris (20 June 1907 12 July 1998) — better known as Jimmy Driftwood or Jimmie Driftwood; was a prolific United States folk songwriter and musician, most famous for his songs The Battle of New Orleans and Tennessee Stud.


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